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         A  Powerful


 Jolt  of  Entrepreneurial  Energy


and  Wisdom        


EMAIL -- Contact Dr. Freeman if you want to host a region-wide entrepreneur seminar in your community


Do you dream of building your own successful business?
Deep down, are you aching to bring a new idea to the market place and be rewarded for it?
Have you already started a business venture and need a boost to get it going?
Are you struggling to figure out how to make your business grow on a day-to-day basis?

Looking for a book/workbook combination for your Entrepreneur Club?

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Press Release / What Makes This Book Unique?

The Entrepreneurial Connection
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Work hard.  Work smart.  Enjoy the journey!

      The book and popular seminar program, "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" have emerged over the years as Dr. Joel Freeman has built his own consulting business, along with his other entrepreneurial enterprises.   

    An alternative, long-winded title to this book could be, "If Nothing Is Happening in Your Business, Don't Sit Around Popping Martyr Pills --  Work Smarter and Make Something Happen!"  One reviewer of the advance manuscript said, "...I almost felt guilty getting this kind of information without having to pay..."

     Combining personal vulnerability, pithy advice and reader-friendly content Freeman has developed an intriguing approach to the entrepreneurial journey, which has already connected with many noted business experts ranging from Steve Forbes, George Fraser, Ken Blanchard, Cathy Hughes and Peter Shea to Brian Tracy, Janice Corley, Ben Carson and Rich DeVos. For a better perspective, read the information below and then watch a video clip of Dr. Freeman in action.

    Why was this book written? Simple answer. Time management. To free up Dr. Freeman's schedule.  Freeman generously gives of his time and creative energy to help people with their entrepreneurial dreams. Reading this open and honest book is like sitting down with him over the dinner table for a private consultation for a few hours. When people call him, he now encourages them to read the book before discussing their ideas. Most questions are addressed in the book.

   In the book, Freeman also includes creative ideas specifically customized for authors, filmmakers, graphic designers, artists, inventors, network marketers, franchise owners, mom entrepreneurs,  teenagers, professional speakers and others.

    World-renowned speaker and coach, Les Brown stated, "If I had this book when I started my career, Joel’s tactics would have saved me money, stress, and time... [this book] will change the way I will do business..."

This hand numbered and signed Limited Collector's Edition is only available online. The earlier the order, the lower the number. Click on cover to order or check out the Entrepreneur Book/Audio Book Special

Where else can you get this
autographed by the author?

Authentic Publishing
click here to view larger image of cover, along with a sneak peek into cover development

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Blog Reviews -- Adam McFarland 


 "IGNITE Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"

Watch Dr. Freeman -- footage from event in Hampton, VA
(7 min -- clip shot/edited by FireWorksTV )

Example of annual entrepreneur seminar events

How Your Personality Impacts Your Business Success


Seeing Double?


Entrepreneur Club in a Box!
Book/Workbook Combination



A beautiful "membership" coin for every entrepreneur club member.
 Interested in learning more?


Think Purple!
 Workbook available NOW!

Orders available.
Click on cover for more info

But...do the entrepreneurial principles in
this book/workbook combination really work?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~  T H E   R O S E T T A   S T O N E   R E P L I C A   P R O J E C T  ~

Dr. Freeman applied the information found in the "If Nobody Loves You..." material to develop what he has determined to be the world's first full-size, 3D replica of the famous Rosetta Stone available for sale to the general public.

In 2004 it was only a bright idea. And now...after many ups and downs it is a reality -- with eight unique innovations available to museums, educational institutions and other entities/individuals.
Click on the image below to learn more...


"If Nobody Loves You..." is general market book, appealing to entrepreneurs everywhere.
The "purple" workbook (above) is
designed for personal reflection and/or group discussions.
This workbook connects the contents of the book specifically to faith-based organizations.

(We're also working on a general market workbook designed for the Next Generation...15-25)


* Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-932805-98-7          * 4-CD Audio Book ISBN: 978-1-934068-29-8
* Workbook ISBN: 978-1-60657-020-3

R A V E    R E V I E W S

   "Freeman, an author and entrepreneur, brings his series of popular seminars to book form with this cleverly titled book. It's chock full of advice for the small-business owner: how to market yourself, how to build an effective Web site, how to figure out what you're going to charge for your services, how to build influence and win friends. Freeman writes colloquially, almost like he's giving readers a seminar in book form, so it's easy to digest the lessons he's trying to provide."                                                                              -- Triangle Biz Journal (Raleigh/Durham, NC)

"...an awesome source of inspirational and practical entrepreneurial advice. If you're looking for a book to keep your entrepreneurial spirit sharp and to stay on top of your game, this book would make a great addition to your arsenal."                                                -- MindPetals.com

  "...I f Nobody Loves You Create the Demand is full of great ideas and common sense knowledge. Joel A. Freeman is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. This man is filled with a wealth of knowledge about how business works and has the creativity to find new ways to promote his various endeavors. He is truly inspirational."                      -- TCM Book Reviews


E X E C U T I V E   O V E R V I E W   O F   B O O K

  • The realistic view of the entrepreneurial pursuit—starting your own business is tough with many ups and downs. Freeman shares his own successes and failures as an encouragement to readers.
  • A new approach to creating a business plan—start off by designing your company website. Once you build an informative website, you have created the public version of your business plan.
  • How to brand, market and re-invest in yourself. Bartering. Determine your strength(s) and develop a creative spin to that strength—this is what makes you stand out from others out there.
  • Resources—the book includes scripts for negotiating fees, tips on how to get through gate keepers and websites that offer more information on particular needs.
  • Specialized advice for inventors, teenagers/young adults, moms, ex-cons, graphic designers, authors, parents, investors, filmmakers and more...

