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 Studies show that 15% of one's career and financial
success is dependent upon technical competence, while
85% of one's success is dependent upon interpersonal skills.




   Below is a free gift for the bereavement counselors and chaplains at your hospice organization. But first, allow me to provide an overview of some customized training program ideas that may be of interest.


   I have some staff development / cultural diversity / leadership training / conflict resolution / emotional intelligence / stress management / team building / customer service / change management / executive coaching / conference presentation ideas you might find interesting at your hospice organization. Please let me introduce myself...


   For 19 wonderful years I served as mentor / chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards professional basketball team ('79-'98). Guys at the pro level, with big egos and big paychecks, sometimes have a problem with teamwork, leadership and customer service. From some of my work in the NBA, I developed a number of successful presentations and training initiatives:

  • The Curiosity-Driven Life

  • Connecting Now With Later

  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Diversity:  The Value of Mutual Respect

  • All Stressed Out And Nobody To Choke!

  • When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option!

  • If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!®

  • Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!®

  • Lessons From Blades of Grass in a Concrete Jungle

  • How Your Personality Impacts Your Organization's Success

  • The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: Cracking the Code to Your Team's Success

  • Professional Bloodsuckers: Dealing With the People Who Drain You of Your Time, Energy and Patience

   These uniquely powerful on-site programs are examples of what can be customized to address:


  • Management development
  • Problem-solving
  • The heart of hospice
  • Personality Disorders
  • Managing teams and conflict
  • Working with challenging cases
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Managing challenging and difficult personalities
  • Managing productivity & quality care
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Developing effective/efficient interdisciplinary teams
  • Managing suicide, abuse, neglect
  • Reducing the Drama: Understanding Personalities
  • Managing change, conflict, & negativity
Staff Development Conflict Resolution Teamwork Diversity Mentoring 101
Core Values Problem Solving Anger Management Violence Prevention Executive Coaching
Customer Service Leadership Skills Change Management Stress Management Code Of Conduct
Family Business Issues Organizational Culture Change Communication
Critical Incident Debriefing Emotional



   Basic Thesis: This is not off-the-shelf stuff. We all are different. Some of us are thinkers, others are doers, some are passive, and still others are aggressive.

   Most people come to work with pretty good intentions, but we get on each other's nerves just by being ourselves. In the every-day stress of the work environment, the tiniest issues can escalate. And soon we are fighting about the way we are fighting, instead of dealing with the real issues. People do not respond to our intentions. They respond to our behavior. Does any of this make sense?

   My Ph.D. is in Pastoral Counseling, with the bulk of my education from Loyola University (Baltimore). My work has received enthusiastic, rave reviews from the Prime Minister of Grenada and senior officials of Barbados to the White House Communications (WHCA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Mountain States Health Alliance, MD Association of Mental Health Counselors, Indian Health Services, Northern Nursing Home Pharmacy,  Frostburg State University, E! Entertainment Television, NASA, VA, ATF, HUD, Ikea, GE, National Security Agency (NSA), US Bankruptcy Courts, European Council of International Schools (ECIS), Billboard Music Group, Friends of Mercy, Laser Center of MD, EMI, US Sentencing Commission, Giant Foods, Tuscan Dairy Farms, many pro athletes, and others around the globe, including a number of urban youth initiatives. We have a ton of references - corporate, government, international, non-profit, white collar/blue collar.

   Another arena of expertise has to do with coaching. I am available to be kept on retainer for what could be called Confidential (Critical) Incident Debriefings (CID). This is a proven individualized and confidential 10-hour program, spanning almost three months, especially designed for key employees who have expressed inappropriate behavior in the workplace --


   When you call, just mention NHME and Project 4031. Why? Because any hospice provider working directly with National HME will receive a discounted fee for my services. This is just another benefit of your relationship with National HME. Plus I will donate a percentage of the fee for my services to the Project 4031 Foundation.


   Let's talk...


   Warmest regards,


   Joel A Freeman, Ph.D.
   private line: 410.729.4011
   cell: 410-.991.9718




   The updated and expanded 25th Anniversary edition of "God Is Not Fair: Making Sense of Loss and Grief" was launched at a recent National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) conference in Washington, DC -- by NHME.

   This book (now in 21 languages) is especially designed as a resource for families who have lost a loved one.

