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"Do what you do so well
and so uniquely
that people can't resist
wanting more and
referring others to you." 

                     - Walt Disney







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Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
Chief Mischief Maker

Prime Minister of Grenada & Senior Advisors (Grenada, West Indies)
Billboard Music Group (New York, NY)
U.S. Sentencing Commission
(Washington, DC)
National Security Agency
(Ft. Meade, MD)
GE Medical Systems
(Hanover, MD)
Sequoia Software Corporation
(Columbia, MD)
EMI Music Group
(Nashville, TN)
Tuscan Dairy Farms
(Union, NJ)
E! Entertainment Television
(Hollywood, CA)
Black Public Relations Society (Washington, DC)
WAVA Radio Station
(Arlington, VA)
National HME, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX)

This is a partial list.
Because of the proprietary nature of the info exchanged, some organizations are not listed on this page.

Updated Results from
the Program Evaluations

Clients rate Dr. Freeman highly for his work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Thank you for your fantastic presentation to the men and women of the White House Communications Agency (WHCA).  Your remarks, linkages to the White House, and table full of historical items were perfect.  We will always remember your “grass and concrete” perspectives and challenge! Thanks again for sharing your message. Hope to see you again. Commander, WHCA

Dr. Freeman
clearly and engagingly presented a daylong seminar titled “Dealing with People Who Drive You Crazy” to our department. With catch lines such as “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason” and “If you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go together”. Dr. Freeman’s presentation offered new insights, kept the audience engaged and elicited laughter throughout. He helped us understand our personality type and why some people drive us crazy more than others. Dr. Freeman was a great facilitator and consummate professional. We recommend him for your next event! IMF


Government of Barbados Permanent Secretaries -- (Barbados, West Indies)
Prime Minister of Grenada & Senior Advisors -- (Grenada, West Indies)
NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards -- a number of NBA players during 19 seasons
                                                             from 1979-1998 (Washington, DC & all over the NBA)
Pan African Conference, with over 100 African Kings and Queens
-- (Benin, Togo & Nigeria, West Africa)
E! Entertainment Television -- (Hollywood, CA)
United Nations
Headquarters (Transatlantic Slave Trade Exhibition) -- (New York, NY)
IMF -- International Monetary Fund --
(Washington, DC)
WHCA -- The White House Communications staff --
(Washington, DC)
NASA -- (Goddard Space Center, MD, Wallops Island, VA & Stennis Space Center, MS)
Government and Business Leadership Conference -- (Lagos, Nigeria)
Saturn -- (Bowie, MD)
LOC -- Library of Congress -- (Washington, DC)
-- Worldwide Airlines Customer Relations Association Conferences
-- (Stockholm, Sweden & Reykjavik, Iceland)
NIH -- National Institutes of Health / Executive Officers -- (Rockville, MD)
YPO -- Young Presidents Organization -- (Leysin, Switzerland...JLU, Junior Leadership University)
NRC -- Nuclear Regulatory Commision -- (Rockville, MD)

ICE --
Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- (Washington, DC)
Sorenson Genomics --
(Salt lake City, Utah)
National Assembly Service Commission --
NTSB -- National Transportation Safety Board --
(Washington, DC)
USSS -- Secret Service --
(Washington, DC)
DTRA -- Defense Threat Reduction Agency --
(Ft. Belvoir, VA)
CDC -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-- (Hyattsville, MD, Atlanta, GA)
NPR -- National Public Radio
-- (Washington, DC)
-- (Indianapolis, IN)
FBI -- Federal Bureau of Investigation / Recruiter's Conference --
(San Antonio, TX)
FMB Trust
-- (Baltimore, MD)
Harlem Book Fair -- (Rutgers University & NYC @ Schomburg Cntr for Research in Black Culture)
National Hospice Medical Equipment (NHME)
-- (Fort Worth, TX)
Verizon --
(Burtonsville, MD)
NCTC -- National Counterterrorism Center  --
(Warrenton, VA)
BIG -- Blacks in Government
                                           -- (Washington DC, Orlando, FL, New York City, NY, Nashville, TN, etc.)
USGS -- U. S. Geological Survey -- (Laurel, MD and Reston, VA)
Mountain States Health Alliance -- Johnson City, TN
DEA -- Drug Enforcement Agency -- (Washington, DC)
The MITRE Corporation
-- (McLean, VA)
Frasernet Conference (George Fraser) -- (Atlanta, GA)
FDA -- Food and Drug Administration (Silver Spring, MD)
The Barbados Pavilion -- Barbados, WI
"Our leadership team loved Dr. Freeman's presentation!!!!" -- Lan L.

"Great Presentation - He needs more time to talk. - Speaker is very animated - certainly kept me awake." Francine K.

