The 45-minute film version of a unique book endorsed by Bill Cosby, Julius Erving, Ben Carson, Joe Frazier, Tony Evans, Tony Campolo, Donald Cole and many others...





The  Powerful  Stirring  of  the  Black  Man

Reel Back Woods Film Festival, NC -- "Best Documentary"

L to R:   Dr. Joel Freeman, Return to Glory     Antonio Lyons, Actor     Donald Brown, Sculptor of Award
Bill Cobbs, Actor     Phyllis Stickney, Actress    Faiger Blackwell, Owner of CPS     William Haley, Alex Haley's son (Roots)

Award-Winning  45-Minute Film
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Where Has The Film Been Shown Already?
Blacks In Government (BIG) National Conference, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Verizon, Hampton Ministers' Conference, Howard County Community College, Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Department of Treasury, MLK Center (Atlantic City), Reid Temple AME, National Cushite Conference, US Geological Survey, Ebenezer AME, Mount Pleasant Church, Indian River Correctional Facility, Reel Back Woods Film Festival, GWCEA, Calvary Revival Church, Glenarden First Baptist Church, Gospel Grille, Refuge Temple, Howard County Center of African American Culture, Urban Ministries, Juneteenth Celebration, Sinclair Community College, Cornerstone Assembly of God, Evangelistic Deliverance Center, Cliffdale Christian Church, River of Life Christian Center, Maryland State Penitentiary, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, Helping Up Mission, MD State Correctional Facility, Greater Harvest Baptist Church, Pentecostal Temple...and many, many more...

Washington, DC -- Herndon, VA -- Baltimore, MD
Hinesville, GA -- Virginia Beach, VA -- Portland, OR
Harrisburg, PA -- New York City, NY -- Houston, TX
Chicago, IL -- Cincinnati, OH -- Dayton, OH -- Orlando, FL
Nashville, TN -- Richmond, VA -- Pittsburgh, PA

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Contact Don Griffin and Joel Freeman

Visit Don Griffin's Church

Don and Brenda Griffin
Green Pastures Community Church,
1451 Northampton Street, Easton, PA, 18042
Sunday Service
begins at 12:45 pm
Summer hours at 11:00 am

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held ever 1
st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
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Directions: (610) 253-8001
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Dr. Freeman's Schedule
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Joel and Shirley Freeman
Dr. Freeman's Presentations
Event will be listed here. Most of Dr. Freeman's
presentations are with corporations...not open to the public.



Forestville, MD Film Screening
To Be Announced


Los Angeles Premier Screening
Coming in the Future


Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

Detroit, Michigan Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

Houston, Texas Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

Atlanta, GA Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

Portland, Oregon Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

Denver, CO Premier Screening
(Being Scheduled -- Tentative)
Coming Soon --

More Pictures of this Event
Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk, VA


The list below will be updated as soon
as cities and dates are confirmed.

Want to view the four minute RTG film trailer?

Los Angeles, CA
Coming Soon -- Email

Chicago, IL
Coming Soon -- Email

Houston, TX
Coming Soon -- Email

Philadelphia, PA
Coming Soon -- Email

Dallas, TX
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San Diego, CA
Coming Soon -- Email

Memphis, TN
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Atlanta, GA
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Cleveland, OH
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Nashville, TN
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New York City, NY
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Baltimore, MD
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Miami, FL
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Detroit, MI
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San Antonio, TX
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Anaheim/Santa Ana, CA
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San Jose, CA
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New Orleans, LA
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Oakland, CA
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San Francisco, CA
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If you don't see your city listed, please let us know of any ideas you may have regarding an organization willing to host such an event.


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~ O P E N   L E T T E R ~

You and your friends are invited to the regional screenings of the long-awaited award-winning film (45 minutes), Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man.

Endorsed by Bill Cosby, Julius Erving, Ben Carson, Tony Evans, Tony Campolo, the unique book, Return To Glory has touched thousands of men and women of all nations. 

Co-authors Dr. Joel A. Freeman (Caucasian -- veteran chaplain of NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards) and Don B. Griffin (African American -- successful Human Resources executive and pastor) have created a story line that draws from ancient African history and centuries of American history, with gripping and contemporary application. Truthcentric.

This powerful film combines astonishing ancient biblical and historical truth with compelling evidence that black people once dominated much of the civilized world, only to suffer a tragic downfall of epic proportions. The film includes an invitation to Return To Glory

Meet at least one of the authors at any any of the events listed above. There will be time allotted for questions and response (Q&R). Click on the city nearest you to see when and where the film will be shown. 

   Many people have asked, "How can we host a screening of the Return To Glory film in our city?" Generally we have the screenings at the largest churches in the region, but we are open to whoever wants to show the film. On average 1000 to 3500 people attend these special screenings. Here are some ways we can help your organization/church promote the event:

1. The web page you are currently looking at is the one we have created to help advertise the event. As you can see, we will develop a customized page with time, address, directions, phone number, printable poster, etc.. Once that is done, your church can start pointing people to this web site  -- www.RTGevents.com

2. We have beautiful 18" x 26" posters to be displayed around the church and the surrounding community. The posters advertise the showing of the film. For an example click here.

