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Powerful Jolts of  Entrepreneurial Energy

      and Wisdom

Everything Relative to You, Your
Business and Your Purpose in Life



|||)))|||   I G N I T E    Y O U R    E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L    P A S S I O N   |||(((|||

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (an organization that
promotes entrepreneurship & education) there are approximately 10 million
Americans involved in starting a new business at any given time.

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Church Entrepreneur Club in a BOX!
Book/Workbook Combination

Think Purple!
 Workbook available NOW!
Click on image above.

Seeing Double?

But...do the entrepreneurial principles in
this book/workbook combination really work?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~  T H E   R O S E T T A   S T O N E   R E P L I C A   P R O J E C T  ~

Dr. Freeman applied the information found in the material to develop what he has determined to be the world's first full-size, 3D replica of the famous Rosetta Stone available for sale to the general public.

In 2004 it was only a bright idea. And now...after many ups and downs it is a reality -- with eight unique innovations available to museums, educational institutions and other entities/individuals.
Click on the image below to learn more...



Contact Dr. Freeman if you want to host a region-wide entrepreneur seminar in your community



"If Nobody Loves You..." is general market book, appealing to entrepreneurs everywhere.
The "purple" workbook (above) is
designed for personal reflection and/or group discussions.
This workbook connects the contents of the book specifically to faith-based organizations.

FRONT                                        BACK

A beautiful "membership" coin for every entrepreneur club member.
 Interested in learning more?

(We're also working on a general market workbook designed for the Next Generation...15-25)


Why Does Every Church Need to Consider Establishing
an emc2
Entrepreneur Ministry Club Connection?

Developing and enhancing a small business is the stuff of life. The entrepreneurial
journey challenges an individual and/or family members on a number of levels:

P U R P O S E   O F   emc2   C L U B S

  • Discerning the difference between a viable business dream and a nightmare.
  • Personal doubts, hopes, goals, self-talk and fears.
  • Investment, saving, insurance and tithing issues.
  • Responding to valid and/or “uncalled-for” criticism from family and friends.
  • Personal work ethic. Challenging the extremes, like workaholism and laziness.
  • Learning how to work both hard and smart.
  • Long hours, stress and family relationships…especially during the first few ramp-up years of any business venture.
  • Can husbands and wives work together in the same business? If so, how?
  • The development and on-going care of business partnerships.
  • Knowing what questions to ask when researching various legal issues and business models.
  • Embracing the purpose of business.
  • Taking time to count the many blessings – gratitude for the God-given skills, abilities and relationships necessary for the development of a successful business.
  • Developing group and personal definitions of success that are motivated by values that will still be important a thousand years from now.
  • Gentle accountability.
  • Applying eternal truths to time-measured goals and objectives.

This hand numbered and signed Limited Collector's Edition is only available online. The earlier the order, the lower the number. Click on cover to order or check out the Entrepreneur Book/Audio Book Special

Authentic Publishing
click here to view larger image of cover

What better place than the church to address these issues and more?



 "IGNITE Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"

Watch Dr. Freeman -- footage from event in Hampton, VA
(7 min -- clip shot/edited by FireWorksTV )


Your entrepreneur club can be the catalyst
for developing this world class magazine.

"I believe that one of the next moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace."
                                                                                                 --Billy Graham


   IMPORTANT:   The book, containing over 50,000 power-packed words, is now available as a  Limited Collector's Edition. Only 2,500 hard cover pre-release copies are available in this First Edition and they are going fast.  Each volume is hand numbered and signed by the  author. The lower the number, the more desirable the book. Online orders receive the lowest numbered, signed copies. First come, first served. Click Here to order this book right now or check out the Entrepreneur Book and Audio Book Special

   The Four-CD audio book (ISBN: 978-1-934068-29-8...read by author in a professional studio) version is available, which includes a bonus of the entire book MP3-ready for your Ipod or other MP3 player! -- Click here to order...
   The "Next Generation" workbook, designed to connect the contents of the book to young adults (15-26) will be available soon.
soft cover edition is now available online and everywhere through Authentic Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-932805-98-7).

>>>>>   O R D E R I N G   O P T I O N S    <<<<<
Limited Collector's Edition -- Hard Cover -- $20.99 (plus S&H)
General Release Edition -- Soft Cover Edition
-- $15.99 (plus S&H)
4-CD Audio Book Version -- 5 hours  (BONUS -- includes entire book on mp3)
-- $24.99 (plus S&H)
*BEST DEAL* Entrepreneur Collector's Book/Audio Book Special -- $37.99 (plus S&H)


* Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-932805-98-7          * 4-CD Audio Book ISBN: 978-1-934068-29-8
* Workbook ISBN: 978-1-60657-020-3

Freeman's Other Resources (Books, DVDs, etc.)

mp3 Sampler Version of
"If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand"
(Dedication, 1st two chapters, some bonus material, song "Almost Reggae")

>>>>>>>>>> FREE mp3 "Promo" of Audio Book <<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>> Press Release / What Makes This Book Unique? <<<<<<<<<<

CBN (700 Club) article about book
100 Huntley Street Contact
Dr. Alvin Jones Interview
WDC Media Press Release


Dr. Freeman being interviewed on Canadian TV about
Entrepreneurship: If Nobody Loves You Create the Demand!




