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The Lemba:
Black Jews of Southern Africa

Badagry, Nigeria -- Slave Trade History

Historical Timeline
of Ancient Egypt

Joseph, Egypt
& The Hyksos

Tutankhamen & Akhenaton

Ancient Egyptian Religions

Map of
Ancient Africa

Available Now

An exciting, hands-on collection of ideas and activities designed to introduce students to
the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. Unearth ancient treasures in your own archaeological
dig, make a model of the Nile, create a pharaoh's crown or write your name in hieroglyphs.
Map skills, time lines, even an ancient Egyptian game add to the wealth of information
included in this outstanding resource!

Dr. Freeman took all of the photos in this book designed for Grades 3-6

Click on cover to order this resource.

Text on
Rosetta Stone

The Pyramid Puzzle

Rosetta Stone

Ancient Nubia






































Soft Cover -- Retail Price, $11.99

An Open Invitation to Participate in -- "THE MOMENT" -- Dr. Freeman's Latest Book Project


Time Line: Ancient Egypt
Sandbox Archaeology
Egyptian Geography: Something Old, Something New
Map of Ancient Egypt
The Pharaoh's Double Crown
Make A Model: Three Seasons in Egypt
Information Cards
A Taxing Time
Tax Time
Grinding Grain
Keeping Time
Scribes, Hieroglyphs and Obelisks
Hieroglyph Alphabet
Pyramid Stone Race
Mummification: Make a Canopic Jar
Act Like an Artist
Ancient Egyptian Rules for Drawing People
Group Project: Make a Tomb Painting
Fun and Games
Mehen Game Rules
Mehen Game Board
Egyptian Society
Drama Project: Ancient Egyptian Society
Script Starters

Courtesy of The Freeman Institute


Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

To learn more about seminar -- Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect


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Return To Glory film project
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