"The Entrepreneurial Connection" is in no way associated with Entrepreneur Media, Inc.
TEC is sponsored by The Freeman Institute Foundation



    IMPORTANT:   The book, containing over 50,000 power-packed words, is now available as a  Limited Collector's Edition. Only 2,500 hard cover pre-release copies are available in this First Edition and they are going fast.  Each volume is hand numbered and signed by the  author. The lower the number, the more desirable the book. Online orders receive the lowest numbered, signed copies. First come, first served.    Click Here to order this book right now or check out the Entrepreneur Special Deal Special


   The Four-CD audio book (ISBN: 978-1-934068-29-8...read by author in a professional studio) version is available, which includes a bonus of the entire book MP3-ready for your Ipod or other MP3 player! -- Click here to order...
   The "Next Generation" workbook, designed to connect the contents of the book to young adults (15-26).
soft cover edition is now available online and everywhere through Authentic Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-932805-98-7).
                                                                                                  ~ But, is this book for you?


Dr. Freeman being interviewed on Canadian TV about
Entrepreneurship: If Nobody Loves You Create the Demand!



"IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"
Dr. Freeman speaking at an entrepreneur seminar event in Baltimore. Want one in your community? EMAIL


~ Which Stage Describes You? ~

   Aspiring (Stage 0):
The aspiring stage is comprised of people who are thinking about starting a company. There are many. Walstad and Kourilsky reported that a Gallup survey sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation found that 66% of Americans 25-44 years of age were interested in starting a business (Seeds of Success, Kendall-Hunt,  p. 16).

Aspiring Stage


 < This book is
definitely for you...


(Stage 1): Startup stage companies will struggle with a host of issues, not the least of which is survival. A recent SBA study found that about one-third of all new businesses fail in the first four years. (Download the study at www.sba.gov. on pdf. ) The startup CEO must fund operations, find and develop markets, hire employees, and prove that a product or service can generate enough cash to stay in business.

Startup Stage

< No question. This
book is for you, also...


   2nd Stage:
When a company enters second stage, there are new challenges. The market has been proven, and survival is no longer a daily issue. Business owners work on developing a long-term vision for the company and prepare it for the transition from entrepreneurial management to professional management. The business stops being just about the business owner and instead develops a culture and a structure that are no longer dependent on the founder.

2nd Stage

< This book will re-
energize you for the
next growth phase
of your company
and your career...

   3rd Stage: The professionally managed firm can continue to scale in size, since it has a professional management team in place, along with a board of directors. Frequently, entrepreneur founders do not continue to run their companies when they reach stage 3.  -- "Stages" by Edward Lowe Foundation

3rd Stage

< You'll want to order a dozen copies of this
book to give as gifts to aspiring entrepreneurs
you meet along the way...

G E T   T H E   P I C T U R E?
Whatever stage you're in right now, this book is for you.

>>>>>   O R D E R I N G   O P T I O N S    <<<<<
Limited Collector's Edition -- Hard Cover -- $20.99 (plus S&H)
General Release Edition -- Soft Cover Edition
-- $15.99 (plus S&H)
4-CD Audio Book Version -- 5 hours  (BONUS -- includes entire book on mp3)
-- $24.99 (plus S&H)
*BEST DEAL* Entrepreneur Collector's Book/Audio Book Special -- $37.99 (plus S&H) *BEST DEAL*


Freeman's Other Resources (Books, DVDs, etc.)
>>>>>>>>>> Press Release / What Makes This Book Unique? <<<<<<<<<<


|||)))|||   I G N I T E   Y O U R   E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L   P A S S I O N   |||(((|||

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (an organization that
promotes entrepreneurship & education)
there are approximately 10 million
Americans involved in starting a new business at any given time.
Another study by the same organization showed that 464,000 people are creating new businesses every month, with 55 to 64-year-olds taking the lead.

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Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.

   Born in Maine (1954) and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Joel A. Freeman brings a rich reservoir of personal experience blended with contagious enthusiasm, clarity and down to earth humor to empower people from diverse walks of life with improved communication skills and maximized productivity.

   The Freeman Institute™ (TFI™), of which Dr. Freeman is CEO/President, is a Maryland-based company with an international impact -- with five main arenas of expertise:

     I.     Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Presentations/Corporate Training/Staff
   Long-term organizational culture change.
Executive coaching, specializing in Critical Incident Debriefings (CID). 
Cultural Competency and Black History.
     V.    Entrepreneurship/Creative Business Implementation
    VI.   Open Registration Seminar Events

   With a Ph.D. in counseling, Dr. Freeman served as mentor/chaplain for the NBA’s Washington Wizards (formerly the Bullets) for 19 wonderful years ('79-'98). Freeman facilitates many seminar programs, including the popular:

          -- "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®
          -- "A White Man's Journey Into Black History"®
          -- All Stressed Out and No One to Choke
          -- "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect"
          -- "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option."
          -- "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!"®

   With six books currently in 28 foreign translation editions and listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Freeman facilitates seminars with leaders in the Federal Judiciary, music and entertainment industries, corporations, business management, government agencies and heads of state of other nations. Interested in bringing Joel to speak to your organization? Email or Cell: 410.991.9718 -- An example -IgniteHamptonRoads


TV ad-- an example of one of Dr. Freeman's
past business  seminars ( Sri Lanka).

