F O R    A N Y O N E    W I T H    A

bivocational, semi-retired or part time

Pastors, teachers, missionaries, travel / insurance / real estate agents,
home school families looking for an entrepreneurial project, et al...

We can adapt this remarkable income opportunity to make it work for you.

IMPORTANT: Below is the "Blue Sky" concept that almost doubles
the income you can make to over $10,000. Plus, take a look at the
"Four Options" for making income. Both are at the bottom of this page...


   What you are about to read is from Joel Freeman, the originator of the idea for The Shepherd's Guide -- stated by some to be one of the more successful hybrids of church and business in North American history.
   A community outreach magazine designed for the contemporary seeker...that pays for itself through advertising. Already 50,000 copies in circulation, with a goal of one million copies being distributed within the next ten months...being used to help Christians share their faith in their local communities throughout the country.
iii.    A unique, win/win model for subsidizing the salary of a bivocational or semi-retired pastor while helping Christians in your area share their faith.


   Since so many churches have such an awkward relationship with the local business community, this project provides an authentic way for churches to connect with business owners who normally would not be interested in doing a collaborative project with their  congregation. Imagine the open doors for genuine ministry fostered by this project.


Statistics reveal that more pastors are becoming bivocational for
a number of different reasons. Some are due to the economy, low
church attendance, or to have another career if they are terminated
by their church, in between churches, or leave the ministry.

Being a bivocational or semi-retired pastor brings some challenges along
with wonderful opportunities for the pastor as well as the congregation.

.................. STOP and THINK for a MOMENT..................
How many smaller to mid-sized churches
are within 20-30 miles of your home?

Manute Bol                                   Joni Eareckson Tada

I am offering you an opportunity to make money (at your own pace) to pay your family bills and at the same time to help you keep your focus on ministry.


We live in a world where technology seems to have stunted or invaded our human interaction. Watch people sitting in a restaurant at the same table. No conversation. Just sitting there looking down at their smart phones...texting and smiling.

Or perhaps it has nothing to do with the invasion of technology. Watch several people on an elevator. Everyone is staring at the "floor indicator" above the do

Everyday Matters Magazine is a unique resource designed to help people start meaningful, non-weird,
"Jesus-with-the-woman-at-the-well" conversations with co-workers, next door neighbors, and complete strangers...in their everyday lives.




 1st LEG: You will be encouraging Church Growth, Evangelism & Outreach

 2nd LEG: Financial Benefit to You (minimum $5,500 per church edition you do).

 3rd LEG: Local Churches Connecting with the Local Business Community.

 4th LEG: ANNUITY CONCEPT: Opportunity to receive revenue for years to come.


You are about to read just enough information to make

you curious enough to want to call 410-991-9718.



You will receive a guaranteed minimum of $5,500 (potential over $10K) from
each church magazine edition while you remain relevant in the marketplace.

Not one penny taken from any church budget...ever. Guaranteed. Period.

Each church will be able to connect in an authentic way with the local businesses in their community.

Each church (in lower 48 States) will receive up to 25,000 private-labeled
magazines designed for church growth, evangelism and outreach.

You will be doing a project that gets easier and easier every year. Not an MLM, or anything like that.

This magazine project is designed for smaller to mid-sized churches...churches that normally would
not have the kind of financial horsepower to develop a world-class magazine like this for outreach.

If you develop 10 church editions within a 12-month period, you will receive a free iPad.

There is no selling of magazines. Magazines are distributed by local churches for FREE.

Warm-market ad revenue from ad sales is the economic engine that drives this project.

All ads in America are all done (and uploaded to printer's ftp site) by our graphic artist in Oklahoma.

No upfront costs (except for your own business cards). No franchise or licensing fees. Ever.

Printing of private-labeled editions of the magazine is done by a Pittsburgh-based printing company.

All percentages, ad-placement, printing and shipping is paid for by...and only by...ad revenue.

As an account rep you have the realistic potential of making over six figures (pre-tax) every year.

Entire church campaign lasts an average of 8-10 weeks -- from the moment the first ad is sold
to the delivery of up to 25,000 magazines to the church. Your focus is only on the first part.
We have the infrastructure to deal with everything else -- the graphics, printing and shipping.

If other churches in America (outside your area) end up doing this magazine project as a fundraiser because
of your recommendation, you will receive a finder's fee of $500 every time those church do this project.
For instance, if 100 churches do this project you will receive $50K every year or so when each does the next edition.

Not one penny taken from any church budget...ever. Guaranteed. Period.



"Former NBA Chaplain Offers Evangelistic
Conversation-Starters in a Tech Crazy World

click here to read article



   Give me 160 seconds. I have a remarkable gift for you that will keep on giving...