"Excellent speaker - Exceptional! Well done! - Speaker effectiveness off the chart!  Amazing! Best speech in a while! - Please bring Mr. Freeman back each year. - Great speaker and topic!" -- Nigel Y.

"Joel was exceptionally easy to work with. He was flexible in tailoring his presentation to our member's needs. His visual were legible for the large ballroom. He communicated frequently with our team and showed great interest in the engagement." -- Harvey G.

"Dr Joel is incredibly talented, worked within my budget and gave me the best service. He is a great motivational speaker, It was great meeting him. Everybody in his training class was happy and highly motivated. His training session was rated the best of my 7-day programs by the government officials from Nigeria. He is awesome, I would love to work with again and again." -- Samuel O.

"Joel spent time preparing prior to the meeting which sets him apart from the rest who utilize cookie cutter info....We were very impressed with the feedback we received from the team! I would use him again." -- Jim C.

"Joel did a great job and delivered just what our staff needed. He tailored his PD with personal information about our company/program which resonated with the staff. Staff members stated they would like to see him provide additional training for us in the future." -- Donilee A.

Dr. Joel Freeman recently presented at a training seminar for our staff. We found him to be engaging and motivating. Dr. Freeman challenged our team to find ways to improve themselves based on their personality style, and gave us tools so that we could understand and effectively work with our colleagues. US Attorney's Office (USDOJ), WV District


Training two delegations of High Commissioners from the
Nigerian National Assembly Service Commission
Commission is responsible for hiring, training, disciplining and firing all government workers in Nigeria


"Dr Joel is incredibly talented, worked within my budget and gave me the best service. He is a great motivational speaker, It was great meeting him. Everybody in his training class was happy and highly motivated. His training session was rated the best of my 7-day program by the government officials from Nigeria. He is awesome, I would love to work with again and again." -- Samuel O.


Joel did an amazing job at the NERSC conference. He was very engaging, smart and funny. He kept people paying attention and tuned in. I heard from many Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) that they loved his presentation.

One told me he was the best keynote we ever had. He was very professional and reachable. He shared some of his personal experiences, but just the right amount. This included a huge shoe from a basketball player (he worked with in the past) that more than a few folks came up to get pictures/selfies with.

 I know his work will help many people be more kind in the way they look at people who are different, which will improve relationship for those they work with and those they serve. We were very pleased with his work for us. We would highly recommend him for other conferences. He went out of his way to negotiate a way to be able to serve us, which was very appreciated. -- Liz H.

Dr. Freeman speaking to leaders of multinational companies in the Maldive Islands


   --- EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY (partial listing):
  Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)
(2003 Conference Series: Botswana, Kenya & Senegal)
                                                          -- (2007 Conference Series: Ghana & Kenya)
  European Council of International School (ECIS)
-- (2006 Conference: The Hague, Netherlands)
  Association of American Schools of Caribbean and South / Central Americas
                           (Tri Association) -- (2002 Conference: Guadalajara, Mexico) 
                                                         -- (2005 Conference: Mexico City, Mexico) 
  Frostburg State University
-- (Frostburg, MD)
  Columbia Union College -- (Tacoma Park, MD)
  Prince George's County Dept. of Education -- (Easton & Bowie, MD)
  Ridgecrest Elementary School -- (Hyattsville, MD)
  University of Ottawa -- (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Howard Community College -- (Columbia, MD)
  Urbana University -- (Urbana, OH)
  Elementary School -- (Laurel, MD)
  Let's Make It Difficult For Our Children To Fail -- (Virginia Beach, VA)
  Reading Is Fundamental -- (Washington, DC)
  Multicultural Counseling Association -- (Bowie, MD)
  Baltimore City Department of Education -- (Baltimore, MD)
  TOC -- Training Officers Conference -- (Ocean City, MD)
  Montgomery College -- (Rockville, MD)
  Community School -- (K-12, Bolling Green, KY)
  Elementary School -- ( Delaware)
  Prince George's County Department of Education Equity Assurance Liaisons -- (Bowie, MD)
  Sinclair Community College -- (Dayton, OH)
  Job Corps -- (Oneonta, NY; Simpsonville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Talking Leaves, OK...& more)
  National Institute of Sports Professionals (NISP)
 -- (San Antonio, TX)
  Baltimore City Community College -- (Baltimore, MD)
  Maryland Association of Mental Health Counselors
-- (Columbia, MD)
  Community School -- (K-12, Delaware)
  University of Hawaii -- (Maui Campus, HI)
  Towson University
-- (Baltimore, MD)

  Howard University (Eli Entrepreneurship Institute) -- (Washington, DC)
  Springfield School District (training for Superintendent and his Cabinet) -- (Springfield, IL)
  Northern Virginia Community College
-- (Annandale, VA)
  ASALH -- Association for Study of African American Life & History
(Carter Woodson) -- (DC)

Dr. Freeman's work with business schools
"Joel was very well received by our audience. They loved him and the information he shared was relevant to the audience. We would highly recommend him as a speaker!" -- Carol Y.

