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...10 frequently asked questions, including the BIG question (#10) and a bonus...


QUESTION #1: What makes Dr. Freeman's seminar events and resources different?
RESPONSE: Plain and simple. Joel Freeman has been through fire and, by God's grace, has survived (thrived) to tell the story. And he has some pretty good stuff to share. Now for the bad news: He still is an off-key singer and an extremely bad dancer.

   Joel's books and/or seminars have been endorsed by the likes of Warren Wiersbe, Billy Graham, Ken Blanchard, John Jenkins, Erwin Lutzer, Sol Hicks, Steve Forbes, Joni Eareckson Tada, Bill Cosby, Donald Cole, Paul Meier, Les Brown, Cathy Hughes, Julius Erving, Tony Evans, Joe Frazier, Jamal-Harrison Bryant, Lenny Moore, and many others.

  Dr. Freeman has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, Heads of State, Federal Judiciary, business/political leaders, international schools, government agencies and more.

Joel Freeman with Les Brown

  Joel's seminars are proven to contain excellent, life-changing information -- tested in the real world. He genuinely loves people, bringing an occasional glimpse of his "off-the-wall" sense of humor and also a unique brain trust of experience:

    - Senior pastor, pioneering churches for 18 years, helping to establish works in Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic.
      - Chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 19 years ('79-'98).
        - Multiculturally astute, with travels to 50+ countries around the world.
          - Serial entrepreneur. Inventor. Originator (1980) of the "seed business concept" for The Shepherd's Guide.
            - Award-winning film maker and author of 7 bestsellers published in 28 foreign translations.
              - Trained professional counselor (Ph.D.), with a pastor's heart...communicating sound biblical principles.
                - Leads tours to the Holy Land periodically.
                  - Owns a Black History collection of over 3,000 artifacts and documents.
                    - Student of business intelligence & organizational culture change. No Bull. No Hype.

QUESTION #2: What benefits will people receive by attending one of Dr. Freeman's seminars?

RESPONSE: Take a look at the benefits mentioned here. Also, when you talk with Dr. Freeman, ask him directly about the "in-reach" and "out-reach" benefits to every seminar and resource he offers.

QUESTION #3: What other organizations has Dr. Freeman worked with as a trainer/facilitator?

RESPONSE: -- Joel's work has received enthusiastic, rave reviews from Moody Church (Chicago), McLean Bible Church (VA), Calvary Chapel, The Shepherd's Guide, People's Cathedral (Barbados), Deeper Life (Lagos, Nigeria), Black Church Means Business conference (NYC), First Baptist Church of Glenarden (MD), Elim Pentecostal (Iceland), and more...
   There are many other satisfied general market clients...including the Prime Minister of Grenada and senior officials of Barbados to Frostburg State University, The White House Communications staff, 8th Army (Korea), E! Entertainment Television, EMI Music Group, North East Foods, Association of International Schools of Africa (AISA), FBI, US Supreme Court, NASA, VA, ATF, HUD, Ikea, GE, USDA, Department of Justice, National Security Agency, WACRA, US Bankruptcy Courts, Billboard Music Group, US Sentencing Commission, European Council of International Schools (ECIS), Giant Foods, Indian Health Services, Federal Judiciary, Baltimore City Department of Education, Tuscan Dairy Farms, Black Public Relations Society, many pro athletes, and others around the globe, including a number of urban youth initiatives. A ton of references - corporate, government, international, non-profit, white collar/blue collar. Check out this website for more information.
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QUESTION #4: Why bring in an outside trainer/facilitator? Can't we take care of our own issues?

RESPONSE: -- Yes, it happens all the time. And for the most part handled magnificently. Here's another thought to consider: It's hard to read the label on a jar or package when trying to read it from the inside. Sometimes it takes a seasoned, proven "outsider" -- someone who can provide a greater amount of objectivity -- to bring wisdom from above. Pain cause people to do and say things that can set up greater conflict in an organization...an organization that actually exists to help the wounded and hurting. It's a paradox. And pain can sometimes bring an irrationality to the situation that is hard to address...if you are in the jar. A leader can say the same things an "outsider" might say, but some folks in the organization may search for hidden meanings behind the words of that leader, interpreting the information through their own lens of pain. Why ask why? It's just the way it is. Every organization has a unique culture -- their way of doing things. Another question might be: Do you want a culture by default or by design?