   It's an unparalleled opportunity to for you to bless congregations in your region with up to 25,000 magazines...while receiving a minimum $5,500 for your efforts. Giving while receiving.

     Are you ready for a paradigm shift in your thinking?

   Hi, I'm Joel Freeman. I live in Maryland. Grew up at Prairie Bible Institute (Alberta, Canada). Served as chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 20 seasons (retired in 1998). Have written 7 books that are currently in 28 foreign translations. Also served as senior pastor for 18 years, pioneering three churches that launched mission works in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. 

   With travels to well over 50 countries around the world, I have looked into the eyes of many ministry leaders who seek to obey the call of God on their lives. I have heard a number of stories (some funny and others not so funny) about the ups and the downs of ministry life in many categories -- cross cultural, relational, spiritual, mental, emotional, technological, interpersonal, physical, financial...

IS THIS TRUE?   From what I have heard, most smaller to mid-sized churches and bi-vocational pastors are dealing with ever-shrinking budgets. They experience what it's like to be "Vision-Rich--Cash-Poor."

   If so...I'd like to help change all that.

   In most every community there are a number of churches. Think about the number of churches in your community...within 20-30 miles of your home. This project is designed to help those churches grow -- without draining one penny from any one of their budgets.


"I went to the Jiffy Lube to share Jesus...and while I was there I got my oil changed."

   PLUS...adding value to each congregation with a gift of up to 25,000 free, private-labeled magazines for their outreach and church growth. How often have you been able to provide such a magnanimous gift for entire congregations? I have the infrastructure on the back end to facilitate all of this on your behalf.

  CAUTION: Most everything you have understood about traditional magazine models...you are going to have to throw out the window. This is an intentionally different concept.

IS THIS ALSO TRUE?   From what I've experienced, most churches have a rather awkward relationship with the local business community.

   If so...I'd like to help change all that.

  In fact, I am hoping that most of the advertisers are unchurched. It's a remarkable way for each local church to develop a collaborative project that engages local business in an authentic manner.

  Every family in every congregation has a doctor, dentist, electrician, plumber, lawyer, insurance agent...you get the picture. I have a warm-market way for you, as an account rep, to sell 43 low-cost ads to businesses that are connected to the members of respective congregations in your region. If only 20 families provide 5 warm-market connections with business owners in the community...you now have 100 warm-market contacts with potential advertisers. Plus, the church is connected with insurance brokers, roof repair companies, carpet installers, et al.

  In other words, you will have quite a number of businesses surrounding each congregation to ensure that all 43 ads will be sold for each church. And the next year -- after they have effectively distributed all of their magazines for free -- I am willing to say that perhaps 90% of the advertisers in the previous edition will be clamoring to get into the next edition. It will get easier and easier with each new edition.

  If you do this project for 10-15 churches, you will be set for the rest of your life. Kind of like an annuity. I will be creating 2-3 new editions of the magazine every year. Every 12-18 months you will be able to come back to the same churches with a new edition to offer them and their advertisers.

  Nothing in the magazine is time-sensitive, which makes it an evangelistic outreach tool that can last for 18-24+ months, until the next edition. I view this magazine as a remarkable gift to local churches...in more ways than one.

  Everyday matters® magazine is a great conversation-starter! Like one woman said, "I went to the grocery store to share Jesus and while I was there I picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread."

  To help provide conversation-starting material, we have identified 50 felt need topics that will inform the types of articles we will publish in future editions. Here are some examples of those articles: 

  • Cyberbullying & Online Harassment

  • Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice

  • Caring For Aging Parents

  • Men and Their Emotions

  • Benefits of Drinking Water

  • 20 Reasons You're Not Wealthy

  • Identify and Prevent Teen Suicide

  • Real Marriage: Fight Less, Love More

  • Five Things to Consider Before Disciplining Your Child

   Below is an executive summary about a remarkable magazine that is designed to help local churches:

  1. Connect better with the businesses in their community.

  2. Enhance outreach to the community through the distribution of up to 25,000 magazines that didn't cost a penny.

  3. Encourage congregational members to start meaningful, Jesus-with-the-woman-at-the-well, non-weird conversations with co-workers, next door neighbors and total strangers.

  4. Invite individuals and families within the community to become a part of their fellowship.

  5. Create curiosity within people in each community  who previously have expressed no interest in attending a church -- intriguing them with excellent content in a general market magazine.

BOTTOM LINE. Here's the plan behind what I have designed:

  • Each pastor will love the value-added donation of up to 25,000 free, private-labeled magazines to help with the congregation's outreach, evangelism, and church growth.