3. We also have a 2-minute film trailer on DVD. Churches show this every Sunday morning service, two-three Sundays in a row before the event. It makes it very easy for the Pastor to then get up after everyone has seen the film trailer and say, "I'm going to be there. You do not want to miss this event!" (4-minute overview of RTG film)

   We generally are a part of church events where the senior pastor is excited about hosting the event and who also is planning to attend the event. A film screening has a wonderful "in-reach" and "out-reach" potential.

   Many churches view this film screening event as a fund raiser to help Return To Glory raise the funds to donate a copy of the film (DVD) to every school, prison, jail and juvenile detention center in America.

   Plus, the film has been translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish. This will permit us to raise the funds necessary to donate copies of the DVD throughout parts of Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Perhaps there can be an offering taken by the pastor at the event to help with the objectives of the Return To Glory -- www.returntoglory.org

   The church screening attendance success has largely come though the powerful combination of:

          1. the stated and actual attendance of the senior pastor.
          2. the showing of the 2-minute film trailer to the entire congregation during
              the announcements on at least two Sunday mornings prior to the event.
          3. the posters strategically hung up around the building.

   When I (Joel) come to an event, I am open to bringing 20-30 pieces of The Freeman Institute Black History Collection. This adds a 3-Dimensional aspect to the entire event. Let me know if you would be interested in this aspect. If this is something you want, please make sure that you select a designated person to provide security for the collection during the evening.

   Let us know your thoughts and we will do whatever the leadership decides. Thank you for allowing us to parachute into your day...

      100,000 Blessings,
  Don and Joel                     Call 410-991-9718 or email for more information.

Don B. Griffin, M.A. and Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.


~ Come As You Are ~

Send an
email right now indicating
how you can help promote the screening
the film in your community.



The co-authors will entertain questions after the screenings of the film.
And we'll be asking you for your feedback and questions.
There will be an offering taken to benefit the RTG Foundation.

Joel A. Freeman
Veteran Mentor/Chaplain of the NBA Washington Wizards ('79-'98), Corporate Trainer
~ President of The Freeman Institute ~

Don B. Griffin
Accomplished Human Resources Executive, Pastor, Teacher and Counselor
~ President of The Griffin Institute ~


Would you like to host a premiere film events in your area?


           The ever-expanding Freeman Institute Black History Collection has items such as:

  1. Authentic, priceless slave ball, with handle (50 lb.) -- #3 written on it, for "trouble-makers", manufactured late 1600s -- used on the London-based slave ship, Henrietta Marie, the oldest identifiable slave ship wreck in the world (summer, 1700) ; featured in National Geographic's (August, 2002).   By one estimate Henrietta Marie’s cargo grossed well over £3,000 (more than $400,000 today) for the ship’s investors. Most of the captives were headed for sugar plantations where they’d be worked to exhaustion, many dying within five to ten years. Sturdy and fast, The Henrietta Marie traveled the infamous triangular trade route favored by the slavers - from England to the Guinea coast, to the Americas, then home again. Accounts relating to the Henrietta Marie’s voyages were uncovered, as were the names of her investors, captains, and wills of some of her crew members. Artifacts found at the site proved particularly helpful in creating a picture of shipboard life and the practices of the slave trade.
  2. Two Wedgwood jasperware black on white Anti-Slavery medallions, with the bound slave on the front, and the words "Am I Not A Man and A Brother?" around it.  Also, a rare 1800s antique bronze figure of man (6" high, weighs 18 oz.) pictured in medallion.
  3. One-of-a-kind signed letters/albums/contracts/sheet music from Nat King Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, B. B. King, Ethel Waters, Pearl Bailey, Miles Davis, Fats Domino, Quincy Jones, Earl Hines, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis, Jr., Grover Washington, Jr., Count Basie, Mills Brothers, Ozzie Davis, Lena Horne, Four Tops, Cicely Tyson, James Brown, Charlie Pride, Bo Diddley, Bobby Blue and others...
  4. A rare 1838 (third edition) copy of Phillis Wheatley's book, "Memoir and Poems of Phillis Wheatley, A Native African and a Slave" -- Includes memoir, George Washington's letter to Wheatley, preface by John Wheatley, plus poems by another slave, George Moses Horton, with introduction and letters. And also the 1773 edition of the Gentleman's Magazine -- first published mention of Phillis Wheatley's book, first printed in the UK, paid for by the Countess of Huntingdon.
  5. Silver Civil War locket (1860s), containing two tin-type pictures of African American women, worn by an African American soldier.
  6. The Rosetta Stone, a First Edition 55-page article
in Archaeologia: Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Volume XVI, published by The Society of Antiquaries of London. 1812. Some of the first published articles about the Rosetta Stone. This is historic in light of the fact that the code to Hieroglyphics wasn't cracked until 1822 by Jean Champollion.
  7. Riggs Bank check written and signed on July 3, 1907 by Judson W. Lyons, ex-slave from Georgia and first African-American lawyer to practice in the state of Georgia. He was appointed Register of the US Treasury from 1898-1906 and as such, his signature appeared on US currency issued during those years.
  8. 1820s "T Porter" slave button (from Antigua, British West Indies), used to identify the owner of a slave.

  9. Click Here to view more items and images...

Dr. Freeman on Canadian TV



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