Dr. Ben Carson

Men / Emotions

Aging Parents Raising Kids Cyber Bullies

for Your Outpost
~ Better than any car wash, bake sale, or just about any other fund-raising concept out there ~

IMPORTANT: At bottom of this page is the "Blue Sky" option that literally
doubles the donation to your Outpost to over $10,000. Check it out...



B O T T O M   L I N E

It's all about relationships -- linking your
congregation to community-based businesses.

Your RR Outpost invests some very
fun "sweat equity" & enthusiasm while
connecting with local business owners.

Out of the ad revenue your
Outpost will then receive a
GUARANTEED donation of $5,000.

PLUS...your congregation receives FREE
up to 25,000 private-labeled copies of
this world-class magazine for outreach.

A S K   Q U E S T I O N S
Absolutely no cost to your organization.

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.




e v e r y d a y    i s s u e s    f o r    e v e r y d a y    p e o p l e

How would you like to receive a donation of $5,000 for your
ministry, while developing a FREE outreach tool for your
church, along with an opportunity for business owners in
your congregation and community to connect with
the mission of your church?


The answer?

~ a proven, high quality magazine -- timely...yet timeless ~
everyday matters® magazine
"everyday issues for everyday people"


(Outpost, men's group, youth group, women's ministry, etc.)


up to 25,000 FREE MAGAZINES
(not one penny taken from your church budget)

~ I M P O R T A N T ~
Everyday Matters Magazine will donate a grand total of $6,000
from the basic sale of 43 ads. Here's how the numbers work:

  • The Outpost (Local Church) will receive a donation= $5,000
  • The District will also receive a donation = $500
  • The Region will also receive a donation  = $300
  • The National Royal Ranger Organization will also receive a donation = $200


Manute Bol                                   Joni Eareckson Tada


 It’s a win/win/win/win scenario, benefiting:

   —  your Outpost receives a guaranteed $5,000! (once all 43 ads are taken)
   —  potential for raising over $10,000
(you can add up to 2 extra pages as inserts)
   —  readers of the magazine
(high quality, practical and informative articles)
   —  business enterprises
(ads for marketing their businesses)
   —  congregation
(growing in their desire to share their faith in their everyday lives)
   —  church as a whole
(more visitors, personally invited by congregational members)









A local, private-labeled edition of everyday matters® magazine can be used  as an outreach tool by your congregation -- in your community -- with zero drain on your church budget.
Too good to be true? Keep reading...

This timeless magazine is designed for most any church.
 (especially smaller to medium-size churches)
...even a new church plant!

"A Remarkable 32-Page Conversation-Starter"

Designed to help people start meaningful, non-weird conversations
with co-workers, next door neighbors and strangers.

:::::::::::::::::  10 Month GOAL  ::::::::::::::::::
One million magazines used for outreach within 10 months








E X E C U T I V E   S U M M A R Y

1. From Joel Freeman, the originator of the idea for The Shepherd's Guide -- stated by some to be one of the the more successful hybrids of church and business in North American history.
2. A community outreach magazine designed for the modern seeker that pays for itself through advertising. Already 50,000 copies in circulation.
3. A unique, win/win model for subsidizing any project (EXAMPLE: short term mission team in a local church, plus funding projects and support for the missionaries they visit.)


 1st LEG: Church Growth, Evangelism & Outreach

 2nd LEG: Fund Development ($5,000 donation to church-related ministry).

 3rd LEG: Local Pastor Connecting with the Local Business Community around Church.

 4th LEG: ANNUITY CONCEPT: Opportunity to receive revenue for years to come.


Whether your day is cloudy or bright
We want to help you fight the good fight.
See everything as its meant to be seen
In Everyday Matters Magazine.



-----------------------------------  R E M A R K A B L E    C O N C E P T  -----------------------------------

 This inaugural edition is of the famous neurosurgeon and author, Dr. Ben Carson (first in the world to successfully separate Siamese twins). Dr. Carson is the subject of the lead/cover article, with a fascinating interview. A great conversation-starter...

  We will be providing a number of options in the future. For instance the next two editions will showcase an insightful cover article with Joni Eareckson Tada (BGEA movie, Joni) and another cover article with Manute Bol (7'7" NBA star from Sudan).

Cover photo used by permission: NBA Photos

  In other words, your Outpost can develop a new private-labeled edition of this magazine every couple of years...receiving a donation of $5,000 from the ad revenue generated by each edition!