   Freeman resides in Maryland with his wife, Shirley and their four children, David, Jacob, Jesse and Shari.











*       *






Freeman's other books

You can order a numbered and signed, hard cover Limited Collector's Edition)
 To order online Click Here or continue reading.  Limited Edition is available now.

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© Copyright, 2009-NOW The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without explicit written permission.
Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited. 

"if nobody loves you, CREATE THE DEMAND"

A  Powerful  Jolt  of  Entrepreneurial  Energy  and  Wisdom

               TABLE OF CONTENTS

         Lessons From a Tractor

    1. A Most Fantastic View, Fog Permitting

    2.  Dinner and A Book

    3.  Death of a Vision

    4.  Designing Your Future

    5.  Branding Yourself

    6.  Marketing Yourself

    7.  Enhancing Your Influence

    8.  Reinventing Yourself

    9.  So, What’s Your Fee?

    10.  Work Hard, Work Smart

    11.  Bartering Your Services

    12.  The Curiosity-Driven Life

    13.  The Non-Profit Factor

    14.  Who’s Covering Your Blind Spot?

          Bonus Material --

    Enhancing Your Personal Success in
    30 days: Self-Coaching Questions

    SWOT Analysis

    If I Can Write, You Can Write

    Not Just For Graphic Artists and

    Words Worth Embroidering

    About The Author

          224 PAGES

Entrepreneurial  Teenagers

- Confirming what parents everywhere probably already know, teenagers overwhelmingly prefer being their own boss, according to a new survey.

Of more than 1,400 teens surveyed across the nation earlier this year, nearly 71 percent said they would like to run a business someday, up from 64 percent in 2004, according to the fifth-annual Junior Achievement Worldwide "Interprise" Poll on Entrepreneurship.

Some 32 percent said they want to start a business in professional services -- the most popular industry -- including law firms, insurance agencies, and accounting firms, the survey found.

Surprisingly, very few said the desire to own a business is driven by a lack of meaningful employment elsewhere. Instead, nearly half said they are motivated by having a great idea and wanting to "see it in action," according to the survey.

Of those teens who aspired to own a business, 78 percent have family members who are self-employed and more than 95 percent believe a college education would help, the survey showed.

By gender, male teens who responded to the survey were twice as likely as female teens to describe the business start-ups as "easy" or "very easy."

               -- By Angus Loten, Inc.com

By the way, this is a great book to give a teenager or two...along with the Next Generation Entrepreneur Club workbook.

If you represent a Business School, interested in bringing Dr. Freeman
for a half-day or all-day event, check out this web site:

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>>>>>>>>>> Press Release / What Makes This Book Unique? <<<<<<<<<<


Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer of microcredit, was awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for
his work advancing the economic and social opportunities for the poor. Yunus' philosophy is
that there are "among the poor -- anywhere -- people of tremendous talent and energy."

                                                           READ FIRST CHAPTER BELOW


"brilliant piece of work"      "masterpiece"      "mind-blowing"

* * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *      *      * * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *

Still not convinced that this book for you?    Listen to the experts:

"Each year millions of people think about starting their own entrepreneurial pursuits. Joel Freeman's refreshingly to-the-point book is an essential guide for those who posses the courage and the drive to follow their dreams."

              - Steve Forbes
              President and CEO of Forbes, Inc. and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine
              Presidential Candidate, 1996 and 2000


   "I was a one-time runaway and juvenile delinquent. Fast-forward 14 years. As a bestselling novelist and the owner of my own book publishing company, we have sold over 1 million books independently and have been a part of generating over $12M in the marketplace. None of it has been easy. I worked  hard until success found me. That's why I like this book. It's not for the faint of heart. It tells it like it is -- at street level. No smoke. No mirrors. Dr. Joel Freeman has done a masterful job of taking

complex issues and breaking them down into easy-to-implement, bite-sized chunks of entrepreneurial wisdom. This insightful book is a gem, well worth your time.”

            - Teri Woods
              Publisher and Author, True to the Game and Dutch


   "Over the years I have read a lot of books on similar topics. But this book stands out. Freeman

has done an exceptional job of combining practical advice, personal vulnerability, and evocative content -- without wasting a single word. A compelling read! If you have an entrepreneurial itch to scratch, this is the book for you."

         - Joseph Guerriero
              Publisher of Success Magazine


  “If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand! by Joel Freeman is an energy filled book which shares secrets on how to be a successful entrepreneur. A fun read you shouldn't miss.”

- Ken Blanchard
              Co author, The One Minute Manager and The Secret


  "In this easy-to-read book, Joel Freeman has made a point that I have always stressed; namely, that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you is YOU. When people understand

their own potential, the sky is the limit. If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand! will help you explore your potential, enhancing the quality of your entrepreneurial journey.  There’s not a wasted word in this informative, power-packed book!”

- Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.
              Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital


  "Your life and your success are in your own hands; this book, If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!, shows you how to get behind the wheel to your future."
             - Brian Tracy
              Author, The Way To Wealth


  “Joel Freeman has written a hard hitting book that will get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. Read this and get ready to rock the world.”

   - Pat Williams

              Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic


   “Cha-Ching! Find an hour or two and read this entire book now! Joel Freeman’s entrepreneurial

wisdom, advice, and secrets really can put thousands of new dollars in your pocket within 90 days…I guarantee. It’s the shortest and best book I’ve read on the subject in years. Thank you, Joel, for creating a gem and sharing your success with us. It’s a micro masterpiece.”

            - George Fraser
              Author, Success Runs In Our Race



   " A very good book that should be read by the serious marketer.”

             - Peter Shea
               Chairman/CEO, Entrepreneur Magazine


   "Amazing! What a gift!  As a former executive with Century 21 Real Estate through the unprecedented growth years, I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and was acquainted with many books on how to write business plans and draft financials. In the midst of those types of books, If Nobody Loves

You, Create The Demand! is unique. It is a valuable resource, filled with many ‘ah-has’ and gold nuggets about how to position your business practice successfully. Joel, thank you for sharing your creativity and insights!"

            - Dick Eagan
              President, Dynamic Management


   "Here's a book that's a quick read and a wealth of practical tips on starting and growing a business. Read it and then go for it!"

            - Rich DeVos
              Co-Founder of Alticor, Inc.,
              Owner and Chairman of the NBA Orlando Magic


  “If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand! should be required reading for every would-be entrepreneur who asks the question: “How do I succeed in business?” Such a text is invaluable

to the novice and a great refresher for the seasoned professional. Dr. Joel Freeman has created an authentic, frank, to-the-point guide that will put dollars in your pocket and creative ideas in your head. All you have to do is follow his wise suggestions!”

- Carolyn Corbin
              President, Center for the 21st Century
              Author, Great Leaders See the Future First


  "Joel Freeman has a novel perspective on success and the meaning of life. I learned a great deal from this book, and you will too. Don't miss it!"

- Roger Dawson
              Author, Secrets of Power Negotiating


  “If you have an unwritten symphony in you…a great idea for a business, a novel, a seminar…this

book will press you to either write the symphony or just go back to singing in the shower. If you decide you’re ready to write, Joel will lead you from critical step to critical step. No fat, no fads, no wasted time. A great read!”

- John Cummuta
              Author, Transforming Debt Into Wealth®


  This book will change your life!  Joel's international experience and wealth of knowledge put you on the fast track to personal and professional success.  Read it. Believe it.  Live it. Enjoy it!”

            - Brian D. Molitor
              Author, The Power of Agreement Unleashed


  “I live vicariously through smart books like Dr. Joel Freeman's, If Nobody Loves You, Create

The Demand.  I could never write like him but I can apply his wisdom and insight.  This new book takes a fresh approach to an age old challenge – how can an average person stand out and compete in a world of, seemingly, superstars?  Today just knowing you need to be in demand accelerates your journey to a successful life.”

- Mike Smith
              President, Michael Smith and Associates


   “I have read many books by entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, Sam Walton and Thomas Watson. But If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand! is the first entrepreneurial book I have read that carries wisdom, strategy and a plan to accomplish your business goals as it relates to a service. Well done! Thank you, Joel.”

-  William I. Kissinger, CPA/PFS, CFP
               President, Kissinger Financial Services, Inc.


   “Upon finishing the reading of If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!, I reflected back on my experiences as an entrepreneur.  I only wish this book was available thirty five years ago when I began my career as a consultant. Freeman meticulously outlined, in each chapter, many of

the major pitfalls and successes, along with the skills and tools needed to pursue a business in consulting on a limited budget.  I would recommend this book as a guide for anyone going into business for themselves. Thank you, Joel, for sharing your enthusiasm, insights, and experiences through this book.

            - Dr. Ted Paynther
              John Gray Associates


   “I love the way Joel Freeman leaves out the parts readers skip. In the midst of dynamic stories, this book overflows with solid, time-proven truths that will revolutionize your life, your home, and your work. Don't just buy this book. Buy four and give them away!”

            - Phil Callaway
              Popular speaker and best-selling author of Laughing Matters


   "When I first started in real estate, it was only to subsidize my income from a job I had in corporate America. I could never seem to get to the point where I made enough money. I realized that there was a glass ceiling on how high I could advance. In 2000 I took the big step. I bought my own real estate franchise and have never looked back. This book is rare. No fluff. It gets right to the point and never wavers. I highly recommend it. It's a quick read, but it will take a lifetime to digest."

- Janice Corley

President and CEO, Sudler Sotheby's International Realty, Chicago



   “Dr. Joel Freeman’s If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand is a blueprint for success for any entrepreneur, business owner, and professional. This masterpiece outlines Joel’s personal experience in business and gives practical advice to help any business or individual excel. In one insightful book, Joel captures over 30 years of lessons, strategies, and techniques he learned from his personal career and other senior professionals. In fact, if I had this book when I started my career, Joel’s tactics would have saved me money, stress, and time…Mind-blowing methods and out-of-the-box suggestions are throughout the book to help you get your business off the ground…Usually authors as intelligent as Dr. Freeman write a philosophical book that is hard to make sense out of, however, If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand is a well-written, praiseworthy manuscript that will change the way I will

do business. I will caution you: once you read this book, there are no more excuses. This brilliant piece of work makes operating a business or pursuing your entrepreneurial itch much easier…Go and make this your year even If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand!”