QUESTION #5: What if we wanted to bring Dr. Freeman in for a weekend? What might that look like?

RESPONSE: An effective weekend might look like this:

- Friday morning:  9am - 12:30pm -- "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"
   A very fun and engaging seminar experience...inviting church leadership teams from churches throughout the region to attend. During the first break one pastor commented, "If I knew that it was going to be this relevant, I would have had more leaders from my church attend..." Freeman functions like a "velvet hammer," humorously addressing many issues that many pastors cannot touch with their own congregations.
Who will benefit? Pastors, youth workers, musicians, secretaries, teachers, counselors, maintenance, deacons, elders, trustees, nursery workers, etc.

- Saturday morning:  8:30am -12:30pm -- "IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"
   A seminar (25% inspiration, 75% education) that can be co-sponsored by a local business school. This seminar helps people quickly discern the difference between a viable business dream and a nightmare. Participants will leave with their heads pounding with cutting edge information and their hearts pounding with a new or renewed passion for the entrepreneurial journey.
   Who will benefit? Anyone wanting to take an idea to the marketplace: Pre-entrepreneurs. Budding entrepreneurs. Seasoned entrepreneurs. Corporate entrepreneurs. Turn-key entrepreneurs. Film makers. Authors. Pastors. Musicians. And more...For ages 12-102.

- Saturday evening:  7pm - 9pm -- "Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man"
   A film screening (45 min), a Black History exhibit, presentation and Q&R (Question/Response).
   Who will benefit? Anyone interested in understanding more about Black History, the Bible and it's practical application to our culture.


- Sunday morning:  10am -- Preach at church

This may be too much for one weekend. But at least it can get a conversation started...

QUESTION #6: How can our church develop the everyday matters magazine project for our church?

RESPONSE: First things first. Forget about everything you have ever thought about a magazine. This is a completely different model. The 32-page, glossy magazine (6"x9") can be published as your local magazine without taking one penny from your church budget. You can print 25,000 copies.
   After every service and Bible study members can take 5-10 copies to use as non-weird conversation-starters in their everyday lives. An excellent way to encourage evangelism that is built around conversations in one's everyday life (eg. Jesus with the woman at the well).
  Dr. Freeman is willing to email a 25-page document that answers every question and also provides a 2-page agreement that is signed by both parties. An official distribution footprint is granted as a license to each church. Your church is the only one that can have your particular distribution footprint. Reserve your magazine agreement today. Check out this website for more info: LoveThisMag.com
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Everyday Matters Magazine
QUESTION #7: What does it take to start an entrepreneur club in our church?

RESPONSE: Dr. Freeman has some unique resources for your church to establish an entrepreneur club -- a book/workbook combination, with Leader's Guide included. As small business owners and other entrepreneurs enhance their success, they can tithe/donate more money. The more money given, the more the church can reach out to the needs in the community. Check out this website for more info: emc2clubs.com (You'll be taken to a new window)

Entrepreneur book/workbook
QUESTION #8: How can our church, school or community-based organization establish a Black History gallery as a unique outreach to the community?

RESPONSE: Contact Dr. Freeman directly. After a brief conversation he will email you a document that will provide an executive summary. Here is the website to his non-profit organization and Black History collection, which will give you a quick glimpse into what he is doing -- BlackHistoryCollection.com & TFIfoundation.org (You'll be taken to a new window)

Return To Glory

QUESTION #9: How can our church get involved in intercultural, global missions?

RESPONSE: This is a wonderful question. Obedience to the "Acts 1:8" call to local and global missions challenges gossip, church politics and small-mindedness like few other things a congregation can do. Check out this website. (You'll be taken to a new window)

THE BIG QUESTION #10: How much does it cost to bring Dr. Freeman to our organization?