"Dr. Freeman was very engaging and our audience of over 400 folks were following and participating in his presentation. Would recommend him for your next program." -- Tim O.

"A few words that come to mind when reflecting on our experience with Joel: Courteous, respectful, interesting, captivating, dynamic, humble, and kind. He was prompt, prepared, and professional in his presentation. Our group was engaged and rated him as outstanding and the subject matter was extremely valuable. We will invite him back to future events!" -- Sarah W.

"Very professional and friendly interaction! I was personally engaged during the seminar. I took copious amounts of notes. I really gained valuable insights from the session. Likewise, the other participating individuals were engaged and reported that the seminar was valuable in achieving its objective. He did his research well and was very effective in customizing the seminar to the needs of our organization. Thus, lending the session to be immediately relevant and practical. I highly recommend Dr. Freeman---he is truly a professional with vast knowledge base." -- Orinda. R.

  "Joel did an amazing job presenting to our middle and high schools about Rachel's Challenge. His message of kindness and compassion was inspirational and a great way to kick-off our positive school culture initiative in these schools!" -- Ami P.


Academy of Finance -- (Columbia, MD)
SCIP -- Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals -- (Alexandria, VA)
AZ Lien Services -- (Tucson, AZ)
Sparrow Records
-- (Nashville, TN)
Auto Broadcasting Corporation
-- (Indianapolis, IN)
Choice Books -- Manassas, VA
Maryland Correctional Institution -- Jessup, MD
USDA Civil Rights Office -- (Washington, DC)
Johnson and Towers -- (Essex, MD)
Central Clinic and CRI -- (Cincinnati, OH)
Seattle Port Authority -- (Seattle, WA)
Race To Unity -- (Conference, Dallas, TX)

Dr. Freeman's Latest Book

Ikea (White Marsh, MD)
Cedar Ridge Agency
-- (Hagerstown, MD)
True Artist Management (Nashville, TN)
NOAA -- National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
                                                      -- (Washington, DC & Silver Spring, MD)
IHS -- Indian Health Service -- (Rockville, MD)
FEB -- Federal Executive Board -- (San Francisco, CA, & St. Louis, MO & Philadelphia, PA)
SSA -- Social Security Administration -- (Dallas, TX and Baltimore, MD)
Sports World Retreats -- (Barbados, West Indies, Black Hills, SD and Turlock, CA)
DLA -- Defense Logistics Troop Support -- (Philadelphia, PA)
North East Foods -- (Baltimore, MD)
National Science Foundation (Arlington, VA)


(partial listing):
  6th Circuit Federal Court (Bankruptcy and District Clerks) -- (Memphis, TN)
  Code, Hennessy &  Simmons
-- (Chicago, IL)
  National College of Probate Judges
-- (Conference, Maui, HI)
  DOJ -- Department of Justice
-- (Washington, DC)
  U.S. Department of Justice / Immigration Naturalization Service (Baltimore, MD)
  U. S. Attorney's Office -- (Leadership Academy, Birmingham, AL)
  Piper & Marbury, L.L.P. -- (Baltimore, MD)
  AO -- Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
-- (Washington, DC)
  U. S. Sentencing Commission -- (Washington, DC)
  United States Probation -- (Ocean City, MD)
  U. S. Bankruptcy Court -- (Clerks/Judges Conference, Orlando, FL)

USDA -- Department of Agriculture
-- (New Orleans, LA and Washington, DC)
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency -- (Washington, DC)
City of Annapolis --  (Annapolis, MD)
Great Scott Broadcasting Network -- (Dover, DE)
ODAR, Social Security Administration -- (Falls Church, VA)
HHS -- Department of Health and Human Services -- (Rockville, MD)
Salem Broadcasting Network -- (Sandy Cove, MD and Arlington, VA)
Sherwin Williams Paint & Chemical Co. -- (Baltimore, MD)
Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council -- (Arlington, VA)
Department of Treasury / Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms -- (Washington, DC)
"Dr. Joel Freeman was a joy to work with from the beginning of the planning, to the completed presentation! He was able to keep the attention of the audience the entire time!" -- Janine D.

"He was one of my favorite speakers. Kept my attention. Very positive and informative." -- Lance H.

"Really, really enjoyed Dr. Freeman. I learned a lot of new ideas and different ways to get along, deal and understand people. I would highly recommend Dr. Freeman to anyone looking for a charismatic, intelligent and substantive speaker!" -- Nancy C.

