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Seminar Details
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The Presenter Dr. Joel A. Freeman
CEO / President
The Freeman Institute
St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church
(Host Venue)
1201 N 17th St.
Harrisburg, Pa. 17103

For More Information:
(717) 364-2639 -- Joe Greene
(717) 731-9944 -- Radio Station
(717) 234-0037 -- Church

Date & Time  
Saturday, 17th May 2008
9.00 am to 3.30 pm
(registration 8.15 am)
POC: Joe Greene  EMAIL
TEL: 717.364.2639  FAX: 410.729.0353


Early Bird SPECIAL!    Don't  Miss  It!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> $20.00 <<<<<<<<<<<<<
$20, a special until May 16th, 2008 (midnight). See incentive gift for first 20 tickets below
( actual retail value per ticket -- $169.00 )


One of The Freeman Institute's workbooks
32-page workbook
everyone will receive
($20 retail value)

Seating is Limited!

Checks can be made out to the Freeman Institute
(see 4 options below)

- $35.00 -- May 17th, 2008 >> Day of Seminar Event

You will have to provide your own food.
Plan accordingly. bring a bag lunch or fast food.

 Saturday, May 17th -- 7:00 pm
Screening the 45-minute Film
Return To Glory
The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

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Incentives are available only until May 15th, 2008:

     *  The first 15 people who purchase tickets to this seminar event will receive a
         FREE, signed copy of Dr. Freeman's book the day of the seminar.               

     *  More than 10 participants from same organization...5% discount*
                                                      * BONUS: plus a copy of the 4-CD audio book,
                                                         "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" >

F O U R   W A Y S   T O   R E G I S T E R
It's Your Choice.

Online Tickets
online registration

All major credit cards accepted.
(Joe Greene): 717.364.2639
(Radio Station): 717.731.9944
Checks made out to Freeman Institute and mailed to: Box 305, Gambrills, MD 21054.  If mailing check, print out this form and include in envelope. PRINT legibly, please.  Email a quick note letting us know that the check is in the mail and also the number in your group! Print out this form and PRINT legibly when filling it out before faxing it. Secure Fax.


Pay in Advance. If you can't attend, your money will not be refunded, so make sure that the ticket is used.
Money is refundable only if the seminar is canceled by The Freeman Institute.

-- Lunch and Snacks/Drinks are not supplied. Plan accordingly or bring a bag lunch.

Based upon comments from other attendees
"Within the first hour of the seminar you will wish that you had encouraged
several other friends or family members to attend."