RETURN TO GLORY: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Race
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Four Resources are available NOW -- 
1. Return To Glory (Updated Edition) autographed 184 page book (retail $15)
2. Return To Glory 45-minute film version of book (DVD or VHS) (DVD Retail $22 VHS Retail $18)
3. Return To Glory 4-CD Audio Book (5 hours, unabridged, read by authors) (Retail $30)
4. A White Man's Journey Into Black History 2-hour DVD presentation (Retail $25)
5. Set of 10 Black History Postcards (Retail $7.90)

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* 184-page RTG book
* RTG 4-CD Audio Book
* A White Man's Journey DVD
* 45-minute RTG film -- You have two choices
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With DVD -- $75.99  With VHS -- $75.99

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Send to: Return To Glory, Box 305, Gambrills, MD 21054   410-991-9718

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