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"Power of Agreement"


The Freeman Institute has enjoyed a long and rewarding association with The Power of Agreement Network. We have merged our unique strengths into a deeper and more powerful team. We look forward to assisting you in fulfilling the vision and mission of your organization.

After years of studying the management of change, I have discovered that successful leaders possess these three essential elements.

Positive change begins when just one leader is filled with a deep conviction that there is a better way to operate and then acts upon that conviction. Positive change accelerates when the leader motivates others to courageously pursue the new vision, despite opposition. Positive change becomes a way of life when the leader, full of compassion, successfully builds a team that embraces the new vision as their own.

We exist to help organizations like yours manage change. Our mission is to demonstrate and teach foundational principles of leadership, teamwork and problem solving to a wide variety of organizations. These include manufacturing, business, industry, healthcare, government and international ministries.

Today, the world desperately needs leaders who will take effective action to manage change; leaders with the conviction, courage and compassion to make things happen, when others say it can not be done.


If you are ready to lead the way to positive change, we at The Freeman Institute along with the Power of Agreement Network can help you achieve your vision...



"Dealing  With  People  Who  Drive  You  Crazy!"
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