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Courtesy of The Freeman Institute and the authors of the book,
Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man.

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The Freeman Institute
Black History Collection

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The Lemba:
 Black Jews of Southern Africa

Badagry, Nigeria -- Slave Trade History

Historical Timeline
of Ancient Egypt

Joseph, Egypt
& The Hyksos

Tutankhamen & Akhenaton

Ancient Egyptian Religions

Map of
Ancient Africa

Text on
Rosetta Stone

The Pyramid Puzzle

Rosetta Stone

Ancient Nubia















































































































































































   Black Data Research - Top Sites out of 42,000 reviewed

Black Seek
Black Index
Nubian Soul
The African
Everything Black
Black Quest

60+ Black-oriented radio stations covering a broad spectrum of world
regions, musical genres and programming formats.



Here are some other sites that are worth checking out:

  Little Africa --
Building Community...Expanding Markets...Creating value!
  Leonard Freeman
Premiere African American painter, based in Houston, TX. You must check out this incredible painter!
  Black History Quiz 
One of the best web sites about Black History. You must check this out!
  Jim Crow Museum 
Toys Ain't Us! This web site has the most complete explanation of the negative African American images.
A site focused on African American news from the Washington Afro-American newspaper in Washington, DC organized into four sections (culture, information, history and kids zone).
A Los Angeles-based site concerning the African American Community. The site discusses current issues, art, music, race and new technology. There is a reference section linked to many other sites that are not related to African Americans, but the links are very informative (weather, maps, investments, world news, and numerous other areas). The “Afronet Specials” business home page covers business issues pertaining to African Americans. It gives investment tips, black owned stocks and companies. 
  Black World Today
The Black World Today provides news, e-commerce, and communication resources focused on the African world community. Their aim is to be the single most important destination on the information superhighway: a place where the African world community can come each day to feed their minds and souls with uplifting information and inspiration; a place to meet and chat with each other and to engage in commerce.
A comprehensive site organized via Black Entertainment Television (BET) featuring news, music and links to other CHANNELS (entertainment, business, career, health, music, news, youth, etc.) and "top 10 African American web sites". 
  Africa Online
This site contains information about the following countries: Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. It covers everything: news and information, art, business, travel, education, sports, women, kids, health, etc. 
Netnoir is an African American Search Engine, similar to Netscape, Yahoo, etc., with an African American theme. There are several Channels on this page covering several areas: news, black issues, music, film, television and women. 
  Africam Village
AfricamVillage is an inclusive on-line virtual community advancing information flow and commerce, technology transfer, community and economic development, and cooperation among African Americans, continental Africans, Africans from the Caribbean, South America and other parts of the world, and other peoples of color. AfricamVillage is owned and operated by Communication Technology and Information Services Corporation (CTI Services Corp.), an African American and female-owned entity. 
  USAfrica, the first African-owned, U.S. based professional newspaper to be published on the internet, contains excerpts from USAfrica The Newspaper and other content written exclusively for this web site. purpose is to be the place to find anything and everything BLACK on the Net! This site lives up to its claim. One can find everything from Art and Humanities to News and Sports. Other links include business, education, black metros, history and culture, events, organizations, and reference just to name a few. 
  WoYaa! Africa Search
WoYaa!'s mission is to promote Digital Africa by easing and making cost-effective navigation and communication as well as increasing the visibility of African web sites and resources. Very good links and lots of information. 