- Les Brown
National and International Motivational Speaker and Coach


   "I am certainly no stranger to the successes and failures (or successful failures) of being a small business owner. I have been a successful composer/songwriter (over 2000 written, over 600 recorded, and over 150 chart hits) arranger/artist (Grammy's and Dove, BMI, ASCAP awards), studio owner (13), label(s) owner,  8 publishing company producer of over 2000 artists -- with such rock hits as "Cherry Pie", "Alley-Oop", "Monster Mash" (3 time hit), "Woman, Sensuous Woman" (3 time country and pop hit), and Gospel standard, "He Was There All The Time" (recorded over 100 times worldwide

in many languages) -- in total has been involved in selling over 100 million records. I am truly astounded that an author of Dr. Freeman's class, expertise and international influence would choose one of my hit song titles, "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" for the title of his latest book. If this brilliant book had been available to me from 1955 through 1993, I would have received and been able to keep some of the countless millions that should have come my way. This book of common sense wisdom would have helped me immensely. It is a burst of constant, how-to-do-it-right information with credibility and integrity from cover to cover."

            - Gary S. Paxton
            Composer, songwriter, record label owner


  “This book is uniquely dynamic. Like lightning in a bottle. Read it – along with responding to the creative thinking questions at the end of each chapter. It will ignite or re-ignite your entrepreneurial passion like few other books I have read. I spent most of the reading of this book kicking myself for all the times that I found myself saying, ‘That's right.’ I look forward to sharing this publication with friends who, like myself, have stopped being assertive about the talent and dreams that are a part of us all. My ancestors shared a dream of freedom with each generation that they touched, which is why there is a little Kunta

Kinte, Chicken George and Queen in all of us. They had the courage and conviction to act and create a dream.”

- William Alexander Haley

CEO, Alex Haley Family, Inc



   "This practical book is a 'tell it like it is' collection of insight and wisdom for anyone who is beginning their business – or improving it.   It's a great read from someone who has been there and can speak truth to those who are there."

- Thomas Addington, Ph.D.
o-founder and Managing Director of Wellspring Group, Ltd.


   "Being the Founder of America's seventh largest radio broadcasting company didn't come easily. I began my radio career in 1969. At the time, I wish I had a book like this to read. I have found it to be profound, entertaining and practical. This book is a solid guide for anyone who wants to achieve their business goals. This book is every entrepreneur's dream. If you are looking for a gift for your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, this will help launch them professionally and can provide them a foundation for a lifetime of personal and career success.”


            - Catherine L. Hughes       Cathy Hughes

Founder, Chairperson of the Board and Secretary, Radio One


   "If you're a dreamer, "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" is for you.  Dr. Freeman has harnessed the wisdom of the ages, and added his own solid teaching to it.  If you're a doer, the accompanying workbook connects the contents of that book to entrepreneurs...Joel Freeman's resources are essential reading on your way to the top."

            - Solomon Hicks       Cathy Hughes

Author, entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker




“This is classic Joel Freeman...creative, right to the point, easy to read and digest..."

 "...Outstanding!  Highly-readable...thoroughly practical....full of good, workable ideas...."

 "...a must-read for those of us who have a serious, but under-developed stream of entrepreneurship lurking in our bones...Good, solid, evocative content. Compelling reading. Once picked up, it’s very hard to put down. I have read it twice, and want to read it again…."

...I opened the manuscript to give it quick skim, and the first page jumped out and seized me...I couldn't stop until I finished the last word!!! I must say that I learned a lot from each chapter including the last – and I'm in the publishing industry..."

As I read the manuscript I almost felt guilty for being able to get this kind of information without having to pay. I'm sure this book will be in great demand.  I learned so much, and you must know that I plan to use and put into practice some of the nuggets in my own personal life.

 "...This manuscript made me feel like the author was having a conversation with me from across the table...gives ordinary people the opportunity to reach their potential...targets adults, but also gives teenagers a forward look to the building blocks they will need to be successful in life...not a pie in the sky...Years of expertise in a small package..."

 "...Every school, every mentoring group, every faith-based and community-based organization needs to start an Entrepreneur Club. Entrepreneurial pursuits provide wonderful laboratories for addressing the basic issues of life...This book, with discussion questions at the end of each chapter, is an excellent resource for any group of people involved in small business enterprises..."

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Lessons From a Tractor

Book Dedicated To
Fred  and  Flora  Weeks

   I worked for two summers on Fred and Flora’s dairy farm in Litchfield, Maine (1968 &’69) when I was 14 and 15 years of age. Every day I helped carry and record the weight of the milk from each cow in large pails during the 4am and 4pm milkings. The late mornings and early afternoons were spent haying, gardening, cutting timber or general farm work. The first summer I received $10 a week, plus room and board. The next summer I got a raise, $25 a week.

  Fred was an easy-going man, a remarkable mentor in his own way. I remember one day I got the hair-brained idea that I would spruce up the old grease-it-before-you-use-it Farmall tractor. Big wheels on the rear and small tires, about foot apart on the front. It was begging for a coat of paint. So I asked if I could slap some paint on it. Fred explained that the painting process involved sanding the rust off before applying the paint. I nodded in agreement. Sounded simple enough.