Purpose of the Entrepreneur Ministry Club Connection in your Church

Regularly scheduled meetings of people representing the various stages of the entrepreneurial
journey committed to speaking the truth about faith, works, encouragement and grace.

  1. As small business owners enhance their success, they can tithe/donate more money. The more money given, the more the church can reach out to the needs in the community.
  2. Networking. Sometimes church-related relationships are one-dimensional. “Hi. How are you? Fine. See you next week.” An Entrepreneur Club allows the participants to see other unique aspects of each other and to look for ways to let people know of the various businesses represented by the participating church.



  1. Building reality-based, genuine relationships with men and women who may not be inclined to attend a church service may be more open to attending an Entrepreneur Club that is designed to scratch “real-world” itches.
  2. Inviting local/regional entrepreneurs who have experienced success and are willing to share their stories with the group.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> R A V E   R E V I E W S <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   "The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely experience. Meeting together with people who are going through the daily ups and downs of business enterprise can almost be likened to discovering an oasis in the desert every week. Joel Freeman has put together an exceptional book and companion workbook for entrepreneurs, which can be used for personal development or to connect business owners in your church on a regular basis. It's my hunch that every participating entrepreneur will become more successful and smarter as a result. I hope that large and small churches alike also understand the ministry potential of Freeman's innovative idea for the Entrepreneur Ministry Club Connections (emc2). It's an excellent "easy-to-implement, follow-the-bouncing-ball" idea that every church might want to consider."
-- Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor,
Oak Cliff Bible Church
                                                                President, Urban Alternatives

   "God has given me the honor to have known and worked with Joel Freeman for a number of years. His newest book titled, If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand examines the joys and heartaches of the entrepreneurial journey.  He has also developed a practical, group-friendly workbook, connecting the contents of the book specifically to entrepreneurs who live out their faith in the marketplace every day. Joel's entrepreneurial book/workbook combination is an excellent catalyst to assist with developing and empowering small business owners and those interested in impacting their communities in a meaningful way."

               -- John Jenkins, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden


   "I have at least 50 books people have given me to read and really felt nothing would probably come out of reading Joel Freeman's new book.  But the title intrigued me. As I began glancing over the book, the book really began to speak to me and my current situation and it became a real 'God moment' for me.  As I continued to read, I was pleasantly surprised. Finally a book that really gave me something besides trying to get me to attend another conference or buy the author's next book! Much of the information in Dr. Freeman's book was new and extremely insightful. The book has help fill my speaking calendar and has given me a major strategy going into the future. This is an extremely helpful book for anyone trying to better market what they do. Anyone, young or old, will greatly benefit from reading this book. I am especially interested in the Entrepreneur Ministry Club Connections (emc2). It is my opinion that every church can benefit by using this book and workbook combination -- developing a regular meeting especially designed for entrepreneurs in their churches. It will be an experience that will bring practical entrepreneurial wisdom to all of the participants and also will allow everyone to better apply spiritual principles to their business enterprises."
            -- Ken Johnson, Chaplain, NFL Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, 2007


   Most pastors don't consider themselves "entrepreneurs," but the word simply means "a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of an enterprise." If that doesn't describe what Christian workers do, what does? In Joel Freeman's book/workbook combination you will find valuable information and motivation to help make you the best possible servant-leader and will also provide the necessary resources for entrepreneurs in your church to start an entrepreneur ministry club connection (emc2). Let's learn from the business world as we carry on the Lord's business!

                               --  Warren W. Wiersbe, Author, former pastor of Moody Church

            -- Solomon Hicks, Author, entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker


Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.

   Born in Maine (1954) and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Joel A. Freeman brings a rich reservoir of personal experience blended with contagious enthusiasm, clarity and down to earth humor to empower people from diverse walks of life with improved communication skills and maximized productivity.

   The Freeman Institute™ (TFI™), of which Dr. Freeman is CEO/President, is a Maryland-based company with an international impact -- with four main arenas of expertise:

     I.     Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Presentations/Corporate Training/Staff
   Long-term organizational culture change.
Executive coaching, specializing in Critical Incident Debriefings (CID). 
Cultural Competency and Black History.

   With a Ph.D. in counseling, Dr. Freeman served as mentor/chaplain for the NBA’s Washington Wizards (formerly the Bullets) for 19 wonderful years ('79-'98). Freeman facilitates many seminar programs, including the popular:

          -- "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®
          -- "A White Man's Journey Into Black History"®
          -- All Stressed Out and No One to Choke
          -- "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect"
          -- "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option."
          -- "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!"

