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e v e r y d a y    i s s u e s    f o r    e v e r y d a y    p e o p l e

~ everyday matters® magazine is timeless...yet timely ~

25,000 magazines

Our Promise: Every copy is being distributed in a credible manner.


         1. Every ad will be in full color, unless requested otherwise.
         2. You will receive a proof of your ad and will sign off on it before the magazine is printed.
         3. We are encouraging each local church distributing the magazine to provide a link to your
              business website.
         4. The website will include a smaller copy of your ad, along with a direct link to your website
              and your contact information. Plus we'll make mention of any special discounts.
         5. You will receive a free case (or more) of everyday matters magazines for distribution.
              A great marketing tool. "Here's a great magazine. By the way, our ad is on page 17."
         6. All 25,000 magazines are guaranteed to be distributed in a credible manner.
Copies to be distributed in the above-mentioned communities, grocery stores, etc.
8. Every dollar raised by ad sales goes directly to the costs required to print and deliver
             25,000 magazines
          9. Your ads will not get lost in a sea of ads. This magazine is content-driven.
       10. You are helping to sponsor a magazine that is providing real world help to people with
              real needs.


ads for this magazine allow for free distribution

  • outside back cover........................................$1,895.00
  • inside back cover..........................................$1,395.00
  • inside front cover.........................................$1,395.00
  • eighth page......................................................$295.00


                 Ads are available on a "first-come-first-served" basis.







  ...through the everyday lifestyles of the Severn Covenant
    members and advertisers (100s of magazines given out
    weekly in restaurants, gas stations, new acquaintances,
    banks, dry cleaners, dentist offices, post office, etc.). A
    great "thank you" gift to the many people you interact with.

  ...mailing to all of the new homeowners within certain ZIP codes
    in Anne Arundel County each month.

  ...people checking weekly to make sure that magazines
    are replenished in their favorite grocery store, doctor's office,
    spa, hair salon, etc.










Everyday Matters Magazine is not so much "ad-driven." It is "content-driven."
Most publications like this have only about 25%-40% content and 60%-75% ads.

This magazine will have over 75% of it filled with excellent content and less than 25% ads.
This means that advertisers will have that many more eyeballs looking at their ads.



~ O P E N   L E T T E R ~


   Before embarking upon this ambitious project, I looked at different options to help maximize the 32 pages of the magazine. The ad sales made it possible to create the graphics, print the magazine and deliver 25,000 copies to each respective church -- so we had to make sure that we had enough room for the ads.
   Then I thought about including only perhaps 3/4 of the Carson interview, with the statement, "You have read just a part of the 45-minute interview with Dr. Carson. Want to read the entire interview? Go to EDMmag.com."
   Also, I figured out that we can get into the "Taking Care of Aging Parents" article about 4-5 paragraphs and then stop, with the question, "Want to read the rest of the article? Go to EDMmag.com."

   These two ideas have provided the following benefits:

 1. Gave us enough room to have everything else we want in 32 pages.
 2. Drives people to the website where there are advertiser coupons and

   One of my main goals is for this magazine to be a positive benefit for the advertisers so that they and others will be clamoring to get into the next issue.

   Most magazines have a ton of ads, with minimal content. Everyday Matters Magazine is content-driven -- with excellent, high-quality articles that have been selected for their felt-need approach to everyday issues.
   Plus, every copy is being distributed in a credible manner. That's a guarantee.

   Take a look at regular monthly magazines. Once the month of, let's say, October is over, those undistributed issues are thrown in the trash bin.

   Our magazine utilizes a different model. It will continue to be distributed until the last copy...even if it takes 18-24+ months to do so.

     Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
 cell: 410-991-9718


 The everyday matters® magazine model is different. Quick overview:
  • Content driven.
  • General market appeal.
  • Self sufficient project -- ads are sold to pay for graphics, printing and delivery of 25,000 copies of this magazine to each participating church.
  • Timeless content, with a felt-need emphasis designed to strengthen families.
  • Distribution continues until all 25,000 copies have been distributed in a credible manner...even if it takes 18 -24+ months to do so.
 Our model is designed to work so well that advertisers will clamor to be a part of future editions.




410.991.9718 (Joel Freeman)



1. You can use the magazine as a marketing tool...with a message. Hand the magazine to a client, saying, "By the way, my ad is on page 23."

2. You will be helping a good cause...everyday...






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