"Dr Freeman presented at our company wide sales meeting, a captivating sales program of personality and behavioral styles. He was real, engaging and warmly received by the team. Joel fluidly adapted his presentation to the programming quirks the meeting presented and made the entire morning appear fully rehearsed and well produced. Most important though was the pay off. Dr. Freeman got into our heads and souls as he asked the important question, why we do what we do. Quietly, yet powerfully, he took us from “interesting” to “trembling”; from nodding our heads in agreement to wiping away a tear!" -- Alan K.

"I would like to thank Dr. Freeman for coming to my agency and giving an excellent presentation on "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy At Work" Here are some feedback from the participants: I will use the task of treating people the way you would like to be treated. Great presenter - very engaging. The examples were easy to relate too. LONGER :) Dr. Freeman was great, it would be awesome if we could get more! This course would be beneficial in assisting all employees to better understand their coworkers and improve work relationships." -- Michael T.

 ---- MILITARY COMMUNITY (partial listing):
  US First Army Recruiting (USAREC) Brigade -- (Poconos, NY)
  US Second Army Recruiting (USAREC) Brigade -- (Atlanta, GA)
  US First Army Recruiting (USAREC) Battalion -- (Albany, NY)
  US Sixth Army Recruiting (USAREC) Battalion -- (Denver, CO)
  US Second Army Recruiting (USAREC) Battalion -- (Jacksonville, FL)
  US Second Army Recruiting (USAREC) Battalion -- (New Orleans, LA)
  US Second Army Recruiting (USAREC) Battalion -- (Raleigh, NC)
  U.S. Army Beckley Recruiting Battalion
-- (Norfolk, VA)
  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base -- (Dayton, OH)
  U. S. Army Corps of Engineers -- (Philadelphia, PA & Baltimore, MD)
  VA -- Department of Veteran Affairs HQ --
(Washington, DC)
  NETWAR -- Naval Network Warfare Command  -- (San Diego, CA)
  U. S. District Court -- Eastern District of California (Lake Tahoe, CA)
  Army National Guard Directorate
-- ( Washington, DC)
  LANL -- Los Alamos National Laboratory
-- (Los Alamos, New Mexico)
  Eighth U.S. Amy Chaplain Corps
-- (Seoul, Korea)
  U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps --
(Pusan, Korea)
  Ordnance Center & School, US Army
-- (Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD)
  DSS -- Defense Security Service -- (Quantico, VA)
  DON -- Department of the Navy --
(Washington, DC & Pusan, Korea)
  DDISA -- Defense Information Security Agency -- (Ft. Meade, MD)
  Defense Logistics Agency --
(Ft. Belvoir, VA)
  U.S. Army Baltimore Recruiting Battalion -- (Norfolk, VA)
  TACRON 21, US Navy
-- (Norfolk, VA)
-- (Fort Monmouth, NJ)
  Air Intelligence Agency
-- (San Antonio, TX)
  Naval Aviation Executive Institute
-- (Williamsburg, VA)
  NSA -- National Security Agency -- (Linthicum, MD and Ft. Meade, MD)

     ---- Dr. Freeman's work with military organizations



Dr. Freeman was presented a saber (in 2009), honored by the Baton Rouge USAREC Battalion for excellence in training services rendered to the Battalion.


A cherished memento of 2 decades of service with the Washington Bullets/Wizards (80g 14K gold). Very grateful for the opportunity to have served. Sometimes I will bring the ring to an event, allowing someone in the audience to wear it throughout the entire time.

