"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"
Leadership, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution and Emotional Intelligence


Dr. Joel Freeman
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Seminar Details
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Studies have shown that 15% of financial and career success can be
attributed to technical competence, 85% is due to good interpersonal skills.
Dr. Freeman will showcase the internal and external aspects of the 85% in the first  session. He will then cover the 15% in the second session.

  Wisdom lessons that emerge from identifying personal strengths and vulnerabilities.
  Reduction of the potential for conflict or power struggles (preventive maintenance vs. crisis management).
  The intriguing connection --  conflict, personal responsibility and emotional intelligence.
Connecting your team's personality style with your organization's vision and/or mission statement.
Enhancing individual and team identity.
Exploring the murky waters under the beautiful swan (your organization).
Professional Bloodsuckers: Dealing with the people who drain you of your time, energy and patience.
How to fight against jadedness and complacency on your job and in your relationships.
Hot & Cold anger and your leadership / followership style.
A unique approach to the Johari Window -- trust, communication, respect and emotional safety.

The Presenter Dr. Joel A. Freeman
CEO / President
The Freeman Institute
Cornerstone AOG Church
(Host Venue)
41 Tide Mill Lane
Hampton, VA 23669

For More Information:

(757) 827-1257 -- Ashaunda Davis

Date & Time  
Saturday, May 31st 2008
9.00 am to 1 pm
(registration 8.15 am)
POC: Ashaunda Davis   EMAIL
TEL: 757.827.1257  FAX: 757.827.7454


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One of The Freeman Institute's workbooks
32-page workbook
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 Saturday, May 31st -- 7:00 pm
Cornerstone AOG
(host venue)
Screening the 45-minute Film

Return To Glory
The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

to see when and where we will be showing
the Return To Glory film on Saturday evening...
(free of charge)
with donations being accepted

Return To Glory
The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

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Cornerstone AOG Church
41 Tide Mill Lane
Hampton, VA 23669
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"Within the first hour of the seminar you will wish that you had encouraged
several other friends or family members to attend."