   I can arrange for your hospice organization to receive a free review copy of the book for each bereavement counselor and chaplain in your organization. CLICK HERE to let us know how many review copies you will require and where to ship them...

cover of special hospice edition


National HME, Inc
FREE  OFFER                Understanding the Heart of Hospice                FREE  OFFER



If you are a bereavement counselor or chaplain employed by a hospice organization
in the USA, Project 4031 will send you a FREE review copy of "God Is Not Fair."

Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Billy Graham, Dr. Paul Meier and others, this book (now in 21 languages) has been viewed as a unique resource for grieving families around the world who have lost a loved one. The author, Dr. Joel Freeman is pleased to offer this special NHME edition for your hospice.

Your hospice organization may receive a free review copy of the book for each bereavement counselor and chaplain in your organization. If you select this book as one of many follow-up resources you offer to families in grief, Project 4031 is pleased to ship you as many copies as you need now or in the future.


Feel free to send an EMAIL right now.
Let us know how many review copies you are requesting for all chaplains and
bereavement counselors, the name of the hospice organization you work for,
your contact info (phone/email) and where to ship the book(s).
N O   O B L I G A T I O N.
This free offer is good only in the USA.




 To Whom It May Concern,

   This letter is to provide a reference to our affiliation with Dr. Joel Freeman during the past several years at National HME, Inc.   We first engaged Dr. Freeman for our national manager’s conference in 2009 to speak to our leadership, providing methods of improving communication and excellence in service. 

   The success of his presentation lead us to engage in a more in depth relationship joining our team as our Corporate Coach that was expanded throughout our organization to three levels.  All of our executives were involved with Dr. Freeman on a monthly basis and our upper level and mid-level managers were involved on a less frequent basis. Dr. Freeman was involved in our management/leadership meetings yearly.  

   During his four years with National HME, he was able to work closely with our management team developing a company culture that was broad and deep.  Our company experienced rapid growth for several years expanding from one location in Texas to forty operating distribution sites throughout thirteen States. National HME, Inc. specializes in providing medical equipment for the hospice industry serving more than 20,000 patients on a daily basis and 400 teammates.  

   His expertise in developing and implementing a corporate Code of Conduct was invaluable.  The leadership of National HME was very impressed with Dr. Freeman’s ability to ensure that communication and accountability was always in the forefront of the organization.  With the growth of any organization it is imperative that openness and an ability to have a voice in the direction is recognized and appreciated.  This was a valuable and priceless direction that we enjoyed with the skill level that Dr. Freeman provided for our organization. 

   I recently stepped out of the role as the CEO of National HME, Inc. and now in a more passive role as the Executive Chairman.  I have worked with Dr. Freeman in other organizations for many years prior to National HME, Inc. and would certainly recommend him as a great contributor for excellence in your business endeavors.  

   Best regards,

 George R Robertson
   National HME, Inc., Executive Chairman & Founder



  We are honored to partner with Dr. Joel Freeman and help distribute his book “ God is not Fair” to help in your work of helping others grieve the loss of a loved one.

 The family and staff at Project 4031 are honored to be able to serve the hospice, terminally ill, and palliative care communities in which we help strengthen the end of life story of patients within the Untied States and around the globe. 

  Please keep us in mind as a tool for you and your team to use when caring and working with your patients and their loved ones. If you need any more copies of “God is not Fair” please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Thank you for your time.

     Many Blessings,

     Kristina Robertson, Director, Project 4031



Dr. Freeman speaking at an event in the Baltimore/DC region

Check Out the 140-Minute Video
and Seminar Presentation

"A White Man's Journey Into Black History"














The   Curiosity-Driven  Life
Connecting   Now   With   Later
Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect
All Stressed Out And Nobody To Choke
Enhancing  Your Emotional  Intelligence
A White Man's Journey Into Black History
When Strangling Someone  Isn't An Option!
Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!®
If  Nobody Loves You, Create  The  Demand!®
Lessons From Blades of Grass in a Concrete Jungle
IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your  Entrepreneurial  Passion!
How Your Personality Impacts Your Organization's Success
The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: Cracking the Code to Your Team's Success
Professional Bloodsuckers: Dealing With the People Who Drain You of Your
Energy, and


Contact us for detailed and customized programs.

To Schedule Dr. Freeman's Diversity Presentation

  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Period.

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Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited. 


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