Provident Bank -- (Baltimore, MD)
Automated Cable Services -- (Suitland, MD)
DOT -- U.S. Department of Transportation -- (Baltimore, MD)
National Association of Manufactured Homes -- (Baltimore, MD)
DOL -- U.S. Department of Labor -- (Philadelphia, PA)
Kissinger Financial Services -- (Timonium, MD) training: 2002 and 2007
D.C. Metropolitan Police Department -- (Washington, DC)
Reliable Contracting-- (Millersville, MD)
Giant Foods -- (Landover, MD)
USPS -- U.S. Postal Service -- 
(Cumberland, MD & Baltimore, MD)
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency -- (Washington, DC)
Eastfield College -- (Dallas, TX)
Greater Washington Education Association -- (Washington, DC)
Urban Ministries, Inc. -- (Chicago, IL)
Baltimore City Jail -- (Baltimore, MD)
National Association of Accountant Administrators -- (Linthicum, MD)
Department of Veteran Affairs Materiel Acquisitions Management (Nat. Conference Series)
 (West Palm Beach, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Cleveland, OH, & Iowa City, IA)
People’s Cathedral Leadership Team -- (Barbados, West Indies)
Nu Concepts in Travel -- (Baltimore, MD)
The Maryland Municipal League -- (Annapolis, MD)
Maryland Science Center -- (Baltimore, MD)
Northern Nursing Home Pharmacy -- (Ellicott City, MD)
Associated Springs -- (Hamilton, ONT, Canada)
McLean Bible Church -- (McLean, VA)
Black Church Means Business Conference -- (Brooklyn, NY)
Sports World
(Indianapolis, IN, Chattanooga, TN, Turlock, CA, Barbados, Fargo, ND & Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Woodlake Apartments -- (Silver Spring, MD)
Omega Baptist Leadership Team -- (Dayton, OH)
Baltimore Tourism Association -- (Baltimore, MD)
BEP -- Bureau of Engraving and Printing -- (Washington, DC)
Friends of Mercy -- (Baltimore, MD)
Clark and Anderson Accounting Firm -- (Glen Burnie, MD)
Moody Church -- (Chicago, IL)
Laser Center of Maryland -- (Severna Park, MD)
GWCEA Conference-- (Bethesda, MD)
The Shepherd’s Guide -- (North East, MD)
United Methodist Regional Conference -- (Valley Forge, PA)
Dunbar High School -- (Baltimore, MD)
Glenarden First Baptist Church Leadership Team -- (Three years in a row...Glenarden, MD)
African Methodist Episcopal Youth Regional Conference (AME) -- (Hampton, VA)
DOI -- U.S. Department of the Interior -- (Washington, DC)
Baines Management Enterprises / Stop, Shop & Save -- (Baltimore, MD)
Grace Fellowship -- (Timonium, MD) -- Dr. Freeman's work with faith-based organizations
   -- and many, many more…
"Dr. Joel spoke for our group yesterday, Finance Leaders Association of Philadelphia, and knocked the cover off of the ball. For an 8:00 am session in front of 30 CFO's, CPA's and other finance types, Joel delivered an upbeat passionate talk on how to help the audience better understand their personalities and the personalities of others in order to network effectively. Highly recommend Joel, money well spent." -- Rick F.

"Dr. Freeman was an exceptional addition to our team building retreat! His guidance in team discussion, personality assessment tool and interactive personal approach is actually guiding my department to developing new values and changing the entire way we think about each other and the team as a whole. Our team can't thank Dr. Freeman enough!" -- Dana F.

"Dr. Freeman took the time to interview staff which enabled him to focus his talk on issues that were relatable to his audience. He was energetic, personable and interesting. Great speaker and I give him my highest recommendation!" -- Linda M.

"This was a wonderful presentation offered by Dr. Freeman in a fun filled exciting venue. We are looking forward to him returning in the future to dive more deeply into the subject "How to Deal with People Who Drive You Crazy." We were remiss in not scheduling enough time for him to fully unpack the subject. We are excited to work with him again!" -- Attillo Z.

"Dr. Freeman recently spoke to our entire Health Department staff providing us with both an entertaining and refreshing presentation style but the information presented was fresh and relevant to the myriad of professionals represented. His authenticity and heart for service toward others draws you in and makes his message resonate on both an intellectual and spiritual level. We look forward to having him back very soon." -- Tim D.

Highly interactive and engaging. Very relatable. Great personal insights, with lots of stories. Knowledgeable. Had good sense of how to speak to teens and give them a meaningful message without being "preachy". -- Cherie B.


Example of an international event in 2018, with 2,000+ attendees from across Africa


In August 2002, all of the Kings and Queens of Africa were invited to a Pan African convocation in Benin, West Africa. Well over 100 Kings and Queens attended. Discussions surrounded topics like: tribal warfare, conflict resolution and the AIDS crisis.  Dr. Freeman was a keynote presenter at this event and is making a film about the past, present and future of African Kings.


Joel speaking at a corporate seminar in Barbados (Hilton)...sponsored by the Preservation Foundation Trust.

 Some organizations are not mentioned on this page
due to the sensitivity and proprietary nature of their mission.

Dr. Freeman helping to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Fox News Channel


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Period.

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TEL 410-729-4011   CELL 410-991-9718   FAX 410-729-0353
EMAIL info@freemaninstitute.com

Facilitating a training event for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE...Alexandria, VA)


Using a 1 - 10 Rating Scale, many of the organizations listed above completed an anonymous, end-of-course feedback and evaluation form. Here are the updated averages of thousands of seminar participants:

1            2            3             4            5            6            7             8             9           10
Not at All                                                                                 To a Very High Degree

   1. To what extent did this program meet its objectives?

   2. How well organized was the program?

   3. How satisfied were you with the program material?

   4. To what extent did the trainer respond to the feedback from the participants?

   5. How effective was the trainer in presenting the material?

   6. How knowledgeable was the trainer?

   7. Overall, how satisfied were you with this course?


Dr. Freeman discussing the incredible historical drama surrounding the Rosetta Stone at an event in Maryland


 To Whom It May Concern,

   This letter is to provide a reference to our affiliation with Dr. Joel Freeman during the past several years at National HME, Inc.   We first engaged Dr. Freeman for our national manager’s conference in 2009 to speak to our leadership, providing methods of improving communication and excellence in service. 