RESPONSE: In 1993 Dr. Freeman took his pastor's heart in the business world. The Freeman Institute was established specifically to reach into the general market. Anyone who has contracted for his services in the business world will attest to the fact that he is a true professional, working hard to customize everything to the needs of each group. Organizations in the general market pay a lot for his services.

   Freeman is a realist. No illusions here. As a former senior pastor Joel understands "church culture" (whatever that means!) and the sometimes protracted manner by which many faith-based organizations make decisions about these types of events and resources. 

   Joel hopes to make things easy. For your church-related program, you will deal directly with Dr. Freeman (not his agent). The written agreement with his agent grants him latitude in these types of situations. Joel is a trusting soul -- believing that you will do the best you can. The financial side of things is probably better discussed over the phone directly with him (check contact info).

Dr. Freeman generally puts a healthy percentage of each church-related event toward the projects he is passionate about: A Haitian family that survived the earthquake now living in the Dominican Republic ( GenerationalLegacy.org ) and/or The Freeman Institute Foundation -- TFIfoundation.org
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   You draw the target and Freeman will do his level best to hit the bulls-eye for you. Let's list a few of the win/win/win scenarios that have worked with different churches:

  • Some churches give him an honorarium for his services and then offer all events for free to the general public. They generally take up a donation at the event to help with the costs.
  • Others charge a small fee for each seminar to help defray the costs (airfare, ground travel, hotel, honorarium and marketing).
  • Some churches form a partnership with a local business school or community college to create an even greater business-related outreach to the community. This is a great idea for the entrepreneur seminar -- IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your Entrepreneurial Passion!
  • Still others develop a win/win relationships with co-sponsors (local businesses) who provide the finances for the event(s). These businesses are mentioned/printed in all marketing and also can have a table at the event itself.
  • You probably have even more creative, entrepreneurial ideas...

  BONUS QUESTION #11: Frankly, I am rather skeptical. This guy seems to be ten miles wide, three inches deep. I really do not think that Freeman can actually deliver on everything he has mentioned on this site. For answers, take a look at some of the rave reviews from his general market clients...click here

  Want to put your finger on his pulse to learn more about him? Order some of his books or DVDs.

RESPONSE: Excellent question. So glad you asked. Click to access The Freeman Institute Online Store...open 24/7. (You'll be taken to a new window)

      -- Any other questions? Feel free to call Dr. Freeman directly: Private Line: 410-729-4011

The seminars are designed for any individual or organization
(corporate, government, family-owned, small business, faith-based, non-profit, large or small)
interested in leadership, emotional intelligence and personal development training...


- The Curiosity-Driven Life
- Connecting   Now   With   Later
- Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect
- All Stressed Out And Nobody To Choke
- Enhancing  Your Emotional  Intelligence
- A White Man's Journey Into Black History
- When Strangling Someone  Isn't An Option!
- Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!
- If  Nobody Loves You, Create  The  Demand!
- Lessons From Blades of Grass in a Concrete Jungle
- IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your  Entrepreneurial  Passion!
- How Your Personality Impacts Your Organization's Success
- The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: Cracking the Code to Your Team's Success
- Professional Bloodsuckers: Dealing With the People Who Drain You of Your
                                                                          Time, Energy, and Patience

Dr. Freeman In Action
Check out Dr. Freeman's video clips


- Black History Gallery Project
- A White Man's Journey Into Black History

- The Freeman Institute Black History Collection
- The African American Church and Intercultural, Global Missions
- Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man (45-min. film and presentation)



- Everyday Matters Magazine


- Entrepreneur Club Especially Designed for Churches
- Entrepreneur Book and Workbook (with Leader's Guide)


contact Dr. Freeman directly for more specific info




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Authored By Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
Endorsed by Steve Forbes, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard, Bill Cosby, Julius Erving, Brian Tracy, Cathy Hughes, Billy Graham, Ben Carson & many others...