  Everyday matters® magazine is designed to be a free educational outreach project from your church to your local community – with an emphasis on strengthening the families in your community.

  A proven, private-labeled magazine of this quality is something that the average local church can only dream about...until now.

  Nothing in the magazine is time-sensitive, which makes it an evangelistic outreach tool that can last for 18-24+ months, until the next edition. We view this magazine as a gift to local churches...in more ways than one.

  Picture Jesus with the woman at the well. He began talking about something natural to the woman – water. Water was his conversation-starter.

  And then He eventually brought the conversation around to the kind of spiritual water that quenches all thirst forever. Everyday matters® magazine is a great conversation-starter!

  Like one woman said, "I went to the grocery store to share Jesus and while I was there I picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread."


  This magazine project provides real-world opportunities for young people to learn a number of wisdom lessons. Here are but a few:

     1). Give a firm hand shake when meeting a prospective advertiser.

     2). Look someone in the eyes when you talk.
     3). Ask insightful questions and then listen carefully before responding.
     4). Communicate in a professional manner without saying "um, ah, like," etc...
     5). Anticipate objections and then deal with them in a proactive manner.
     6). Learn how to deal with rejection.
     7). Start something worth finishing and then finish what you start.

   Are you ready for something like this to impact your congregation?

  The articles in the magazines are purposeful -- designed to address “felt-need” issues:

  • Cyberbullying & Online Harassment

  • Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice

  • Caring For Aging Parents

  • Men and Their Emotions

  • Benefits of Drinking Water

  • 20 Reasons You're Not Wealthy

  • Identify and Prevent Teen Suicide

  • Real Marriage: Fight Less, Love More

  • Five Things to Consider Before Disciplining Your Child


















   Ready for a paradigm shift?  Whatever you are thinking about a regular magazine model...throw it out the window. There is no selling of magazines. This magazine model is totally different -- thriving while other magazines are shutting down the printing presses and turning to digital delivery.

   Most church-sponsored magazines are designed for a Christian readership. Some church-sponsored magazines have such a religious look and “Christianese” feel to them that the average man or woman on the street may be turned off at first glance.

   NOTE: This magazine is a great way for your church to connect with the marketplace in your community – something a lot of churches do not do very well. (Not a judgment. Merely an observation.)

   We have deliberately designed this issue to have the look and feel of a professional, general market magazine, motivating unchurched people to open the cover to read its contents, check out the ads and perhaps even consider visiting the sponsoring church...your church. It is a multi-culturally astute, non-denominational resource developed to help a follower of Jesus start a conversation with most anyone.

   And that's not all: Also, you can place these same articles on your church website -- along with links to all of the advertisers in your private-labeled edition of this magazine. PLUS, writers in your congregation can publish articles (about raising kids, aging parents, cyber-bullying, etc.) for your website giving an even greater local connection to the online delivery of this magazine.

  Need an exceptional door-opener for knocking on doors in your community? Need a relevant handout for your booth at the next county fair? Need a different kind of a family-friendly resource to bulk-mail to new home buyers in your region every month -- with a letter from the pastor, inviting the recipients of the magazine to visit your church the following week?

  This unique 32-page magazine can energize the outreach of your church – paid for by ad sales and distributed FREE at grocery stores, doctor’s offices, hair salons, banks, barber shops, auto repair garages, local businesses and neighborhoods.

  It’s a win/win/win/win scenario, benefiting:

   —  your Outpost  receives a guaranteed $5,000! (once all 43 ads are taken)
   ---  readers of the magazine
(high quality, practical and informative articles)
   —  business enterprises
(ads for marketing their businesses)
   —  congregation
(growing in their desire to share their faith in their everyday lives)
   —  church as a whole
(more visitors, personally invited by congregational members)

...everyday people living their everyday lives...
"I went to the store to share Jesus. While I was
there I picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread."

"I drove to the gas station to share Jesus.
While I was there I filled my tank with gas."

"I went to the dentist to share Jesus.
While I was there I got two teeth filled."




------------------------------    and    --------------------------------


Joel A. Freeman -- BIO

 Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of everyday matters® magazine. I  have pioneered three churches (in Maine & Maryland), along with launching mission outreaches from our church to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I also served as chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 19 years (1979-'98). I came up with the idea for The Shepherd's Guide (business directory) 32+ years ago.