   The success of his presentation lead us to engage in a more in depth relationship joining our team as our Corporate Coach that was expanded throughout our organization to three levels.  All of our executives were involved with Dr. Freeman on a monthly basis and our upper level and mid-level managers were involved on a less frequent basis. Dr. Freeman was involved in our management/leadership meetings yearly.  

   During his four years with National HME, he was able to work closely with our management team developing a company culture that was broad and deep.  Our company experienced rapid growth for several years expanding from one location in Texas to forty operating distribution sites throughout thirteen States. National HME, Inc. specializes in providing medical equipment for the hospice industry serving more than 20,000 patients on a daily basis and 400 teammates.  

   His expertise in developing and implementing a corporate Code of Conduct was invaluable.  The leadership of National HME was very impressed with Dr. Freeman’s ability to ensure that communication and accountability was always in the forefront of the organization.  With the growth of any organization it is imperative that openness and an ability to have a voice in the direction is recognized and appreciated.  This was a valuable and priceless direction that we enjoyed with the skill level that Dr. Freeman provided for our organization. 

   I recently stepped out of the role as the CEO of National HME, Inc. and now in a more passive role as the Executive Chairman.  I have worked with Dr. Freeman in other organizations for many years prior to National HME, Inc. and would certainly recommend him as a great contributor for excellence in your business endeavors.  

   Best regards,

 George R Robertson
   National HME, Inc., Executive Chairman & Founder



B U R E A U   O F   E N G R A V I N G   A N D   P R I N T I N G

  On behalf of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Employee Counseling Service, Treasury Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, it is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Dr. Joel Freeman. 

  This office has the responsibility to consult and counsel with individuals who bring a number of issues to the job that affects their personal life functioning and/or job performance. Additionally, we see many people file complaints based on allegations of discrimination. 

  I have known and had the opportunity to request the services of Dr. Freeman for the past seven years. Over the years we have made numerous referrals to Dr. Joel Freeman of The Freeman Institute. He has assisted employees with Critical Incident Debriefings as they relate to stress, anger management, grief, sexual harassment and other related issues that accompany traumatic events.

  Dr. Freeman has been an invaluable resource to our agency/office, always willing to assist our employees in working through the difficulties or situations they have encountered in their work and personal lives. 

  Whenever we have contacted him regardless of the hour, which is often beyond expected duty hours, he has been available to offer assistance in obtaining needed services or information. The comfort of knowing that we have access to someone of Dr. Freeman capabilities is reassuring and is an asset to anyone working in our metropolitan area and beyond.

  Our clients have enthusiastically raved about the services they have received from Dr. Freeman with comments such as “it’s so easy to talk with him”---“I got so much from Dr. Freeman about life and living”---"He has helped me think within the moment and not skip all the way to end and predict the outcome”. 

  One of our top management officials wanted to know ---“where have you been hiding him? When I was discussing one of my subordinates with him, he gave me some invaluable information. I feel like I need to have a few sessions with him myself!”

  Dr. Freeman is truly worthy of this letter of recommendation. It is very hard in these days and times to find an individual so committed to his work and willing to make a difference in helping others make positive changes in their lives.

  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share with you what a precious asset Dr. Freeman has been to us and would certainly be the same to anyone having need of such services for their organization. 

  He has exhibited a genuine concern for the quality of life and is a highly perceptive person. His outlook in any situation is perseverance until the objective has been reached.

      Jean Pitts
          A. Jean Pitts, Chief (retired)
          Office of EEO Employee Counseling Service
          Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C.



Dear Dr. Freeman,

  Having recently participated in your "System One Training" workshop, I feel compelled to write and inform you that this was a unique and stimulating exercise for my cabinet colleagues and myself.

  Your approach to bringing out the best in people works very well. As a result of your expertise and creativity, our nation has benefited. The awareness you brought forward in each of the participants, including myself, is most encouraging. You provided a new dimension to our understanding of self-confidence.

  I wish you every success in your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,
Keith Mitchell
Dr. Keith Mitchell
PRIME MINISTER (now retired)
Grenada, West Indies



To whom it may concern:

  Our team here at E! provides all television production for all shows airing on E! and Style networks. This is a customer-service job requiring a combination of people skills and technical skills. Not long ago our department was experiencing some challenges that needed an objective person to help us sort through them.

