A Thinking Approach To Christianity

A young boy was asked, "What is faith?" He thought for a moment and then responded, "Believing something you know isn't true."

In the last century we have gone from the horse and buggy to the space shuttle. The average person on the street believes that science has "blown the Bible out of the water".

When confronted with all of the technological advancements, it is easy to wonder what is true after all is said and done.

I have a genuine love for atheists, agnostics, doubters, cynics and skeptics. At one time I fit in almost every category previously mentioned. In fact, just about every major theological conviction I now hold dear, I have backed in through the door of doubt.

I have traveled and studied extensively. With many photographs, I can facilitate an all-day seminar, or a 60 minute presentation which will help folks understand how certain subjects directly impact the reliability of the Bible. Here are some of the topics:

Archaeology -- "Confessions of an Armchair Archaeologist"
Mathematics -- Theomatics / Biblical Numerics
Science -- Do Science and the Bible Conflict?
Prophecy -- The Law of Probabilities
Who Is The Messiah? -- Based on Prophecies
How Did We Get the Bible?
The Resurrection -- Hoax or Fact?
Bible Difficulties -- Seeming Contradictions
Extra-Biblical Evidences

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Period.

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