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"se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yennki" (translation below)
"There is nothing wrong with going back to fetch what one has forgotten."
  -- Ashanti saying


   Welcome! The unique book, Return to Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Race, has received excellent reviews from the likes of Bill Cosby and Julius Erving to Ben Carson, Tony Campolo, Tony Evans, Donald Cole, Joe Frazier and many others.

   Authors Joel Freeman (veteran chaplain of the NBA Washington Wizards/Bullets for 19 years ['79-'98], corporate trainer and professional speaker) and Don Griffin (senior human resources executive and counselor) co-wrote the book and also co-developed the script of the award-winning film version.

   Created by RTG Pictures, the film is available (order online). This project is unique in that Don Griffin is African American and Joel Freeman is Caucasian. The message of the book and the film has inspired literally millions of people around the world. Click on the image to the right to review a "Return To Glory" special offer for you -->

   The Freeman Institute Black History Collection is filled with documents and artifacts, with the oldest dated back to 1553. Take a look at the collection here. The goal of the collection is to develop Black History galleries in American cities and in selected cities internationally...designed to educate and inspire young people.

   Dr. Freeman has a Black History presentation that has received excellent reviews from many audiences around the world.  

   The top-of-mind question with most is "What would ever motivate a White man to be interested in Black History?" Click here to review Dr. Freeman's written response to that question.

  The RTG book, the award-winning film and Jazz music compilation CD are all available online or in many bookstores, along with distribution through RTG Distribution and a number of other national and international distributors. We are open to your creative distribution ideas.

  The goal is to distribute the film, which visually brings to life the message of this gripping book. Contact with your creative fund raising ideas.

  The Foundation's goal is to donate a special "not-for-resale" edition of the DVD version of the film (with over 2 hours of uncut interviews, music videos from DC Talk, Lil' iROCC, NAS, short films, Photo Galleries and more) to every juvenile detention center, prison and school (Middle, Junior High, Senior High, College, University) in America.

  The film has now been translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish, along with English

The Lemba:
Black Jews of Southern Africa

Badagry, Nigeria -- Slave Trade History

Historical Timeline
of Ancient Egypt

Joseph, Egypt
& The Hyksos

Tutankhamen & Akhenaton

Ancient Egyptian Religions

Map of
Ancient Africa

Text on
Rosetta Stone

The Pyramid Puzzle

Rosetta Stone

Ancient Nubia

































subtitles for the hearing impaired. This ambitious project includes plans to raise the funds to distribute the French, Portuguese and Spanish versions (special DVD edition) of the film throughout the continent of Africa, parts of Europe, parts of South America and the Caribbean. This is an ongoing, ever-expanding project. View more about the present/future plans of The Freeman Institute Foundation. Click Here.

  The Return To Glory film has won the Best Documentary award at the Reel Back Woods Film Festival and is being shown across America in regional screenings. Click here to determine if and when the film screening is coming near you. At many of the screenings, one or both of

Order This Book, Audio Book and/or Film

the co-authors will be present to address audience questions. Email us if you can help with publicity in a particular city. Feel free to view the photographs from the World Premier screening of the RTG film, attended by close to 3,000 people in Norfolk, VA.


Dr. Freeman on Canadian TV

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The Freeman Institute
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Seminar Program: "The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man"
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Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

To learn more about seminar -- Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect


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