  After reviewing Dr. Freeman's website, I contacted him hoping he could help. Initially I was not totally convinced that he could deliver. I know my team members. They are a somewhat skeptical and resistant bunch when it comes to "attending another workshop".

  After listening to my interpretation of the issues, he discussed the problems with a couple of my most experienced employees. During his research, Joel included every part of my department, from the employee to employer. Unbiased, and now informed, Joel developed a unique, customized program for us that was very well received by our entire team.

  Joel flew out for one day and created a code of conduct with my employees that they and I value to this day. He helped us to understand and accept the unique qualities of each other. I was surprised by the mastery with which he presented the material and the impact it had on my staff and me.

  Dr. Freeman actually analyzed the fundamental problems facing us, encouraging us to confront the obstacles. He helped us to see how, as individuals and as a group, we could turn the perception of our entire department around.

  We now have the positive tools to disrupt the patterns of negative attitudes that follow us into our very busy schedules. Dr. Freeman is truly a gem that should be utilized by any organization that values employee morale and customer service.

Peter Osterhaus
Peter Osterhaus
E! Entertainment Television
Hollywood, CA


Dear Joel,

  It’s been a while since you conducted the "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® workshop for the Billboard management group in New York, but I can tell you that people here are still commenting on how much they gained from the experience.

  I think we all tend to go about our responsibilities assuming we are taking the best approach to producing results for our company. You proved to us that it is incredibly important to periodically step back from the daily routine and examine our leadership methods and the nature of our interactions.

  And, of course, it was a shock for all of us to see how much could be revealed about our "inner game" through your various exercises.

  So, again thanks for providing us with an enlightening and productive experience.

Ken Schlager
Ken Schlager
New York, NY



Dear Dr. Freeman:

  I want to let you know that the seminar conducted by you recently, "The Power of Communication," for the staff of the United States Sentencing Commission was very much appreciated and well received. I found the insight that you provided were relevant to the many issues that we all face in our personal and professional lives. Your presentation of the material was masterful and dynamic.

  I have heard many positive comments from staff who attended, and I am confident this session will have very favorable impact on morale and work ethic.

  I hope to see you in the near future.

Richard Conaboy
Judge Richard P. Conaboy
CHAIRMAN, USSC (now retired)
Washington, DC



Dear Dr. Freeman:

  On behalf of the members of the Department of Leadership and Support Skills at the National Security Agency, thank you for your presentation of the "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® workshop. As you are aware, we have been a proponent and user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system for some time now. The system, which you introduced to us, compares quite favorably to the one, which we have been accustomed to using in our Organizational Dynamics classes.

  Your style of presentation was superb, and we would gladly entertain follow-on sessions with you as well as recommend yourself and this workshop to other organizations. Hopefully, we’ll work together in future education and training efforts to make our workplace a less stressful and life enriching place for all employees.

Sincerely yours,
John Cashour
John F. Cashour


Bob Burns
"This training is and will be of value to anyone and everyone in the workplace. I believe this training covers a greater range of personal behaviors than MBTI…"

Bob Waters
"…a great improvement over the MBTI. It’s faster, easier to understand, and it’s valid…"

Larry Stevanus
"I wholeheartedly concur with all the above-mentioned comments. It’s fast, accurate and easy to use…This could be it!"

Jim Brown
"Class was very effective at teaching the participants their own personality types and how to interact with other people…Timely adult learning…Class taught in a professional and precise fashion and instigated a desire to research the subject further. Excellent class for older and seasoned participants seeking to polish their interpersonal skills for personal advancement."

Duane Connolly
"A nice model to help me better understand the differences in human behavior and appropriate responses to those behaviors. An amazing fact: The agreement between the results of the class and one’s self-perception. Seems like it would be more clear, simple, practical and credible than the MBTI. Training in this particular course would, I think, be of value to anyone involved in human relations…"



To Whom It May Concern:

  Our team at GE Medical Systems repairs MRI units located in hospitals within the Baltimore/Washington region. This is a high-pressure, "we-need-the-machine-fixed-yesterday" job that demands team members with the rare combination of technical expertise coupled with excellent people skills.

  Customer satisfaction is never compromised. But in this time-sensitive field we are confronted on a daily basis by the need within our team to maintain our mutual respect and to enhance understanding of and communication with each other.

  Selecting a quality training program that will assist in improving teamwork and productivity is a challenging task for any supervisor, especially when there are so many from which to choose.

  Dr. Joel Freeman’s credentials, references, and descriptive materials were impressive, but initially I wasn’t totally convinced that he could deliver. I know my team members. They are a somewhat skeptical, resistant bunch when it comes to "attending another workshop".