  As a former senior pastor (18 years) and President of The Freeman Institute (est. 1993), with travels to 50+ countries around the world...I will not waste your time. And I encourage you to ask tough questions. I am laying my credibility on the line. I designed this project, knowing what it would take for it to be viable – especially for smaller to mid-sized churches. Once we talk and you read the fine print, you will understand why I believe that this is a remarkable gift, especially for a local church.

  I have addressed pretty much every question in a confidential FAQ document. It is pretty comprehensive. Please ask me to email it to you. The more questions you ask, the greater clarity you will have as to the authenticity of this project. No smoke. No mirrors. Call me...410-729-4011.

  We have done most of the heavy lifting by creating a very cool 32-page (semi-gloss paper, 9” x 6”) magazine designed to help church members start “non-weird” conversations – sharing their faith -- with people in their everyday lives. The cover article is about the famous Dr. Ben Carson who wrote "Gifted Hands" and also had a movie (by the same name) made about his life, starring Cuba Goodings, Jr. >>>

  I want to offer you the opportunity for your Outpost to receive a donation of $5,000, along with your congregation receiving up to 25,000 copies of this magazine for FREE to distribute freely to the community. Your church will also receive a free half page ad.

Gifted Hands, starring
Cuba Goodings, Jr.

  IMPORTANT: The revenue from ad sales allows us to make you this offer. Here's how you can receive the $5,000 and up to 25,000 copies of the magazine for outreach. The Outpost will have some very fun "sweat equity" in this project.

  The revenue produced by ad sold to business owners by your Outpost allows us to develop the graphics, printing and delivery of up to 25K magazines to your church. Plus we will give you $5,000 for your efforts.

  SIX ways your church wins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. A FREE AD: The church has a half page ad in a prominent upper right-hand spot on a page in the magazine -- strategically placed at the end of the cover interview.
  2. PRIVATE LABELED: Also, we will place the logo of the church on the lower right-hand part of the front cover of the magazine (Courtesy of XYZ Church). It's your call. We want to make sure that your local identity is clearly known to the readers on the front, the back and on the inside.
  3. ADDRESS OF CHURCH ON BACK COVER: Your church name will be on the back cover as a return address for bulk mailing. We'll need your USPS bulk mailing permit number.
  4. CHURCH LISTED ON 2nd PAGE: On the 2nd page of the magazine, the name and website of your church will be listed in your special edition.
  5. UP TO 25K MAGAZINES: A remarkable tool for outreach to your community. It's your choice as to how many you believe your church can handle for distribution -- between 15K and 25K magazines.
  6. ONLINE LINK: We hope that you choose to place the contents of the magazine and local ads on your own church website. We will provide a link from our website (EDMmag.com) to the page dedicated to the magazine on your church website.

BIG QUESTION: How do we get leads for ads in the magazine?

   I'm glad you asked. There is a difference between your warm market and your cold market. I do not want your team to work too hard. It would be great if all of the ads could be sold “warm market” – through church/business relationships -- without having to knock on doors.

   WARM MARKET: These are people and/or entities who know the church, do business with the church and/or have a business relationship with any of the congregation members. The first thing you should do is ask the pastor if you can give a 2-minute talk about the magazine in front of the congregation. We can help you with your speech if you want. In that presentation you will want to ask at least two questions:

    a). Who in the congregation owns a business and wants to advertise in this magazine?
    b). Who in the congregation has a family lawyer, dentist auto repair, grocery store, etc.?

  Obviously congregation members will not have those names with them at the church service. Tell them you will be using the church directory to call every member of the church throughout the next couple of weeks, asking them for contact info of the people they do business with on a regular basis. Dentists, doctors, auto mechanics, lawyers, insurance agents.

  Call each business connection, letting them know they are in an elite group that gets first rights for the ads in this special edition.

  The next part of the warm market is to ask the church administrator for all of the entities the church does business with right now and has done business with in the past. EXAMPLE: Who did they buy the stone from in their flower patch? Who paved the parking lot? Who provides health, property and vehicle insurance for the church? Who provides maintenance for the church vehicle(s)? Who installed their new windows last summer? Who installed the new carpet in the foyer? You get the picture.

  Remember, the $5,000 coming to your ministry from this project is going to supply funds for whatever you are wanting to accomplish. Business owners who are familiar with the integrity of your church will want to help you accomplish your goals. Plus, their business will be showcased in a very practical magazine. Everyone wins...

