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The Four Commitments of a Winning Team
Get your team into action and achieve breakthrough results!

If you want to lead your team to greater heights in performance and achievement, you need to hear Mark Eaton’s story. In this high-energy, insightful presentation, Mark shares how he rose from auto mechanic to NBA All-Star and, after twelve amazing years with the Utah Jazz, reinvented himself and became a business leader, entrepreneur, radio and TV personality and subject of a soon-to-be released film.

You’ll experience the excitement and drama of how he challenged himself and his beliefs and found the courage to keep going and achieve success beyond anything he thought possible. You’ll get the inside story on what it takes to win, and discover how to
turn your people into top performers by applying the concepts that create sports superstars to the world of business. Mark gives you proven strategies and powerful, actionable ideas you can use immediately to create breakthroughs in your workplace and inspire your team to start playing a bigger game.

Imagine the value as you discover:

  • What it takes to consistently play at the top of your game
  • How to build the trust and loyalty
  • The secret to establishing an inspiring, energizing and harmonious work environment

This is a must-attend talk if you want to attain your highest leadership goals, maximize your team’s potential and develop a game plan to turn every member of your organization into a peak-performer!


“Most inspiring keynote we have had in 12 years.”
Bobby D. Robbins ~ Safety Director ~ Cobb Mechanical Contractors


The Four Commitments of a Winning Team Plus
Create action plans now!

They’ve heard the keynote, now they’re ready to get into action. With this interactive presentation there’s no need to wait until it’s over. This dynamic breakout session will ramp up the action, outcomes and energy! Your group will craft dynamic action plans right on the spot that will:

In this unique interactive presentation, you’ll find out how to:

  • Identify each team member’s purpose, position and value
  • Unlock the hidden potential of every member of your team
  • Facilitate authentic communication between team members
  • Revolutionize, recharge and restore harmony in every key relationship

You’ll be inspired, energized and excited, and able to honor those around you with greater acceptance and understanding of their strengths, talents, needs and potential. This is an experience that transcends learning; it’s one of bonding and revelation. You and your team will become an unstoppable force empowered with a plan to utilize everyone’s talents and skills, and reach into the hearts and minds of your customers. Call now to schedule this important seminar for your organization!


“I’ve engaged Mark twice now to speak to business groups, and I’ve been very impressed
with his professionalism, his kindness, his story and his insights. If you're looking for a big
man with a big presence and a big dose of infectious motivation to share, Mark has you covered!”
Bryan Pope ~ Founder ~ Marketing Success Institute



The Four Commitments of a Winning Sales Team
Take the lead, start playing a bigger game and take your sales to the top!

Discover the secret of being the go-to player on your customer’s team. In this exhilarating, interactive program, Mark will take you beyond the known and familiar to uncover your ability to earn your customer’s confidence … and business!

You’ll engage in challenging, high-level conversations that will empower you to:

  • Find out exactly what your customers REALLY want from you
  • Identify the one thing that will make you outstanding
  • Discover the secret to enduring and profitable relationships
  • Create an environment of generosity, commitment and possibility… where sales soar

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get these essential concepts and strategies that you can use right now to achieve the kind of success you’ve only dreamed of!

“Most presentations tend to drag. This one went too fast!”
Sue Barbian ~ Claims Representative ~ Bridgeman Foods



The Four Commitments of a Winning and Safe Team
Take your team to the next level of success and safety!

  Experience the drama and excitement of NBA basketball as Mark Eaton shares the amazing story of how he found his extraordinary ability and rose from auto mechanic to NBA All-Star. Get ready to get into action as Mark shows you how to apply the strategies of sports coaching to build your dream team and take your organization sky high. This astonishing action-packed presentation will provide your team with proven actionable ideas that will impact their commitment to each other and to the safety and well-being of everyone in your workplace by:

  • Clarifying how honoring each team member’s strength and role is of critical importance to the success and safety of the team
  • Highlighting that the only way to ensure their well-being is to ensure the safety of all
  • Demonstrating how professional success is directly related to the willingness to promote the security of every member of their team
  • Educating your team about how responding to the requests and requirements of others and following safety procedures will make them invaluable

Your team will be on the edge of their seats, laughing, empowered and eager to get out there and do it differently.

“This summit was rated the best we’ve ever had thanks to your presentation!
You’ve made a tremendous difference and hopefully we’ll make continuing strides
in improving our safety experience due to your influence and message.”
Roger Castles ~ Corporate Safety & Health ~ Consumers Energy



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