Farmall Tractor (needing paint)

  Later that day he drove me down to the local hardware store and he bought some sandpaper, a brush, and a gallon of fire engine red high-gloss oil paint. I was thrilled. When we got home I started on the easiest part of the tractor…the large cowl covering the top of the engine. It was easily accessible and relatively rust-free. The sandpaper part of the job was a snap. The paint went on smoothly. It glistened in the afternoon sun.

  I backed off a few yards, surveying the scene. I then did a full 360 around the tractor. I looked at the rust all over the spokes on the wheels and on other parts of the tractor with hard-to-reach pits and ridges. It looked nasty and grungy with dried cow manure caked over the rust. There was no way I was going to hug those wheels to get off all that rust.

  At that moment I had an epiphany. I decided that I was done with the job. I went to the barn, found the turpentine and cleaned the brush. In my book, the tractor looked fine. Heck, it’s only going to be used out in the field. We’re not talking about a cool looking chick magnet used to cruise the main street on Saturday evenings. No big deal. It’s certainly better off than it was…it’s a tractor, for Pete’s sake!

  The next day I went about my business. Fred let a couple of days pass without saying anything about the half-done painting job. I guess he finally figured out that I was done with the tractor, but he wanted to verify it with me. “Joel, when are you planning to finish painting the tractor?” he ventured.

  “I’m done.” I responded. “I figured that I took the job as far as I could take it.” Seemed like a logical response any rational person would understand. I mean, look at them nasty spokes, would you?

  It was the only time I ever saw Fred get mad. Steam was coming out of his shirt collar. He put the fear of God in me. He never raised his voice, but there was an unmistakable tight-jawed, eye-piercing Clint Eastwood authority. In a controlled, firm manner he said, “Joel, you will complete what you started. Now go get the sandpaper and start working on the wheels.”

    Fred and Flora Weeks

  I experienced more than just hard work that early-to-bed-early-to-rise summer. I learned how to finish what I started. I now finish some things that I shouldn’t have started in the first place. But that’s beside the point.

  Flora died a few years ago. Fred died September 26, 2005. He was 90. I used to call him at least once a month (sometimes more) to see how he was doing. I miss both of them, but especially Fred. Even though I finally cleared his phone number out of my cell phone’s memory the other day, his legacy lives on. Here’s to the “Fred’s” and the “Flora’s” of the world…

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A Most Fantastic View, Fog Permitting

                    "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."
                                                                        -- Jonathan Winters

                   "Money and success don’t change people; they
              merely amplify what is already there."
      -- Will Smith

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   Have you ever tried to navigate your way through a dense fog or a blinding blizzard? It can be both dangerous and exciting. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, I have encountered a few of those “can’t see-my-outstretched-hand-in-front-of-me” blizzards. I have also driven and walked in dense fog on the coast of Maine. Both types of experiences are challenging on many levels. You’re lucky if you can see a few feet ahead at any given time.

   An entrepreneurial pursuit is somewhat similar – forward motion in a thick fog. The kind of fog that seems to weigh you down, though it weighs nothing. An immensely oppressive weight of lightness. You cautiously pace yourself, feeling your way toward an unformed shadow of an idea that initially looked like a promising expenditure of your time, energy, and money.

   You know what it’s supposed to look like. You once had a fantastic view of it. Whatever it is. But when you arrive, what you currently see is really desolate and troublesome – what could be called “destination sickness.”

   The best laid (business) plans can become fuzzy and out of focus. It may even seem like you have squandered your limited reserves of time, energy, and finances. You are engaging in the process of going down alleys to see if they go anywhere…or if they are blind.

   Kind of like a research scientist, propelled by the vision of developing the cure for a ravaging disease or an inventor trying to conceive of something that no other human on the planet has ever imagined. Wernher Von Braun (one of the most important rocket developers and an early champion of space exploration) said, “Research is what I am doing when I don’t know what I am doing.” Ever felt that way?

   Some people just do not have the stomach for this kind of startup work – walking in a fog or going down blind alleys. They want a secure and settled environment complete with benefits, retirement plan, insurance, all systems and protocol in place. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you get the picture.

   Entrepreneurial pursuits aren’t for everybody. If every person stepped out on his or her own, corporations would falter and a nation’s economy would suffer. Working in a corporate environment is a noble profession.

   In fact, your start-up business may grow to become a secure and settled corporation some day, complete with benefits, retirement plan, insurance, and all the systems and protocol in place.

   It’s just that some people acquire an inconvenient, somewhat maddening entrepreneurial itch that needs scratching. And it’s an itch that won’t go away with one or two scratches. Are you feeling that itch? If so, this book is for you.

   By the way, people do not need to exit their day jobs to become entrepreneurs. Most are “evening executives,” “midnight moguls” and/or “weekend merchants” – selling stuff on eBay or some other home-based business that brings in extra cash. Some of those ventures may even become substantial enough a few years from now, inviting that individual to flirt with the idea of quitting his or her day job.