  COLD MARKET: Once you have exhausted the warm market, it may be that you will not even have to enter into the cold market. You might sell all the ads in the first few days. But if this is not the case, there are business owners in the region who pass by the church building every day. They know the building and congregation exist and will be happy to participate by purchasing an ad – especially once they understand the distribution model of their local edition of everyday matters® magazine.

   The members of the ministry adopting this project will be energized to ask business owners in the congregation and in the community to purchase an ad. Authors in the congregation will want to market their books. Plus there even might be some people who will want to purchase an ad space in the memory and honor of a loved one who has passed on. There are a number of options...

  All you have to do is sell 43 ads to business owners within your community -- forty 1/8 page ads and three cover ads (inside front, inside back and the back cover). Your ministry group will receive a guaranteed donation of $5,000 after the last ad has been sold.

  Plus, your church will receive FREE up to 25,000 copies of the magazine...to be used as an outreach tool. You can't beat it!!!

  REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: Our church printed 25,000 copies of this magazine. We sold all of the ads within 3 weeks during a tough economy. And all we had was a mock-up of the front cover to show potential advertisers...along with our big smiles.

  In contrast, you now have a completed magazine to show potential advertisers an example of the finished product. That's too easy!!!

  About 65% of the ads came from businesses outside the church. They loved the concept! But, as mentioned above, I believe that just about all of the ads can come directly from warm contacts within and through your congregation.

And that's all there is to it...

  The latest statistics on church membership indicate that there are approximately 350,000 churches in the United States, with an average membership of 75. This magazine is perfectly designed for smaller to mid-size churches around this average size.

 *ATTENTION SMALLER CHURCHES:  We also know that some smaller or more rural congregations may feel 25,000 copies are way too much for them to handle. If that is the case, the market research we have conducted indicates that 20,000 or even 15,000 magazines is still a great ROI (Return On Investment) bargain for the advertisers. So we will provide the number of magazines within the 15K -25k range that works best for each local church.

  When handing the magazine to a co-worker, a neighbor, or a stranger in everyday life, a congregational member can mention, “Check out the ad for our church on page 9. If you visit, I’d love to sit with you and introduce you to some of the other people.” Plus, members of the congregation will now have a practical tool for reaching out to people with conversational evangelism.

  Using the magazine, church members grow in their passion for sharing Jesus wherever they are...in an easy-going manner that makes it effortless in starting an interesting conversation and doesn't turn people off.

Everyday Matters Magazine's Official
"Doing Good While Doing WELL"
International Project

Click on photo to the left to learn about the remarkable, human-powered water drilling rig that is
literally transforming access to clean water in developing nations throughout Africa.

Help sponsor a Clean Water Drilling Rig for Africa.
By Africans for Africans. No donation is too small


  The everyday matters® magazine model is different. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Timeless content, with a felt-need emphasis designed to strengthen families.
  • Content driven magazine.
  • Self sufficient project -- ads sold covers donation, graphics, printing and delivery of up to 25,000 copies to church building.
  • Win-Win-Win general market appeal.
  • Advertisers LOVE it!!! Distribution continues until all copies have been distributed in a credible manner...even if it takes 18 - 24+ months to do so.

  The sale of ads is important for the funding of the printing for your local edition. But everyday matters® magazine is primarily "content-driven." Most publications like this have a mere 30%-40% content and 60%-70% ads.

  In contrast, everyday matters® magazine has over 75% of it filled with excellent content and less than 25% ads. Our model is designed to work so well that advertisers will clamor to be a part of future editions. Why? Because there are fewer competing ads. That means more "eyeballs" per ad! An advertiser's dream.

  The magazine does not have the plan of salvation in it because it is designed to be a conversation-starter for followers of Jesus who can look for opportunities to share their faith. Their personal story and the plan of salvation is in their hearts.

Dr. Ben Carson in the Operating Room

  But some Christians are timid about sharing their faith. Ben Carson has written and granted permission for a straight-to-the-point tract that can be included with the magazine. Review the four pages of the tract below at the bottom of this page.

How is the magazine distributed?

  Here are a few practical ideas:

  • After each service or Bible study, congregational members grab 10-20 magazines to serve as conversation-starters in their everyday lives. "By the way, feel free to take a look at our church ad on page 9. I'd love to invite you to visit next week. I'd be glad to sit with you and to introduce you to some of the other members of our church."

