"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"
Leadership, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution and Emotional Intelligence






















About the Seminar


             B O T T O M    L I N E    B E N E F I T S       Immediate and long-lasting!

Studies have shown that 15% of financial and career success can be
attributed to technical competence, 85% is due to good interpersonal skills.
Dr. Freeman will showcase the internal and external aspects of the 85% in the morning session. He will then cover the 15% in the afternoon session.


M O R N I N G   S E S S I O N S  (Your Internal World -- Mental/Emotional/Behavior )

                    Wisdom lessons that emerge from identifying personal strengths and vulnerabilities.
             Reduction of the potential for conflict or power struggles (preventive maintenance vs. crisis management).
            The intriguing connection --  conflict, personal responsibility and emotional intelligence.
Connecting your team's personality style with your organization's vision and/or mission statement.
          Enhancing individual and team identity
        Exploring the murky waters under the beautiful swan (your organization)
       How to fight against jadedness and complacency on your job and in your relationships
         Hot & Cold anger and your leadership / followership style
            A unique approach to the Johari Window -- trust, communication, respect and emotional safety
               Ten Cognitive distortions that effect emotions...which ultimately effect behavior
                  Three areas of potential conflict that occur in every group, with positive solutions
                    Ten filters that stand between most communication and feedback

A F T E R N O O N   S E S S I O N S  (Your External World, Skills/Tools/Resources for Teamwork)

                 Better listening and leadership skills.
               Greater sensitivity to work force diversity.
            Tools for influencing an emotionally safe climate.
Working with change; not against it.
Approaching different people and situations with wisdom.
Implementation of change in a win/win situation.
Enhancing self-motivated work teams.
What works and what doesn't work in terms of motivation.
              Dealing more effectively with difficult behavior.
           Identifying personal and organizational blind spots.
      Higher morale, greater productivity and increased creativity.
Educational, inspirational and practical...and waaaay too much fun!

Dr. Freeman's latest book.
Endorsed by Steve Forbes, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy and more...



There's a seat reserved for you...

Saturday, May17th -- 7:00 pm
Screening the 45-minute Film
Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

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PEOPLE     -

PACE       -


How you approach problems and challenges 

How you interact and attempt to influence people

How you respond to change and activities 

How you respond to rules set by others 


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