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The  Johari  Window

An Open Invitation to Participate in -- "THE MOMENT" -- Dr. Freeman's Latest Book Project

Know Me™ is the award winning interactive suite of board games for building trust and relationships used in over 20 countries by many different types of organizations. 

Know Me™ is for
-integrating teams
-managing change
-turning diversity into a strength
-building communities
-enhancing personal mastery
-improving communications



      -- How long does it take to play the game? 
It takes approximately 90 minutes to play. Allow 20 minutes to introduce it and set the context and 1/2 
  hour to debrief it. 

      -- How many people can play? 
Each game accommodates up to 6 players. We have discounted prices for sets of 4 games. 

      -- Can I use the game again with the same group? 
The game can be used many times with the same group. There are 180 cards and there are also blank 
  cards which you can customize. 

      -- Can the game be played by strangers? 
It can be played by either strangers or people who know each other. In either case, people get to know 
  one another at a deeper level. 

      -- What is the Master game? 
Our Interpersonal Communication (Master) game forms the foundation of all of our other games and is  
  played before the topic games so that participants are able to: 
  -- Engage as equals 
  -- Discover each other's humanity before exploring the issues which divide them 
  -- Reflect on and practice the communication processes that make their exchanges effective 
  -- Develop sufficient comfort with the dialogue process to engage in robust exchanges of honest feelings 
    and concerns 

      -- What are the topic games? 
The topic games are in the form of card packs which use the playing board and process from our Master 

      -- What is the playing process? 
All of the games are built upon a disclosure and feedback process and the Johari Window concept. Players proceed around a game board and earn points by choosing "Ask" or "Tell" cards at the light-hearted, serious or in-depth levels. Scores are kept on a personal Johari Window which reflects the amount of disclosure and feedback in which each player has engaged.

      -- What ages do the youth games cover? 
The youth games were designed for ages 12-18. It is possible for younger children to play. 
The Youth Master game enables players to encounter one another as  individuals and to understand other players in terms of their personal values, views and experiences, rather than their status, race, gender, or any other form of group membership. Other games tackle issues  such as diversity, the environment and substance abuse.











Which game fits your organizational needs?  Take your pick.
-- KnowMe --

Master Game       Teamwork    *    Quality & Service    *    Diversity

Intra-Organization    *    Career Management        Change & Transformation

T H E   J O H A R I   W I N D O W   M O D E L

   KnowMe™ is based on the Disclosure/Feedback model of awareness known as the Johari Window, named after Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. It was first used in an information session at the Western Training Laboratory in Group Development in 1955.

   The success of an organization is dependent on its people and how they interact with each another. KnowMe™ games enhance the effectiveness of participants' interactions, enabling them to work as a team to overcome problems.

   Used by organizations like Blanchard Training and Development, Deloitte and Touche, the South African Peace Committees, and many others -- the suite of KnowMe™ games have proved such a success because they address real situations. As the players deal with these issues together they learn to improve their communication skills, build trust within the group and develop their own self-esteem.


The KnowMe™ Game Price List
Call to Order
Outside USA:  1-410-729-4011

SPECIAL NOTICE: only for orders from SOUTH AFRICA
email me:
 include your SA contact information and I will make
sure you get your order even faster than usual

Delivered at Program Service Center -- HHS
RADM Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MD, MPH
Deputy Surgeon General,  13 May 1999

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