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This is a partial list. There are many more just like the reference letters shown here.

Have you read the open letter?
Have you viewed the program overview and its benefits?

Here are some of the general market references

Read some reference letters below...

   EMI Christian Music Group -- Nashville, TN
   Pro Basketball Fellowship -- Sacramento, CA
   Moody Church -- Chicago, IL
   Urban Ministries, Inc (UMI)  -- Calumet City, IL
   NBA Washington Wizards -- many NBA players during 19 seasons from 1979-1998 (Washington, DC)
   The Shepherd's Guide -- Baltimore, MD
   Pan African Conference, with over 100 African Kings and Queens -- (Benin, Togo and Nigeria, West Africa)
   True Artist Management (Nashville, TN)
   Salem Broadcasting Network -- (Sandy Cove, MD)
   Maryland Correctional Institution -- Jessup, MD
   Hampton Roads Minister's Conference -- Hampton Institute, VA
   Friends of Mercy -- Baltimore, MD
   Choice Books -- Manassas, VA
   Mayor's Prayer Breakfast -- Berlin, MD
   Greater Washington Christian Education Association -- Beltsville, MD
   Antioch Baptist Church -- Fairfax, VA
   Immanuel's Church -- Silver Spring, MD
   Delaware County Christian School -- Newton Square, PA
   8th Army Chaplaincy Corps -- Seoul, Korea
   Columbia Union College -- (Tacoma Park, MD)
   Deeper Life Bible Church / Government and Business Leadership Conference -- (Lagos, Nigeria)
   Severn Covenant Church -- Severn, MD
   JUMP Ministries -- Daytona Beach, FL
   Grace Fellowship -- Timonium, MD
   First Baptist Church of Glenarden -- Landover, MD
   Sports World Ministries -- Indianapolis, IN
   WAVA Christian Radio Station -- Arlington, VA
   Chaplaincy Corps -- Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
   Sparrow Record Label Group -- Nashville, TN
   Cedar Ridge Ministries -- Williamsport, MD
   Harvest Full Gospel Church -- Woodbridge, VA
   Grace Brethren Church -- Clinton, MD
   People’s Cathedral Leadership Team -- (Barbados, West Indies)
   Immanuel's Church -- College Park, MD
   Air Intelligence Agency Chaplaincy Corps -- San Antonio, TX
   Riverdale Church -- Upper Marlboro, MD
   Omega Baptist Church -- Dayton, OH
   National Black Catholic Congress -- Pittsburgh, PA
   Freedom Church -- Forestville, MD
   Chaplaincy Corps -- Fort Meade, MD
   Washington Christian Center -- Hillcrest Heights, MD
   Christ Chapel -- Woodbridge, VA
   Calvary Chapel Christian Center School -- Severn, MD
   and many, many more...




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The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: Cracking the Code to Your Team's Success
Professional Bloodsuckers: Dealing With the People Who Drain You of Your Time, Energy and Patience

We can't/won't say that we have the best seminar programs...but you might.

Dear Joel,

Thank you so much for the effort you put into making our Planning Retreat an absolute success. To use a basketball term – "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® was a "Slam Dunk".

Most of the participants commented that your seminar was the best management class that they had ever participated in – myself included. Everyone is still talking about his or her personality traits and we all have a deeper appreciation for what God so purposefully applied to each of us. We now realize that a well-rounded organization requires all types of people to be successful…even those who drive us crazy!

Rod E. Huff
Rod Huff
Senior VP, Operations and Human Resources
EMI Christian Music Group
Nashville, Tennessee


Dear Joel,

I trust this letter finds you walking joyfully in the Spirit. I wanted to convey to you our deepest gratitude for the time and talents you shared with our leadership here at Moody Church as well as with our business associates in the Loop -- MBN (Moody Business Network).

At MBN you delivered two messages in one. You bolstered the believer's faith in God's Word and compelled the seekers to check it out for themselves.

