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Problem  Solving  Program

The  Freeman  Institute’s™
Two Day Generic "Stand Alone" Program
(Utilizing the Power of Agreement Process)

Needs Assessment Required to Understand Specifics Issues

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N o   B u l l.    N o   H y p e.

* Introduction
Problem Solving Terms
The Problem Profile
Steps in the Problem Solving Process

* Step One – Identify the Problem

Potential Problem Areas
Problem List Development
Problem Classification

* Step Two – Rank Problems

Primary/Secondary Ranking Method
Primary/Secondary Ranking

* Step Three – Identifying Probable Causes

Developing a Probable Cause Chart for General Problems
Example – Probable Cause Chart
Probable Cause Chart
Developing a Probable Cause Chart for Process Problems
Example – Probable Cause Chart
Probable Cause Chart


* Step Four – Confirm Actual Cause
Use of Facts to Confirm Actual Cause
Collection of Facts
Display of Facts
Flow Chart
Location Charts
Bar Graphs Interpretation
The Three Steps in Bar Graph Construction

* Step Five – Set Solution Goals

Setting Solution Goals
Example – Solution Goals Chart
Solution Goals Chart

* Step Six – Decide on Solution

Developing a List of Solution Options
Example – Solution Options Chart
Solutions Options Chart
Foundational Considerations
Specific Issues for Analysis
Example – Solution Fact Sheet
Solution Fact Sheet

* Step Seven – Develop Action Plan

Planning for Action
Example – Action Plan
Action Plan

* Team Problem Solving Supplements


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Period.

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