  To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised and they were, too! Dr. Freeman’s wit, winsome style, organized presentation and strong knowledge of the subject combined to make an indelible impact upon the morale, productivity and general emotional climate of our team. We are still talking about and implementing the positive benefits we received from the experience.

  The tangible value that has been added to our interaction with each other can be traced back to this program. We have recognized our distinct personality styles – celebrating our strengths and developing a strategy to work on our vulnerabilities. Dr. Freeman also gave is the tools and skills for understanding and working effectively with others who possess different behavioral styles.

  I highly recommend The Freeman Institute™ workshop programs and Dr. Joel Freeman to any organization, small or large, serious about developing a culture of productivity through teamwork. It is my belief that this unique program would work well with a wide range of participants, from foundational employees to a senior level management group.

Stephen Burkhardt
Stephen Burkhardt
Hanover, MD


Dear Joel:

  I wanted to express my thanks to you for the way you conducted our team building seminar last month. As I am sure you are aware, someone in my position takes great risks when he decides to take his entire corporate staff off site for a day long seminar. I believe in training and investment in human resources, but sometimes the seminar leader fails to deliver and that creates great economic loss for the company. As you know, I only recently joined Sequoia as its CEO and so the stakes were high for me in selecting you as our seminar presenter. Your performance not only met but also exceeded my expectations.

  During one of the breaks, the founder of the company approached me and said that of all the things that I had brought to the company, he thought that this seminar was the best thing I had done yet. Our CFO had previously worked for a Fortune 500 company, which frequently conducted off site training sessions, and he told me that your seminar, "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® was the best training session he had ever attended. He particularly appreciated the pace that you maintained and your ability to keep the group focused without appearing to be heavy handed.

  Obviously, I am extremely grateful to hear such compliments from members of my management team. I wanted to pass them on to you and say thanks for a job well done. We should plan on talking after the new year in order to discuss how we might schedule some additional training to continue the momentum we developed from this seminar.

  Once again, thank you and kudos for a job well done.

Richard Faint
Richard C. Faint, Jr.
Columbia, MD


Dear Joel,

  Thank you so much for the effort you put into making our Planning Retreat an absolute success. To use a basketball term – "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® was a "Slam Dunk".

  Most of the participants commented that your seminar was the best management class that they had ever participated in – myself included. Everyone is still talking about his or her personality traits and we all have a deeper appreciation for what God so purposefully applied to each of us. We now realize that a well-rounded organization requires all types of people to be successful…even those who drive us crazy!

Rod Huff
Rod E. Huff
Nashville, TN


To Whom It May Concern:

  Selecting a quality training program that will aid in improving teamwork and management efficiency in the workplace is a very challenging assignment for any human resource executive.

  My challenge had the added difficulty of capturing the attention and confidence of a management group that had become somewhat cynical about the value of training.

  After analyzing needs and considering different programs, I decided to ask Dr. Joel Freeman to present his personality system seminar. Our goal was to build understanding and appreciation of each manager’s individual style, and from there build an environment of mutual respect and trust. We desired a complimentary team, where the strength of each style could develop and find expression to the benefit of the whole organization.

  I have never seen a management program so well received. All program objectives were stated ahead of time and each one was achieved. The managers that went through the training want to see it disseminated to their subordinates and the rest of the company. We are in the process of developing plans to move ahead.

  I would highly recommend The Freeman Institute and Dr. Freeman to any company serious about building a culture of productivity through teamwork.

Don Griffin
Don Griffin
VP, Human Resources
Union, NJ


Dear Joel:

  I just wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful team building workshop you developed for the Black Public Relations Society of Washington, DC. First of all, it was great to get all of our officers together in one place at one time. Secondly, it was gratifying to see everyone participate and work to determine his or her own particular work style. The coaching you gave us went a long way in helping us understand how to work together for the good of the organization.

  My first vice president called me the next day and said, "I now see what it is you are trying to accomplish". I wish our entire membership could have experienced this.

  Joel, if my officers or I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Best of luck to you and much continued success! You are a joy to work with!

Best regards,
Rose Matthews
Rose Matthews
Washington, DC


Dear Joel,

Thank you for the excellent training sessions with our sales and marketing department and out leadership team. The information provided will help our employees in their personal growth and development as well as building and strengthening interpersonal relationships. Both individual and corporate growths are required for future success.

Both days were different and extremely powerful. Your ability to guide and facilitate the learning experience was very evident. Our staff, without exception, came away from the meeting empowered and better equipped to work with others as a team. People are our most appreciable asset. Thanks again for investing your time and energy in them.

David Ruleman
David Ruleman
Vice President
Fairfax, VA


Joel greeting participants at an event with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in DC


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