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Seattle Port Authority
SeaTac Airport Conference Room


Presentation Overview

How Dr. Freeman was invited to Seattle Port Authority: "Vernice Haddix, a representative from Blacks in Government (BIG) at the Port, was in Washington, DC for the BIG conference - - and Vernice had just missed his presentation; but heard so many wonderful comments from all the attendees . . . Vernice then invited Dr. Freeman to the Airport." 

The following are emailed comments received by Vernice Haddix about the presentation,
"A White Man's Journey Into Black History".

-- "This was sooooooo good! I can't wait to read his book. Thanks to all who coordinated this." Ruth

-- "Joel Freeman was marvelous!  The presentation was: civilization started with the Black  Race, who were revered as Kings & Queens & people of honor. How History has done a Great Injustice by ignoring their contributions to the world. Then went on to prove, by the Bible, historians, archeologists, painters, etc. this is Fact.  It also had a map of the world that showed the movement of civilization. [side note: it is the same map in 'Eating Right for Your Blood Type' - - which has some of the same details; studied and presented by a Naturalist of Medicine.] Anyway, the 1st website:  has lots of details, books to read and lots of wonderful resources. The 2nd website:  has tons of pictures of Egypt -- which was NOT in Europe, as purported in traditional "History" books - - but in North East Africa. I would love to share this with everyone . . . I'd love to toss out the institutional "history" books - - and see what a different world this would be . . .with the Truth being Reality. "Return to Glory" is a marvelous book, and the authors are incredible. They have created a magical piece of work that reaches deep into your soul . . . and brings up wells of emotion."

-- "Loved it--!!"

-- "It was marvelous. Absolutely Marvelous."

-- "The note was shared with friends from here . . . to Texas, Oregon, Maryland, the Tribes - - and we have all been on the path to Truth. It was truly an honor and a pleasure. His "Question" . . . was marvelous."




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