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~ L  I  N  G  O     B  I  N  G  O ~
Buzzword Bingo
Bureaucrap Bingo
Doo Doo Detector Bingo
"...or whatever you may want to call it..."


Do you keep falling asleep in meetings and seminars?

What about those long and boring conference calls?

Here is a way to change all of that!

How to play Lingo Bingo

Very simple. Check off each block when you hear these words during a meeting, seminar, or phone call. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and express yourself by giving your best impression of a "Doo Doo Detector". You might want to practice various detector noises in advance as you search for the noise that best captures the intensity of the moment.


Synergy Strategic Fit Core Competencies Best Practice Revisit
Paradigm Bottom Line Result-Driven Out of the Loop Benchmark
24/7 Ball Park Game Plan Client Focus[ed] Mindset
Win-Win Value-Added Empower [ment] Leverage
Take That Offline Think Outside the Box At the End of the Day Proactive Knowledge Base

The next time Dr. Freeman makes a presentation at your organization, wink and then
let him know that you are playing "Lingo Bingo." He may even help you win.



Testimonials from satisfied players:

"I had only been in the meeting for seven minutes when I won. Very satisfying."  -- Jack W. -- Boston

"My attention span at meetings has improved dramatically."                        -- David D. -- Florida

"What a gas! Meetings will never be the same for me after my first win."     -- Bill R. -- New York City

"The atmosphere was tense in the last process meeting as 14 of us waited for the 5th box." 
                                                                                                                                               -- Ben G. -- Denver

"The speaker was stunned as eight of us stood up, screaming in pulsating high-pitched tones for the third time in 2 hours."                                                                                                  -- Kathleen L. -- Atlanta


----- ANOTHER  IDEA -----

  0. integrated
  1. heuristic
  2. systematized
  3. parallel
  4. functional
  5. responsive
  6. optional
  7. synchronized
  8. compatible
  9. futuristic 
  0. management
  1. organizational
  2. monitored
  3. reciprocal
  4. digital
  5. logistical
  6. transitional
  7. incremental
  8. third-generation
  9. policy 
  0. options
  1. flexibility
  2. capability
  3. mobility
  4. programming
  5. scenarios
  6. time-phase
  7. projection
  8. hardware
  9. contingency 

  The procedure is simple. Think of any three-digit number; then select the corresponding buzzword from each column. For instance, number 257 produces ``systematized logistical projection'', a phrase that can be dropped into virtually any report with that ring of decisive knowledgeable authority. No one will have the remotest idea of what you're talking about, but the important thing is that they are not about to admit it.

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