   I am a professional speaker, author, corporate trainer, consultant, and confidential CID coach of senior executives, professional athletes and entertainers. I realize that much of what I am communicating in this book will reflect my vocation and may have special appeal to performers, seminar facilitators, executive coaches, agents, corporate trainers, writers, publicists, inventors, network marketers, film makers, sales people, clergy, financial planners, network marketers, professional speakers, business consultants, franchise owners, graphic artists, insurance brokers, entertainers,  magicians…

   If you don’t see your profession listed, do not worry. It’s about most professions or products requiring savvy marketing. Your internal world is a primary focus.

   After reading an early version of this manuscript a friend commented, “This book is like condensed milk – a rich concentration of wisdom with a diversity of applications.” I certainly hope you find that to be true, especially the diversity of application.

   My goal is to give skills and tools to individuals who are engaged in an entrepreneurial pursuit – on a limited budget. You possess the connectors to apply the contents of this book to the specifics of your life.

   Who will benefit the most from this book? Those who are in the “early-to-mid-stages” of ramping up a new business. It’s like eating chicken. Eat the meat and throw away the bones. And if you hit a bone, something that doesn’t quite fit your situation, keep chewing around the bone. Perhaps there will be some meat on the other side. Seasoned business professionals considering whether or not this book is relevant, may want to listen to Les Brown, “…(this book) will change the way I do business.”

   If you implement just a few ideas from this book, you should be able to add at least $10,000 to your bank account within six months.

   I can’t guarantee what I just stated, because I do not know your credibility. I don’t know your telephone skills. I know nothing about the way you present yourself to others. I don’t know your work ethic or if your word is your bond. That’s on your shoulders. Wear it well.

   Regardless your passion, a startup business is kind of like building an addition on your home:

      A.     It’s messier than previously anticipated.
It takes longer than previously anticipated.
It’s more expensive than previously anticipated.

   What you are reading on these pages has been formed in the crucible of painful experiences. And it works. But not without a few failures along the way. Truth be told, I have learned more from my failures than from my successes. I am writing this very honest and open book as a wounded healer – providing some skills, tools and creative ideas for charting a course through the dense fog.

   It is my hope that you hear the enthusiasm in my words. We generally hear/read the words, but it’s the “music” that really captures us. I trust that you hear the music, the passion, as you make your way to the back cover. Most of all I hope that this is a fun read for you.

   Let’s look at all this in terms of mixing colors. If Creative Vision is yellow and Practical Application is blue – we’re looking for green.

   Everybody loves green. It transcends ethnicity, gender, religion, generation, and class. An alternative title to this book could be “If Nobody Loves You, Mix Up Sumpin’ Green!”

   Executive Concepts: At the top of the Ballinskelligs Bay on the southwesterly edge of the peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland, there is a pub with a sign boasting, “IRELAND’S MOST FANTASTIC VIEW, FOG PERMITTING.” Even though before you is one of the most panoramic views to behold (view above), the elements involved in creating the weather seem to conspire together, keeping tourists from getting a clear view of the beautiful sight. Hence the brisk sale of scenic postcards.

   What’s my point? The presence of “fog” doesn’t nullify the existence of the entrepreneurial vision you know is real. Take a mental picture of the vision you have developed for your business. Keep that mental snapshot clear in your mind’s eye, kind of like a panoramic postcard image. Don’t doubt in the fog what you know you “saw” on a clear day. Like Mark Twain said, “You can’t depend upon your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.” Expect the fog to come in. Plan for it and use it to your advantage as an opportunity for internal growth. Personal character and perseverance are built when the fog comes in, not when the view is clear. Starting and developing a new business is important, but even more meaningful is who you become in the process.

   It may sound corny, but work with me on this. Like the above-mentioned pub in Ireland, remind yourself and others about the panoramic view of your business by placing a small sticky note above your computer screen, “(NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS) – A MOST FANTASTIC VIEW, FOG PERMITTING.” If it makes you feel any better, I just looked up and saw the sticky note above my computer screen, designed to remind me of this section. See, we’re connecting already! Before we get through this book together, we’ll be getting along famously…

--  Ballinskelligs Bay photo © 2006 Mel Bray

                      Creative Thinking: For Personal Reflection and/or Group Discussion

   1. What is the vision and mission of your business? Write everything down, getting an even clearer image of the panoramic view before you.
   2. D
escribe and define the fog as it relates to your entrepreneurial pursuit. In other words, what makes you confused and perplexed, unclear about the next step(s) as you attempt to implement your vision and mission?
   3. Joseph Conrad once stated, “
It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.” I suspect that no one reading this book is actually trying to rule the world, but what is your perspective on what this famous author is communicating, within the context of the theme of this book?
   4. What are some strategies that can lead to “great achievements”
when, not if, the fog settles in around you and your business pursuit? With pen in hand, identify specific practical concepts you can implement, addressing five layers. Let’s call it the FERMS Fog Strategy: i. Financial. ii. Emotional. iii. Relational.

iv.  Mental. v. Spiritual.
   5. As you embark upon this reading experience, what are you hoping to receive from this book? Make a list of your expectations and check it when you are finished to see if I hit the bulls-eye for you. Grab a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes and let's move to the next chapter together.


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Chapter One

Dinner and a Book

"If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you."
                                                  -- Francis Roberts

   Verbal snapshot. I am in an Italian restaurant munching on some chicken alfredo, sitting across from two people my wife and I have known for years. We are reminiscing about old times.

