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Does your Library create a buzz in your community?

I have an "out-of-the-box" idea for
marketing and promoting your library.

  Every library is looking for promotional and marketing ideas. I have developed a full-size, 3-D replica of the famous Rosetta Stone ( along with several other innovations). Below are a few of the "out-of-the-box" marketing ideas that include the Rosetta Stone.

  Anyone with an interest in the fields of archaeology, cryptology, writing, publishing, geology, Egyptology, science, languages and/or translation work -- anyone involved in unlocking mysteries --understands the significance of this famous artifact.
  Given the connection with linguistics, writing, publishing and literature, perhaps your library would like to own a stunning replica (45" x 28.5" x 11") of the Rosetta Stone, using it as a hands-on educational piece, along with being a permanent exhibition in your region.
  Click on the image to the right. That website will provide you with an overview of the historical significance of the Rosetta Stone and also the technology we have utilized for the fabrication of the six different models we are developing

Rosetta Stone
Click on Rosetta Stone

  One of the innovations that may be of special interest is the 3-D holographic image of the Rosetta Stone that we are in the beginning stages of discussing. It would create quite a buzz in the community if you dedicated a small section of your library for kids and adults to interact with this holographic image.
  Plus, your Library may want to develop the ultimate annual "Lifetime Achievement Award," giving a Bronze Rosetta to a worthy recipient each year...the one who has inspired the most young people to read, for instance. A local corporation can financially sponsor the award each year. I will be granting a "license" to one organization per city (e.g. Dallas, Chicago, etc.), so that there will be no competing annual Bronze Rosetta awards being given by other entities in the same community.
  In addition I have about 82 large rare (vintage, circa 1820s) plates/prints from the Napoleonic Egyptian Campaign for sale. These are mentioned on the Rosetta Stone website (click on image above). 
  Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone else that may be interested in procuring a handcrafted, museum-quality facsimile, with exhibition pedestal.
  Thank you for allowing me to parachute into your day...

Warmest regards,
Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D., President/CEO, Freeman Institute®
"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®
Box 305, Gambrills, MD 21054
Cell: 410.991.9718 -- Private Line: 410.729.4011 Email: freemani at

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