Mentoring  101

A mentor is someone who is willing and able to commit time, energy and resources to offer guidance, experience, wisdom and encouragement to pass on the culture of the organization through one-on-one interactions with the goal of benefiting the mentee, himself / herself and the entire organization.

~ P R O G R A M   O V E R V I E W ~
(full day with breaks)

  Benefits to the organization

  Benefits to the mentee

  Benefits to the mentor

  Principles of how to develop a program

  Definition of mentor's roles and responsibilities

  Mentoring agreements

  How to manage the mentoring relationship

  Problems within the mentoring relationship

  The greatest mentor / leader

  Integrity -- Clearly defined standards, values and ethics that are demonstrated without compromise.


How it works

  • Participants gain a common understanding of the value of mentoring relationships and how they can personally benefit from investing  time in the program.

  • Mentor / mentee pairs establish a foundation for a productive working relationship by learning about each other's work and communication styles, key values and needs, and preferences for interaction.

  • Roles and expectations are clarified as the mentee identifies which areas of growth are most critical and the mentor identifies which roles he or she can fulfill.

  • Mentor / mentee pairs establish a mutual trust covenant, success criteria, and an action plan for the relationship. They also discuss the reciprocal value they can offer one another.

  • Mentor / mentee pairs outline steps for implementing their action plan, gaining new skills, finding additional resources, and following up on their progress.

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