During the leadership seminar you helped us see ourselves more like the way God made us. You taught us to know others and ourselves while respecting the difference God made in others. You challenged us to listen to each other without violating trust so that God's work may be done in and through us most effectively.

We thank God for your gifted exposition of His Word and His people so that together we might work for His glory.


Erwin W. Lutzer
Erwin Lutzer
Senior Pastor
Moody Church
Chicago, Illinois


To Whom It May Concern:

This past January, we (Sports World Ministries) were blessed in having Joel Freeman at our winter conference in Boca Raton, Florida. Joel presented the seminar, "Dealing With God's People Who Drive You Crazy!"® We would encourage any organization or team who wants to improve morale and teamwork to schedule Dr. Joel Freeman. His seminar program was insightful, educational, enjoyable and meaningful to all of us. Joel Freeman is an outstanding presenter with much charisma and people skills; entertaining as well.

Our seminar included over 50 people including all of our staff, most of our Board of Directors and several spouses and special guests. Jobs and duties represented in our group included office workers, former Pro athletes, CEO's and entrepreneurs. From the laughter and audience reaction, it was obvious that everyone enjoyed the day. Every person in attendance stayed for the entire seminar and eagerly participated in all the sessions.

Many in the seminar had attended seminar on similar material. However, Joel brought a more complete and fresher insight to office behavior and human interaction. His intelligence and obvious research gives credibility to the material and his quality presentation skills make the material fun and easy to learn.

From CEO to office workers, everyone had opportunity to learn something new about themselves and how they interact with others. One seasoned employee remarked, "It was the best seminar that I have ever been to! It helped me to see how I am and to see how others tick". We are in hopes that Joel Freeman will be able to attend and participate in future Sports World functions.

Sam Sample
Sam Sample
Sports World Ministries
Indianapolis, IN


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written on behalf of Dr. Joel Freeman and The Freeman Institute, who conducted a workshop at our facility a year ago on leadership and teambuilding. Like any growing organization, Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI) is constantly seeking ways to improve customer service and teamwork. The tangible value that has been added to our interaction with each other can be traced back to this program. Our communication skills have been enhanced by this unique and powerful workshop.

Dr. Freeman's credentials, references and descriptive materials were impressive. He is a seasoned veteran in the field of human behavior, and as an accomplished author and former pastor (18 years), he gives the tools for understanding and working effectively with others who possess different styles.

UMI highly recommends The Freeman Institute workshop programs and Dr. Joel Freeman to any church, small or large, who is serious about developing its leadership. I am still amazed that our seven hour investment of time and resources has continued to return such dividends. Give Dr. Freeman a call.


Carl Jeffrey Wright
Carl Jeffrey Wright
President, Urban Ministries
Calumet City, Illinois


Dear Joel,

The purpose of this letter is two fold. First to express appreciation to you for your marvelous work with me and the members of the Christ Chapel leadership team and second to commend you to any church or business leader who is in need of a consultant of high quality.

Your work with our team was exceptional. Your presentation, facilitation and interaction with those in attendance was superb. As you quickly learned, my leadership team is made up of professionals who have excelled in their home, their church and in their community. Their achievements are many and their abilities beyond imagination. Yet even with their exceptional qualifications, they have sometimes found themselves having difficulty working together.

Amazingly, you sensed the issue as one of differing personality types. Interestingly, your diagnosis was totally confirmed by the personality inventory which when completed by all, demonstrated in totally understandable terms what was happening among us. The assessment has allowed for us to make some adjustments in how we do business and conduct meetings, the results which we were quite apparent this past weekend when during our first time together since being with you, the meeting had a totally different feel to it. There seemed to be better understanding and cooperation. It was truly remarkable.

Allow me to again say thank you. and to let anyone interested in knowing, that I recommend your services without hesitation. As one who has worked as a consultant and participated in numerous facilitated meetings, you are definitely on the "best ever list". I definitely will be contacting you for a follow-up meeting. 

