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Houston Community College


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The Freeman Institute
"Dealing With People Who Drive you Crazy!"


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"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"

9 AM - 3:30 PM
Return To Glory (film)

7:00 PM

The "IGNITE" seminar is designed for any individual or organization
(corporate, family-owned, small business, faith-based, non-profit, large or small)
interested in entrepreneurial wisdom, emotional intelligence
and personal development training.


As one who has traveled to 50+ different countries, most of Dr Joel A. Freeman's work is done
on-site for heads of state of other nations, music and entertainment industry folks, government
agencies, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders -- behind closed doors, discussing proprietary information
with 7-12 people at a time. Freeman's normal daily fees are prohibitive for most smaller organizations.
One of the purposes of the seminar event is to financially benefit local individuals and organizations.
The Freeman Institute Foundation will also benefit.

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Authored By Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
Endorsed by Steve Forbes, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard, Bill Cosby, Julius Erving, Brian Tracy, Cathy Hughes, Billy Graham, Ben Carson & many others...