  • The ministry leader will recognize the value-added components of this project -- to be a way of receiving and giving at the same time.

  • Each church will want to develop a new magazine every 1-2 years...with the same purpose in mind -- to receive a different edition of the magazine to distribute throughout the local community.

   My 160 seconds are up. It's now up to you as to whether or not you want to call for more info.

   100,000 Blessings,
    Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D., Founder & Editor in Chief
    Private Line: 410.729.4011

   P.S. Here is an overview of this magazine project from the perspective of a church wanting to utilize this as a fundraiser. on the next page, email me (greatworkshops@gmail.com) with any questions you may have...or call: 410.729.4011.

Joel A. Freeman

   I am willing to do all of the "heavy lifting' for you on this end. And I promise to handle every church contact with great care, affection and integrity. Feel free to check out my bio...

   My promise: I'll do all the "heavy lifting" for you on the back end after all the ads are sold. Check out this video where I discuss this project, especially designed for bi-vocational pastors (or anyone with a shepherd's heart):


i. Check out the online overview of every page in the magazine. We scanned every page for you to see here.

ii. Contact me with any questions and I will email you a confidential document that comprehensively explains most every detail through FAQs.  Plus, I will ship you an actual copy of the first edition of the magazine. Call me: 410-991-9718...

On Christian TV discussing Everyday Matters Magazine.


Here's a page-by-page
review of the magazine

















Click here to get a rather comprehensive overview of this
unique concept from the perspective of a church outside your
area wanting to do this magazine project as a fundraiser.




"Everyday Matters Magazine" Jingle  (23 seconds)
C L I C K   &   L I S T E N

"Everyday Matters Magazine" Jingle  (23 seconds)
C L I C K   &   L I S T E N

Whether your day is cloudy or bright
We want to help you fight the good fight.
See everything as its meant to be seen
In Everyday Matters Magazine.


   EXCELLENCE at every level -- I have done everything to make sure that the quality, results and purpose are all above average. Here are just 10 features of this project:
  1. Quality of paper used – 70# or 80# gloss (full color throughout the entire magazine).

  2. High content vs. ads ratio in each edition. Free half page ad for every church.

  3. Great articles in each edition, designed to start meaningful conversations. Timely. Timeless.

  4. Amount of pay for account rep – Guaranteed $5,500 (potential...$10K) from each church edition (remarkable)

  5. Amount of private-labeled magazines printed for each congregation (15K – 25K). Most
pastors are blown away by these numbers.

  6. Fast turnaround time (approximately 8-10 weeks from start to finish).

  7. Not one penny taken from the church budget. Never. Period.

  8. No pressure from me. (only pressure felt will be from the advertisers – “When will the magazine be printed?")

  9. A tool for evangelism, outreach and church growth – and for connecting churches with the local business community.

  10. Annuity factor – providing a project that gets easier every time they do it and continues to pay out with each subsequent edition every 1-2 years.
   I hope this helps to put your fingers on my pulse, giving you a glimpse into my desire to provide a wonderful way for you to have a job opportunity and to be a blessing to the congregations in your region.

-- Joel Freeman



"If I'm a bi-vocational pastor, what type of second job should I look for?"

Great question. Every person and situation is unique, so there's no objectively "perfect" job to recommend to everyone. Texas-based pastor and writer, Ben Connelly, provides us with six points to keep in mind while choosing that second job.

RELATIONSHIPS -- Ministry is about people. What jobs are available to you that will enable relationships?

MISSION – Wherever you find work, brokenness hides in every corner of our cities. Going a step beyond "relational," God uses many bi-vocational jobs as great missional opportunities.

FAIR COMPENSATION -- Wisdom throughout Scripture says we should "count the cost" of our endeavors. A "$3.25 per hour, plus tips" job might not be the best route for a bi-vocational minister to take, even if it is relational and missional. To provide for our needs, we must check the cost-benefit ratio of our second jobs. Is the income worth the hours it demands?

FLEXIBILITY -- No ministry is ever an 8:00-to-5:00, Monday-through-Friday job, and it skews even further when you add another job to the mix. Finding work that's project-based instead of hours-based, that doesn't require you to be in a certain place, or that has flexible hours or swappable shifts can be a good complement to a ministry role.

ENJOYMENT -- Whether from a "church job" or a "second job," if leaders are beat-down, exhausted, frustrated, or discouraged, their mindset can't help but overflow. Who loves their employment 100 percent of the time? Try to avoid a job you hate, even if it helps make ends meet. Where's your passion and experience? What gives you joy? What would you do if you weren't a pastor? Look for a job that allows you to use some of those skills, and don't underestimate the value of enjoyment.