  • Twenty magazines in a doctor's office will go like hotcakes. Congregational members will adopt certain places of business to make sure that quantities of magazines are restocked in grocery stores, doctor's offices, hair salons, auto repair shops, etc.

  • The 43 business owners who have purchased ads will give away 100s of magazines. "Here's a magazine you'll love. By the way, feel free to check out our ad on page 18. We make the best widgets in the country!" 

  • Hundreds of copies of the magazine can be bulk-mailed to new home buyers and or to all of the home owners within a limited radius around the church building...every month. A letter from the pastor can be included with each magazine, inviting the recipients of the magazine to visit the following week -- with the promise of a free gift if they mention the magazine as the reason for their visit.

  Imagine a young mother at a fast food restaurant, with her young child next to her. You sit down at the next table. A few minutes go by and then the child suddenly proclaims loudly, "Mmmm, these fries are good!" You look over. The mother smiles broadly with a mixture of pride and embarrassment and you both make some small talk about the crispiness and tastiness of the fries. You then give her a magazine. It all happens so naturally and doesn't feel rushed or pushed.

  "Thank you," she responds. She looks at the cover and immediately comments, with a laugh, on the title of the article, Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice. "I could have used this article this morning!" she says with a bit more laughter. This could very well be the way to start an interesting conversation about raising children.

    A conversation-starting article

  As she turns to the article she mentions that having a child has changed her life in many ways. She is surprisingly open.

  After a few minutes of give and take you hear yourself responding to a specific thing she has just said, “Yes, I remember my own children growing to the age when they were asking a lot of questions. Their inquisitive minds were working overtime. And it was exhausting sometimes! They would ask stuff like, ‘Who is God?’ or ‘What happens after we die?’ or ‘Where is heaven?’ Those were tough questions to answer. (pause) By the way, how would respond to questions like that if your daughter were ever to ask them?”

  Interested in learning more about a ministry in your church (men's, women's, youth, etc.) raising $5,000 and your church receiving FREE up to 25,000 copies of everyday matters® magazine for outreach and distribution? Email me. Tell me a little bit about what interests you,  including an overview of your church when you request more details. Ask for the FAQ document to be emailed to you.

  Do you want an actual review copy of the 32-page magazine? If so, indicate that in your email to me...along with the best mailing address. The magazine will be mailed out to you right away.

  By the way, everyday matters® magazine is a great win/win concept for church-related entrepreneur clubs. Check out the emc2 entrepreneur club website to learn more.

  THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION: This magazine project is growing and expanding! If you live in in an area where an account executive resides, that person can take care of selling all 43 ads for you. It's your choice. I am sure that you can understand that the person selling the ads has to be paid for their time and energy. If this is a better option for you…your church will not receive the $5,000 donation (I will use those funds to pay the account rep). Your organization will still receive the private-labeled quantity of magazines you want for outreach.

  ATTENTION CHURCHES in Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore, South Africa, parts of Europe and many of the Caribbean nations. Please let me know if you are interested in doing this magazine project in your country. Email me. I look forward to the reality of Bible-believing churches all over the English-speaking world utilizing this unique model for outreach...for such a time as this. It's all about making Jesus famous!

  (I am very open to the "anglocizing" that will be needed to make the wording of the magazine work in some parts of the world like UK, NZ and Australia, etc.)

Check out the online overview of every page in the first edition of the magazine. We scanned every page for you to see here.

  Thank you for allowing me to parachute into your day...

     100,000 Blessings,
     Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. -- BIO
     Editor-in-Chief, everyday matters® magazine
     Private line: 410.729.4011  Cell: 410.991.9718   Email

P.S. The everyday matters® magazine model is our expression of love for local churches.  Also, if your church is looking for seminars on a wide range of topics, visit CHURCH CRAZY.


In the development of the magazine there are three aspects that we have anticipated:

  We are all growing in what it means to share Jesus with others. None of this is static. Hopefully the person who is terrified with the thought of sharing his or her faith today will be less timid a year from now.

   1. Some Christians are absolutely frightened about having direct contact with people when sharing their faith: No direct contact with people is required. Quantities of magazines can be placed in grocery stores, doctor's offices, etc. We trust the Holy Spirit to draw readers to the church ad on page 9, encouraging readers to visit the following week where they will hear the clear gospel message. The church ad is placed in that prime spot because it is right at the end of the Ben Carson article and also Ben has just responded to a question about his church attendance on the opposite page. Plus the Ben Carson tract can be placed in each magazine.