   With six books currently in 28 foreign translation editions and listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Freeman facilitates seminars with leaders in the Federal Judiciary, music and entertainment industries, corporations, business management, government agencies and heads of state of other nations. Interested in bringing Joel to speak to your organization? Email or Cell: 410.991.9718

A 30-sec. TV ad for one of Dr. Freeman's
past international seminars (Sri Lanka).

   Freeman resides in Maryland with his wife, Shirley and their four children, David, Jacob, Jesse and Shari.











*       *






Freeman's other books

You can order a numbered and signed, hard cover Limited Collector's Edition)
 To order online Click Here or continue reading.  Limited Edition is available now.

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>>>>>>>>>> Press Release / What Makes This Book Unique? <<<<<<<<<<


Special  "Private  Label"  Editions

Picture this:
   Your company, school or organization's logo is on the left-hand corner of the front cover of this book. The first couple of pages in the front and back are filled with whatever you want to communicate about your organization.

An "Out-of-The-Box" Marketing Idea For Your Organization

Our publisher is permitting a limited number of "private label" editions of this book, which can be used as an outreach marketing tool for your organization -- giveaway or fundraiser. Translated editions of the book are permitted.

For schools and non-profits, corporate sponsorship is an alternative. The publisher is willing to place a few ads for the primary companies that are financially backing your special edition. The ads can be placed on the back pages, plus 1-2 of the primary sponsoring companies can have their names near your logo on the front cover -- which can pay for the entire edition.

For more info

Everyone wins! Minimum order is 2,000 copies. Affordable.

Special  "Private  Label"  Editions


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Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited. 

"if nobody loves you, CREATE THE DEMAND"

Facilitator's   Guidelines

For the online
Facilitator's Guide


                 By the way, Dr. Freeman's books are currently in 28 foreign translation editions.
      Check out the open letter inviting you to participate in more of these foreign translation projects.

    ~ Letter about If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand from a prisoner ~

Dr. Freeman, I find it appropriate to write you from the most humbling place I have ever been. I'm not exactly sure why, but who am I to argue with the wind. I've recently decided to commit to exploring life on different terms by changing my beliefs and accepting certain struggles with open arms and mind. I find it necessary to thank you for bringing comfort along the way.

I am now two months away from release in a correctional facility. I was given the gift of life through incarceration. After several years of trafficking marijuana, the last two while struggling with a deadly addiction of painkillers, I was finally forcefully removed from my lifestyle and given an opportunity to reflect. It wasn’t until two months ago that I committed to walking away from the temptation of fast living and find comfort in sacrifice and struggle.

I'll save you the dramatics involving my journey to this point because I believe my struggle has been trivial compared to others that go unnoticed or are seen but never spoken of. I've always had the ability to find comfort and support from my loving family, I simply chose not to. The mistakes I made revolved around my believing success in life was measured by other people's perception of one's monetary value, not by the satisfaction one feels from being content with life itself. I now have found a new approach to life and holding myself to a higher standard as a person.

For the last year I've been concentrating on a project to keep myself busy during my stay and following my release. My love of creating and enjoying all forms of music has inspired me to address several issues I've found to be problematic, both as an independent in the industry and a patron of others. My goal is simply to empower other independents by providing direction through knowledge and resources using a web based network – eliminating unnecessary middlemen and expenses along the way.

While attempting to better my knowledge and approach towards my goal, I received a copy of If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand with my normal regimen of materials. I began reading strictly from an entrepreneurial perspective; I finished reading as an adoring admirer, morally obligated to make a better effort in my way of life. I've never felt it more important to shy away from the dangerously easy way of obtaining money than I did as I finished your work.

To say why, I'm without a definitive answer. I'm fairly certain you weren't writing to show convicted drug addicts how to embrace struggle and sacrifice while struggling to sacrifice. But, I also believe you'll appreciate knowing you have not only reached someone in my position, but potentially saved them as well. I am 28 and have never been so positively influenced by another individual's work. I believe I owe you much more than the cost of your book.

I've waited a short period of time to write this letter in order to be sure my feelings are genuine. I keep your book where I can see it daily and make mention of it to others frequently. My father is helping me with my project and had this book sent in. He has been told that that we will one day use your professional services to benefit our team.

I tell myself one day I'll be able to shake your hand and ask if you remember the letter you received from a prison. At that time, if I have not met my goals, I will tell you how much just having a goal is worth to me. Sir, I thank you for the comfort and confidence you have provided me during this transition in my life. Please don't be surprised or feel obligated to respond if I send you an occasional update while I attempt to make a something from a whole lot of nothing.

                          Thank you for your time and efforts,


Freeman Institute uses display products from
Capital Exhibits of VA.


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"Dealing  With  People  Who  Drive  You  Crazy!"®
The Freeman Institute™ Box 305, Gambrills, MD 21054
TEL 410-729-4011     CELL 410-991-9718     FAX 410-729-0353
EMAIL info@freemaninstitute.com


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