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Culture Change Expert Joel Freeman Visits Nigeria

The Freeman Institute Foundation -- Developing Black History Galleries in selected major cities.

  By Michael Ireland
  Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

   SEVERN, MARYLAND (ANS) -- Recently Joel Freeman, president of The Freeman Institute, an organizational culture change firm based in Severn, Maryland, spent a week in Nigeria (December 11-18, 2001) and spent time with William Kumuyi, pastor of the largest churches in Africa (and the third largest in the world).  Conservative estimates place it at over 120,000 members, with well over 1500 affiliate churches throughout Africa and the rest of the world, Freeman told ASSIST News Service (ANS). 

   "I was overwhelmed by the gentle, gracious hospitality. I spoke at one of the three camps that they have every year," said Freeman.

   "This particular camp had well over 40,000 (and they have many more who don't register). I can hardly begin to explain what I experienced. I was moved by the simplicity of faith and
humility displayed by everyone I met. When I got home, I asked (my wife) Shirley to knock me on the side of the head if I ever start to complain about anything! (See Picture At Link Below: Pastor Freeman speaking to well over 40,000 people through 18 translators).

Every morning Freeman was asked to speak for one hour on the subject of the "Reliability of the Scriptures." 

   "The main auditorium holds about 15,000 and then everybody else is spread all over the 12 acres that make up the campgrounds. Each time there is a main interpreter for Yoruba, but all over the camp there are 17 other interpreters working with groups of people from all over the country," said Freeman.

   "Every afternoon I was speaking on the subject of Leadership to about 150 leaders, government officials, pastors and businessmen. The response has been so great that Pastor Kumuyi wants to have me come back and work with key leaders from 10 nations at a time. These particular sessions are in English."































































   Freeman said that Pastor Kumuyi has oversight of around 1500 churches in Africa alone. 

   "He is a man of great integrity and influence in the entire continent. A best-kept secret I am going to do my level best to make known. Before becoming a pastor he was a Professor of Mathematics. I think that his previous job has helped to lend credibility. He didn't become a pastor because he couldn't be successful in anything else -- if you know what I mean."

   Pastor Kumuyi has read the book, "Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man," authored by Freeman and Don Griffin, an African-American who has served as top human resources executive in private industry in the New York City area for a number of years, and has also seen the video, "A White Man's Journey Into Black History"™ which is based on the book. (See Picture At Link Below: Joel Freeman with Pastor William Kumuyi).

   "He wants to publish and distribute RTG across Africa. A member of his church, the Executive Editor of the Guardian Newspaper, is currently editing RTG, showing us how to make it culturally sensitive for the entire continent. We will be able to add photographs to this international edition. William (Kumuyi) stated that he will move 100,000 copies of RTG throughout his network of 1500 churches within the first month of distribution," Freeman said.

   "This is quite amazing! This is right in line with all that Don and I have been praying for -- for all this time. After all, the message of RTG is especially for the people beyond the rivers of Ethiopia! God's fingerprints are all over this -- for such a time as this!"

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   Freeman said that, with the film version of RTG coming out in March, Pastor Kumuyi wants to make sure that they develop a version strictly for Africa. "His vision is for this version to become kind of like a 'Jesus Film' for Africa. Not to replace that wonderful film in any way of course, but to be a follow-up resource specifically designed for Africa. I sent the new script to the editor of the Guardian Newspaper to edit it. He has made some suggestions for minor changes, which has enabled us to use much of the same footage, with minor variations, for the international version of the RTG film." (See Picture At Link Below: Joel Freeman with slave chains around his neck).

   Freeman has already given him all the rights for my other three books. Pastor Kumuyi will publish and distribute them across Africa and The Deeper Life Bible Church will keep all royalties and profits.

   "I can barely contain my excitement for what God seems to be doing for such a time as this! It looks like Don Griffin and I may be in Africa a fair amount over the next years. Who knows?"

   On the last day there Freeman went, with Pastor Kumuyi and about 20 others, to visit the first and oldest slave port on the west coast. "We also visited several museums about the slave trade in Badagry. It was interesting to see the local Africans who had never been to specifically visit these museums even though
they lived within an hour of the region.


The stark reminder of the cruelty and control imposed upon the slaves was almost too much to bear. I took video clips, which will probably be used as visual images behind the voice of a scholar or two on the RTG film project," Freeman said.
   "While we were in the area, the King of Badagry (he rules over 10 other kings in Nigeria) heard that we were in the region and canceled everything to meet us. It was quite an experience to meet him. He gave me two pieces of pottery as a gift."

   According to Freeman, all of the Kings and Queens of Africa have been invited to attend a convocation in Benin, West Africa in August, 2002. "I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at this conference. At this event I will be sharing the message contained in RTG. By that time we will have completed the international versions of both the RTG book and the RTG film. The Kings and Queens have the power to make these resources available to every educational institution on the African continent. This is an unbelievable opportunity! Please pray for God's wisdom to pour through me on this occasion." 

   Feel free to check out the web site to view the latest information about the film version of "Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man."

   To see some of the pictures from Freeman's trip to Nigeria, log on to: 

   Joel Freeman has as website at: which features a unique Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery containing 230 photographs.

   View the ReligionToday article about Dr. Freeman's program, "A WHITE MAN'S JOURNEY INTO BLACK HISTORY"™ .

   Michael Ireland is a British freelance journalist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A former reporter with a London newspaper, Michael is the Chief Correspondent for ASSIST News Service of Garden Grove, CA. Michael immigrated to the United States in 1982 and became a US citizen in Sept., 1995. He is married with two children. Michael is a frequent contributor to United Christian Broadcasters, Europe Radio, a British Christian radio station. E-mail:  Web Site: 

Article in The Guardian Newspaper -- Lagos, Nigeria (December 18, 2001)

Courtesy of The Freeman Institute

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