   2. Some Christians are timid about sharing the gospel message...but do not mind including a tract that can do the talking for them: They can give the magazine to friends, neighbors, co-workers and complete strangers, saying, "Here's a magazine that may be of interest to you. You can take a look at the ad for my church on page nine. I'd love to sit with you if and when you do visit. By the way, here is something that Ben Carson wrote that shows how one can make peace with God." The tract will be given, with the explanation that it as an additional message from Ben Carson, to be reviewed after the Ben Carson interview has been read.

   3. Some Christians are ready and willing to share their faith and are looking for openings to do so: The primary purpose of the magazine is to be utilized as a tool for starting a conversation. Like Jesus, with the woman at the well, a follower of Jesus can start talking about one of the real-life topics covered in the magazine. They can then watch how the Holy Spirit opens the doorway to share their faith in Jesus.




What if you were able to utilize this magazine project as a way to give all or part of the $5,000 donation to a missionary or non-profit organization?


The Ben Carson Tract
(folded size of tract: 3" x 5")

The camera-ready graphics file for this tract is available for free to anyone who wants it.

First Page (front cover)

Second Page (inside left)

Third Page (inside right)
Back Page


Your own church can place contact information on bottom of back page.
The camera-ready graphics file for this tract is available for free to anyone who wants it.


  Did you notice how we placed the word "God" on the front page a little bit behind the title, "God: The Ultimate Doctor"? It was designed that way for two reasons:

  1. We didn't want the person receiving the tract to immediately look at the title and turn it off before reading it. After you read it and look at it again that you can clearly see the word "God."

  2. We wanted to visually communicate that while God might seem to be remaining behind the scenes (from our earthly perspective), He is always there. Anything we accomplish here on earth is because of His grace, mercy and kindness toward us.




There is a "heavy jockey riding this horse" with slim margins. As I developed the model, I realized that all 1/8th page ads for the 5 pages set aside for ads inside the magazine were the only size in the main part of the magazine that would make the model work from a financial perspective. Some advertisers may want a larger ad in the magazine.  I have put a lot of thought into this magazine model...so as to create even more of a donation available to the Royal Rangers.
GOOD NEWS: It is possible to add another page or two (20# bond paper) inserted into the center of the magazine. These pages will permit full page ads and half page ads, especially for the advertisers who demand a larger size ad.

The insert ads are:
$1,495 for a full page
$845 for a half page
$495 for a quarter page

This insert also increases the amount you can make when you work with other churches...or with your organization (I can give the guaranteed $5,000 and then can split the rest with you, if you sell ads for the center sheet). For instance I give 50% of the ad revenue to the group after the first page for the insert has been sold. This is over and above the $5,000 paid to you out of the ad revenue from the 43 ads.
The printer charges me about $1,500 to ad 1-2 pages in the middle. So that's why the first ad sold goes entirely – not to you or to me -- for the addition of the insert.
EXAMPLE: You have sold all ads and receive $5,000. You also sold all four panels of the page inserted into the middle of the magazine. One page goes to pay for the privilege of inserting that page. If you sell all full page ads for the insert , we would split the revenue 50/50 for three panels if the insert.($4,500). You would receive an additional $2,250.
$5,000 + $2,250 = $7,250
We can add up to two pages (8 panels) for an insert. Add another $3,000 to you for the 2nd inserted page and that increases the total amount coming to you ($10,250) for one magazine.
All I ask is that all the 43 ads for the inside of the magazine be sold first so that we are sure that there is enough money to provide the donation, print the magazines and then ship them to the church.

The middle page inserts can then be offered after the first 43 ads have been sold. I hope this makes sense.

Selling 1/8 page ads is actually pretty easy. At least that has been my experience. Most business owners who buy an 1/8th page ad for $295 are doing this more as a donation of sorts. They love the contents and purpose of the magazine and the fact that their ad will be in a magazine that may have a shelf life of a possible 1-2 years in the marketplace...which is an unusual selling point. These advertisers also want to help with the objectives of the organization distributing the magazine. They are generally thrilled with anyone who is drawn to their business because of their ad in the magazine.



The "Ben Carson" edition of the magazine will not
be available for this project until after Nov 2016.


"everyday issues for everyday people"

everyday matters magazine Box 305, Gambrills, Maryland 21054
TEL 410-729-4011   Cell: 410-991-9718    FAX 410-729-0353

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