REDEMPTION -- Because of Jesus' work of reconciliation in his people, Paul tells us that our new identity is "ministers of reconciliation." In nearly any job our motivation can be to echo God's redemption, to see brokenness reconciled, and to proclaim the gospel's work in our words and our deeds.


 NOTE: The Everyday Matters magazine project is a potential bell-ringer on all 6 points for bivocational pastors...


“B L U E   S K Y”

There is a "heavy jockey riding this horse" with slim margins. As I developed the model, I realized that all 1/8th page ads for the 5 pages set aside for ads inside the magazine were the only size in the main part of the magazine that would make the model work from a financial perspective. Some advertisers may want a larger ad in the magazine.  I have put a lot of thought into this magazine model...so as to create even more of a donation available to your organization.
GOOD NEWS: It is possible to add another page or two (20# bond paper) inserted into the center of the magazine. These pages will permit full page ads and half page ads, especially for the advertisers who demand a larger size ad.

The insert ads are:
$1,495 for a full page
$845 for a half page
$495 for a quarter page
This insert also increases the amount you can make when you work with other churches...or with your organization (I can give the guaranteed $5,500 and then can split the rest with you, if you sell ads for the center sheet). For instance I give 50% of the ad revenue to the group after the first page for the insert has been sold. This is over and above the $5,500 paid to you out of the ad revenue from the 43 ads.
The printer charges me about $1,500 to ad 1-2 pages in the middle. So that's why the first ad sold goes entirely – not to you or to me -- for the addition of the insert.
EXAMPLE: You have sold all ads and receive $5,500. You also sold all four panels of the page inserted into the middle of the magazine. One page goes to pay for the privilege of inserting that page. If you sell all full page ads for the insert , we would split the revenue 50/50 for three panels if the insert.($4,500). You would receive an additional $2,250.
$5,500 + $2,250 = $7,750
We can add up to two pages (8 panels) for an insert. Add another $3,000 to you for the 2nd inserted page and that increases the total amount coming to you ($10,750) for one magazine.

$5,500 + $5,250 = $10,750 potential income...

Do ten magazine projects for churches in your area in one year and you will be very happy.

All I ask is that all the 43 ads for the inside of the magazine be sold first so that we are sure that there is enough money to provide the donation, print the magazines and then ship them to the church. The middle page inserts can then be offered after the first 43 ads have been sold. I hope this makes sense.
Selling 1/8 page ads is actually pretty easy. At least that has been my experience. Most business owners who buy an 1/8th page ad for $295 are doing this more as a donation of sorts. They love the contents and purpose of the magazine and the fact that their ad will be in a magazine that may have a shelf life of a possible 1-2 years in the marketplace...which is an unusual selling point. These advertisers also want to help with the objectives of the organization distributing the magazine. They are generally thrilled with anyone who is drawn to their business because of their ad in the magazine.


“F O U R   O P T I O N S”


#1. ACCOUNT REP: You're an account rep, selling all of the ads within the magazine and also the inserts...for each church edition. You will make a minimum guaranteed $5,500 for the 43 ads sold in the magazine and an additional minimum guaranteed $5,250 if you sell ads for all 8 panels in the 2-page inserts.

# 2. REFERRALS: You sell no ads. You merely refer this project to churches in your area and around the country. Youth pastors, ministry leaders and pastors you know will want to know about this unique project. You will receive a minimum $500 for each church you refer who does this magazine project for their respective congregations. It's like an annuity. If 50 churches do this project, you will receive $50,000 collectively...and another $500 per church whenever they do this project in the future.

# 3. HYBRID CONCEPT: A church in your region wants to do this magazine project. They sell all 43 ads for the magazine and they receive a donation of $5,000 and up to 25,000 magazines. You sell the ads for all 8 panels in the 2-page inserts and make a minimum of $5,250 for your efforts.

#4. SALES TEAMS: You can build, mentor and encourage sales teams throughout your region  who sell ads for church editions. You can still do some church editions on your own, but this option can expand your income potential, while providing job opportunities to other independent contractors in the community.

The industry standard for the payment of ad sales is generally around 15% - 20%. I am paying out around 37% for the 43 ads sold within the magazine and 50% for the ads sold in the inserts at the center of the magazine. You can pay out a generous 25% to team members who sell ads for you and still cover your expenses. (for this option to work, you have to commit to at least 20 church editions annually).

       IT'S YOUR CALL: Let us know which options interest you the most...Joel Freeman




"everyday issues for everyday people"

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