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The Freeman Institute® and The Freeman Institute® Foundation have combined resources to launch the free man publishing (fp) enterprise.

A curiosity-driven multi-media publishing company.

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[ freeman publishing is fueled by some big ideas ]

   The first curiosity-driven resource is found in two editions of the same 192 page book, "God Is Not Fair: Coming To Terms With Life's Raw Deals."

   One edition (subtitled: Coming To Terms With Life's Raw Deals) has been designed for the general marketplace. The other edition (subtitled: Making Sense of Loss and Grief) has been private-labeled by National HME for the hospice community. This particular edition was launched at The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) conference in Washington, DC.

   Both editions are designed for people who are in any of the "before-during-after" stages of pain: loss of a loved one, cancer or some other disease, wrestling with the "why's" of tragedy, parents dealing with rebellious children, paralyzed, struggling with conversations/events/decisions that have negatively impacted relationships, prison sentence, periodic depressive state, fear of death, discouragement, strained relationships within a family system, dealing with life-controlling thoughts or temptations, approval addiction issues, bitterness, shame, dealing with narcissists or those with a heightened sense of personal entitlement, and so much more...

   The book will also be of special interest to: hospital chaplains, therapists, prison chaplains, clergy, military chaplains, psychologists, pastoral counselors, parents of teenagers, guidance counselors, spiritual advisors, mentors, social workers, and anyone else in the people-helping profession -- looking for resources to help people walk through grief and loss.

   This title has already been a bestselling book for 25 years, with over 400,000 copies worldwide in some 20 foreign translation editions -- endorsed by Billy Graham, Joni Eareckson Tada, Paul Meier, and many others. The two expanded and updated 25th anniversary editions of "God Is Not Fair" were released recently.

   The audio book, mp3 and ebook editions will soon follow. We already offer an edition for youth and also a hard-cover gift edition. Read the back cover copy below.

   NOTE: It is important to communicate that free man publishing (fp) is committed to the highest quality of product and customer service. fp is willing to work with any organization desiring to develop their own "private-labeled" edition of this or any future resources developed by fp. We establish exclusive relationships with only one entity per profession. For instance there will only be one organization selected for the hospice industry, prison outreach, or some other category, association or organization. fp is also willing to having any edition translated and published anywhere around the world.

general market edition

special hospice edition

So, What Did You Expect?

  Sometimes life isn't fair, but we expect it to be. Why else would we be so angry and hurt when it isn't? We wonder:

  • If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?
  • Why do evil people seem to prosper?
  • Why does life have to hurt so much?
  • Why do terrible things seem to happen to nice people?
  • Why does life have to hurt so much?
  • Isn't there an easier way to grow?
  • Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?

   Written in a highly readable and thought-provoking style, Joel Freeman encourages readers to seek a greater understanding of their feelings of loss and grief through personal reflection. He also prompts discussion about their expectations of themselves, God and others.

   This book is not filled with glib answers, which serve to drive honest strugglers into deeper disillusionment. Drawing on his years of experience in counseling people through their grief and suffering, Dr. Freeman provides a framework upon which can be found true, lasting peace and security.

   Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Billy Graham, Paul Meier and others, "God Is Not Fair" presents helpful insights, poignant stories and touches of humor in revealing a biblical perspective on these questions. You are about to embark upon a remarkable journey.


Several more books (tentative titles) will be released soon by free man publishing

Professional Bloodsuckers
Dealing With the People Who Drain You of Your Time, Energy and Patience

The Mysterious Rosetta Stone
A Code-Crackin' International Treasure

Dealing With the Wolves, Serpents and Swine in Your Life

A White Man's Journey Into Black History
An Eye-Opening Experience That Transcends Race

Blades of Grass in a Concrete Jungle

Finding the Open Man
The Surprising Benefits of Unselfishness

  The future multi media publications will prove to be even more intriguing. The resources published by free man publishing are designed to address “felt-need” issues, reader/user friendly, multiculturally astute, and timely, yet timeless...

  Here are the types of resources to be published in the future:

  • dvds

  • books

  • ebooks

  • magazines

  • mp3 books

  • audio books

  • comic books

  • graphic novels

  • you tube videos

  • documentary films

  • holographic images

  • black history resources


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