Bill Roberts
Bill Roberts
Senior Pastor
Christ Chapel (Assembly of God Affiliate)
Woodbridge, Virginia


Dear Dr. Freeman:

It gives me great pleasure to write to you today to share with you as Pastor of Riverdale Baptist Church my personal and professional appreciation for the time spent with you by me and my staff during a recent Team Building Staff Advance. The benefits each of received form your "System One Training Program" was phenomenal. I heard nothing but positive remarks from my staff as they shared with me how much they learned from your valuable program. They found you to be knowledgeable in your presentations, were appreciative of your humorous style, and many said they "did not want their time to end."

I am confident that it was money and time well invested in our staff and that we will better able to work together as a team because of it. Again, thank you!

Brian C. Mentzer
Brian C. Mentzer
Senior Pastor
Riverdale Baptist Church
Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Dear Joel,

I want to thank you for your many years of service with Pro Basketball Fellowship. Your consistent and faithful commitment to serve the pro basketball family has been an example for all sports ministers to follow. You continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to impact lives with your humility, wisdom and character.

As an author, you have written about topics that are unique but much needed. Your most recent book, Return To Glory, is erudite yet appreciated and warranted. Your insight and research have exposed issues which are needed to be revealed in order for reconciliation to occur in our world.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with you over the last nine years. Your friendship and integrity have been a great blessing to me. You are a team player in the finest sense. I know that your varied ministry will continue to flourish in the years to come. I look forward to partnering with you in the years to come.

Gratefully yours,
Claude Terry
Claude Terry
Executive Director
Pro Basketball Fellowship
Waterford, California


Dear Joel:

Having you meet with the Executive Board of our church last month was a very helpful experience for all of us. As you know, one of the biggest challenges of the church is to get people of different personality types working together to accomplish a common goal, and to do so with understanding and respect. Your presentation and the interaction you fostered will go a long way toward helping us to accomplish our goals for the coming years as well as in the years to come.

I would highly recommend this course to any organization looking to improve their effectiveness in making their working relationship more productive.

Sincerely yours,
Lorenzo McKinney
Lorenzo McKinney
Senior Pastor
Washington Christian Center
Hillcrest Heights, Maryland


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a letter of reference and recommendation for Dr. Joel A. Freeman and The Freeman Institute.

Dr. Freeman has conducted retreats and seminars for First Baptist Church of Glenarden. His training has provided and assisted our staff with the skills necessary to better understand each other and to foster better communications as well as unity. His knowledge of human behavior and interaction is excellent. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping organizations function smoothly and effectively through accepting each other's strengths and weaknesses and by helping each person in understanding his or her temperament.

I also appreciate the style and interesting methods that Joel uses to maintain everyone's attention. The learning activities, questions and humor he uses keeps the training interesting and fun.

Joel Freeman's commitment to assisting organizations to reach their full potential is evident in his desire to identify the leader's desires for his team and to design training to accomplish those goals. You will not be disappointed in utilizing him in any training.

John K. Jenkins
John K. Jenkins
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Landover, Maryland


We sincerely thank you for the outstanding training that you provided for us earlier this year. It was by far the best and most comprehensive one-day training session that our church has ever experienced. The subject matter and the personality studies challenged us to, not only look at ourselves, but also the way we do business in ministry. 

Our executive staff has grown immensely since our training and I believe that the training has been a major turning point for our leadership and, consequently, the church as a whole. It was a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to more training with you in the future. Thanks again and may God bless you.

Lyle Dukes
Lyle Dukes
Senior Pastor
Harvest Full Gospel Church
Woodbridge, Virginia


Dear Joel,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What a wonderful gift you gave all of us who were there on Saturday! The combination of content, information, application, and heart that you presented was life-changing -- and I do not use that term lightly.

Everyone I talked to on Saturday and yesterday at church agreed that it was time well spent for them, and they encouraged me/us to do it again, so that others could experience it and so that they could get another dose.

