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Prince George's County Public Schools

Equity Assurance Office
7711 Livingston Road
Oxon Hill, MD 20745



Dear Dr. Freeman:

I want to take this opportunity to write and say thank you for the three outstanding Diversity training workshops you provided for the Equity Assurance Office Staff at our Annual Retreat, for our School-Based Equity Liaisons at their Spring Workshops and at the Fall Workshop.

Your on-going involvement with the Equity Assurance Staff and the School-Based Liaisons had contributed to the staff's gaining a greater understanding of self and had enhanced their interaction with students, fellow staff members, and the community.

Thank you for your special talents. Your presentation style, your sincerity, as well as your professionalism have helped to make our workshops extremely successful.

Sincerely yours,                    
Rita L. Robinson        
Rita L. Robinson, Ph.D.        
(301) 805-2700                 







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