"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"



Listen to the Experts

    "Dr. Freeman's approach to bringing out the best in people works very well. As a result of
    [his] expertise and creativity, our Nation has benefited..."

-- Dr. Keith Mitchell,  Prime Minister of Grenada,
-- West Indies
    "...Dr. Freeman's workshop was the 'meat and potatoes' of what we all regarded as a very successful
-- Emerson Lattimore, Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Manager
-- SSA, Dallas, TX
    "...Dr. Freeman's presentation of the material was masterful and dynamic..." 
-- Judge Richard Conaboy, Chairman of United States Sentencing Commission
-- Washington, DC
    "...I was surprised by the mastery with which Dr. Freeman presented the material and the impact it had on
    me  and my staff. Joel is truly a gem that should be utilized by any company that values employee
-- Peter Osterhaus, Field Production Supervisor,   E! Entertainment Television
-- Hollywood, CA
    "People here are still commenting on how much they gained from the experience 
     [of Dr. Freeman'sfacilitation]. "
-- Ken Schlager, Dir. of Strategic Development,  Billboard Music Group
-- New York