Thanks for being so flexible and understanding of the time, and for finishing so promptly despite getting robbed of some time on the front end.

My only regret is that so many of our house church leaders were not there on Saturday, but perhaps they will hear about it and will respond to the next workshop we do.

Thanks again for Saturday. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Serving Him with you,
Erich Becker
Erich Becker
Grace Fellowship
Timonium, Maryland


Dear Dr. Freeman,

Thank you for your willingness to participate in "Pastoring in African American Parishes."

Your sharing information with our participants is a demonstration of partnership. We need to work together in our ministries and you have played a part in making that happen.

We appreciate your presence and your active participation.

Dr. Hilbert Stanley
Dr. Hilbert Stanley
Executive Director
National Black Catholic Congress
Baltimore, Maryland


Dear Joel:

I wanted to let you know the positive feedback from your course "Dealing With God's People Who Drive You Crazy!"® is still coming in! Everyone asked, "When can we get Joel back?" As you know, soon I will be leaving for a new command in Europe. I look forward to utilizing you as a resource there.

Your workshop (both material as well as your personal delivery style) will enhance any staff, military or civilian. keep up the great work. I highly recommend The Freeman Institute to any organization that wants to fine tune their organizational, interpersonal, or leadership skills.

Please keep in touch!

John R. Blair
John R. Blair
Senior Agency Staff Chaplain, Colonel, USAF
Air Intelligence Agency
San Antonio, Texas


Dear Joel:

What a blast you were at the annual Shepherd's guide convention of franchisees! Thanks for sharing the System One Training with our group. Many franchisees considered your presentation to be the most helpful part of the convention and all felt it would enhance their selling skills.

Your sharing was humorous and very insightful. The use of Biblical illustrations to demonstrate the different personalities made application easy. Everyone had fun learning more about themselves, and more importantly, better understanding of the folks they work with on a daily basis.

Thanks for enriching my life and the lives of our national team of franchisees.


Doug Scheidt
J. Douglas Scheidt, Jr.
National President
The Shepherd's Guide
Baltimore, Maryland


Dear Joel,
I want to thank you personally for coming to Calvary Chapel Christian Academy Staff Day and for training my staff through your seminar.

It was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the mannerism you used to keep the day flowing together with humor and excitement. I know my staff will not be the same because you have given them tools to better help them and the atmosphere of the entire team

Thank you again.

Anthony A. Spero
Anthony A. Spero
Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel Christian Center
Severn, Maryland



To whom it may concern:

I would highly recommend any workshop conducted by Dr. Joel Freeman. Not only was the workshop he facilitated for us enlightening, but it was also a very enjoyable experience. Dr. Freeman has a very professional, humorous way of presenting the material and as a Christian office, we were also impressed with the spiritual aspect of the workplace.

My staff was pleasantly surprised to find the workshop helped them not only to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own individual style, but to relate and respond to other styles in a way that allows everyone to grow in a positive way.

I feel the staff has tried to implement what they learned in Dr. Freeman's workshop and our office has a much more positive atmosphere, which benefits everyone.

I would highly recommend that every organization participate in this seminar and refresh their memories at least once every following year by having Dr. Freeman return for an encore!

Dottie Scholes
Dottie Scholes
Office Manager
Laser Center of Maryland
Severna Park, Maryland


 Using a 1 - 10 Rating Scale, most of organizations listed above completed an anonymous, end-of-course  feedback and evaluation form. Here are the averages:

1        2       3        4        5         6        7          8        9      10
Not                                                                       To a Very
at All                                                                  High Degree

   1. To what extent did this program meet its objectives?

   2. How well organized was the program?

   3. How satisfied were you with the program material?

   4. To what extent did the trainer respond to the feedback from the participants?

   5. How effective was the trainer in presenting the material?

   6. How knowledgeable was the trainer?

   7. Overall, how satisfied were you with this course?



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