   The conversation dies down for a moment. I look across the table, with my fork midway between the plate and my mouth, and asked, “So, Lauretta, what are your plans for the future?”

   She lifted her head with a surprised look. “What do you mean?”

   “Oh, I don’t know. Your daughters are all grown up and you are ready for a new chapter in your life. I’m wondering how you want to fill that new chapter?”

   “I don’t know,” she stammered. “I haven’t given it much thought.”

   Lauretta has a unique gift from God. If it were possible to shatter a crystal goblet with a high note, this woman could do it. Classically trained, she has traveled extensively throughout various parts of the world participating in operatic performances. She has taught in prestigious schools like Duke Ellington School of Music, Baltimore School for the Arts and Peabody.

   In spite of all the successes, she has been handed some very difficult situations. A widow with three lovely grown daughters, Lauretta has confronted many personal and vocational obstacles. She is a survivor.

   Throughout the next 25-30 minutes I laid out a practical action plan for her to start a new one-woman show specifically built around her training and her passion.

   Here’s the concept in a nutshell: An African American woman, Lauretta will perform Negro Spirituals at corporate conventions and Black History events for Government agencies, churches, educational institutions and family reunions. These performances will be both educational and inspirational. The organizations that hire her will be blown away by the experience. In fact, I can see her being sponsored by a large corporation to do this all over the world.

   Can you see it? The lights will dim. She will turn her back to the audience, putting on vintage clothing. A hat. A shawl. Transformation. When she turns around the single spotlight hits her. She will become Harriet Tubman, Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth or one of the original Fisk University Jubilee Singers. After dramatically providing the historical backdrop she will sing a song that will chill you down to the marrow of your bones.

   After a short pause I then commented, “What you just heard is about $10,000 worth of advice. And I am willing to help you implement every step.” I could see the excitement dancing in her eyes.

   While driving home from the restaurant, I began to think about the many people who reach out to me for some advice. When could I carve out the time to place this information in written form so that others could benefit? The book you now hold in your hands is the result.

   In fact, I want to write in such a way that you will almost feel like you are sitting in the next table, eavesdropping on what I told Lauretta. Perhaps you can glean some basic information for your own entrepreneurial pursuits. I sure hope so.

   Let’s see…weren’t you the one who ordered the chicken pasta? There ain’t no bones in that dish! Pretend you’re not listening, but scoot your chair over just a little closer.


   Executive Concepts: Eulogize the mundane things of life. Do not overlook the obvious. A simple dinner conversation became the seed concept for a book. What's the “normal stuff” in your life that can spark a new idea? Frankly, this book will free me up to become more productive. I generously give hours every month helping people who have specific questions about building their personal entrepreneurial dreams. This book will free me up to do other things. How? Whenever anyone calls or emails for business advice, I will gently suggest that he or she should first read this book. I can then say goodbye and go back to what I was doing before the phone rang. If, after reading the book, the caller still has unanswered questions I will gladly resume the conversation. This strategy will help me superintend and multiply my time, while still helping people – which is very important to me.

   Vision Rich, Cash Poor: Learn a new language. Assuming that you speak English real good, you may want to consider learning Spanish, Chinese, French or Portuguese. It will give you access to many more people and will also expand your future business options. Take a look at the populations that will be expanding in the next 20 years and personally plan for the cultural realities of the future.

   Creative Thinking: For Personal Reflection and/or Group Discussion
1. In what ways is your counsel in demand?
       2. How can you free yourself up so that you can remain focused on things about which you are  passionate?

   Connecting the Dots:
1. LaurettaYoung.com  -- Lauretta is a real person. Check out her ever-expanding web site and cheer her on with an encouraging email. Who knows? You may even have an idea or two for her as she is embarking upon this new chapter in her life. By the way, do you know of an organization that might be interested in what she has to offer?  Email

Successimo Rocks!

Chapter Two

Death Of A Vision

“What could be worse than being born without sight?
Being born with sight and no vision
." -- Helen Keller

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”   -- Anonymous

   A child is conceived in ecstasy, but birthed with much pain.

   Isn’t that’s the way it is with life? Ideas and dreams tumble into our consciousness with great enthusiasm and passion, but the implementation of those concepts invites suffering and pain.

   We all desire character traits like stick-to-it-iveness, flexibility, generosity, perseverance and integrity. We want to say what we mean and mean what we say. Giving birth to an entrepreneurial dream will test the very seams of your soul.

   I can’t remember where I heard it, but there are five stages to a vision (I embellished them a bit.).

1. Dream (wonderful excitement, skyrockets at night…)

2. Discover overall purpose of vision (big picture thinking, finding a mentor...)

3. Develop strategic aspects of vision (business plan, financing, equipment, technology, connecting
    with people who can help…)

4. Delegate (systems, protocol, insurance, retirement plans, employees…)

5. Disappear (backing off, letting others fail and/or succeed on their own, succession…)

   Whoever came up with these stages knew what he or she was talking about. By the way, it is the non-participants who generally get the credit in the end. But if you don’t care who gets the credit, do the details with dignity and integrity. After thinking carefully about this, I’d like to add another stage:

    Death of the vision. (Disillusionment. More questions than answers…)

   I’m not sure where this category appears in the stages mentioned above, but it a necessary part of the overall purpose of the vision. Here’s the fun part -- sometimes the “death” stage visits...

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