  Black Caucus of the American Library Association
The official site of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association listing news, publications, a history of the association, and its activities.
  The Black Film & Video Network
The Black Film & Video Network started twelve years ago in Toronto Canada as a resource group for writers, directors and producers of film and have since grown to comprise an international membership of over 300 film makers. The Black Film & Video Network's programs and services include screenings, a resource library, a bi-monthly newsletter, annual Members Directory, annual Awards Ceremony, and hands-on workshops and seminars in such things as Avid editing, Lighting and Auditioning for Camera. The Black Film and Video Network is the only association for Black filmmakers in Canada.
MELANET is the platform for intellectual, economic and spiritual expression of peoples throughout the African Diaspora. This departments: Universal Afrocentric Calendar, African Weddings, Market Place (shop online), Multimedia Center (lists black publications), Kwanzaa Information Center, Email (emails you MAAT Newsletters), Services (lists several black businesses). 
  African American Writers
This site belongs to Keele University, the first new United Kingdom University of the Twentieth Century. The focus of this page is literature and history written by and on African Americans. 
  National Association of Black Scuba Divers
The National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) was established since January of 1991.Since its beginning, it has been a catalyst for promoting the awareness of scuba diving throughout the African American community. The organization is made up of individual members and affiliated clubs.
  Network Journal
The Network Journal: Black Professional and Small Professional News. The Network Journal welcomes all articles of interest to the African American, Caribbean American and African Business community. We also welcome news about you and your business, trade association, career moves, honors, awards and other interesting business developments.
  African American Association of Innkeepers International (AAAII)
The aim of this site is to increase the awareness of African American owned inns and to serve as a resource for aspiring Innkeepers of color. AAAII networks, shares resources and provides support to its membership. Contact information for several Inns are listed as well as other African American travel related links. 
  Caribbean Chamber of Commerce
This site is dedicated to assisting trade and investment between African and Caribbean countries and the rest of the world. The site features organizations in African, Caribbean and Western countries. There are three sections to this site: African Stock Markets, African Capital Markets, African Travel. 
  Black Britain Online
This path breaking site is making Black British people's presence felt in cyberspace. In spite of the giant strides Black people have made in Britain, it remains a disgraceful fact that their talents remain under-utilized. One of the aims of this site is to tell the ongoing story of changing life here in Britain and around the world from a Black perspective and their vantage point as new media pioneers.
  Black Business Expo
The Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show is California's most effective and proven avenue to reach the fastest growing segments of the American economy. Open to the discerning entrepreneur, corporation, and investor, it is the maximum opportunity to reach a leading consumer group, establish long-term contacts and build sound customer relationships. (LA oriented) 
  Jazz Roots
Jazz Roots Rhythms (JDS) Communications, founded by educators, writers, creative artists, and media professionals, has been providing information technology-based services on the Internet since 1993. As members of the African American, African, and global community, their ultimate goal is to develop in cyberspace a center of research, interactive communication, information, inspiration, commerce, and
foster creative excellence. 
J  oint Center for Political and Economic Studies
The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is a national, nonprofit institution that conducts research on public policy issues of special concern to African Americans through research, publications, and outreach programs. The aim is to “improve the socioeconomic status of black Americans; expand their effective participation in the political and public policy arenas; and promote communications and relationships across racial and ethnic lines to strengthen the nation's pluralistic society.” The Center also has programs with several African countries.
  African Odyssey Interactive
The purpose of the African Odyssey Interactive is an ongoing exchange of ideas, information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African arts and culture. It is an adjunct initiative of the Kennedy Center’s African Odyssey Festival Program and the Kennedy Center Education Department’s ARTSEDGE Program. 


  The Reconciliation Conference on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, DECEMBER 1999  -- European and African nations apologized for their roles in what history calls
the worst holocaust of humankind, the Atlantic Slave Trade. It was a moving ceremony but that was only the beginning. The process of reconciliation proved to be more than many expected.
  Black Studies Library
A list of African and African American centered libraries and collections in the U.S. compiled by the Ohio State University Black Studies Library. 
  African Studies (UPenn)
This site belongs to the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. There are 10 sections to this page: Penn African Studies Center, Regional and International, Africa Web Links, African Studies Association, Black/African Resources, Statistics, CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Resources in Africa), Country Specific, Bulletin Board, Feeds from Africa, K-12 Africa, Multimedia Archives, Books on Africa. 
  Center for Black Music Research
The Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) preserves and disseminates information about black music in all parts of the world. It encourages research in the areas of secular and sacred folk music, blues, ragtime, jazz, gospel music, rhythm and blues, musical theater and dance, opera and concert music; reggae, son, meringue/meringue, bomba y plena, salsa, calypso, and other genres from the Caribbean; and traditional and contemporary music from Africa. 
  African Americans in the Military
The page discusses African Americans in the Military. There are sixteen (16) sections to this site and all of them are very informative and well worth reading. 
  African-Americans in the Sciences
Located on Louisiana State University's web page, the index of sciences profiled in “The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.” Profiled here are African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. There are Past, Present, and Future icons, which discusses African American’s contributions to the sciences. The future focuses on Louisiana State University’s science degree programs; it also takes a look at their students. 
  Afrigeneas (African Genealogical Research and Resources)
AfriGeneas provides leadership, promotion and advocacy for the mutual development and use of a system of genealogy resources for researching African related ancestry. The vision of AfriGeneas is to find and document the last slaveholder and the first African in each family. 
  Black Film Center/Archive
The Black Film Center/Archive is a repository of films and related materials by and about African Americans. Included are films that have substantial participation by African Americans as writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians, and consultants, as well as those that depict some aspect of black experience. 
  Afro-American Historical & Cultural Museum
The African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP) is dedicated to collecting preserving and interpreting the material and intellectual culture of African Americans in Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Americas. The Museum is committed to telling the triumphant story of African Americans in all its permutations: political, religious, family life, Civil Rights movement, arts and entertainment, sports, medicine, architecture, law and technology. Their claim is that they “are proud to be the first museum founded by a municipality dedicated to the preservation of African American culture.” 
  American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology
This site contains sample slave narratives and photographs taken at the time of the interviews. The entire collection of narratives can be found in George P. Rawick, ed., The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1972-79). 
  Civil Rights Act of 1964
The site contains the text for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 
  Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology
The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, founded in 1984, is a component of the Department of Art of the University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), and is a Tennessee Center of Excellence. It is dedicated to the study of the art and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching, research, exhibition, and community education. As part of its teaching and research, the Institute conducts an epigraphic survey in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt. 
  Black Classic Press
Black Classic Press is devoted to publishing obscure and significant works by and about people of African descent. They also aggressively developing a list of 300 titles to be printed On Demand by their affiliate, BCP Digital Printing. They specialize in republishing works that are out of print and quite often out of memory.
  Black Facts Online
An on-line searchable database of Black History Facts that you can use to: Look up Black History Facts for every day of the year! Perform full text searches for Black History Facts! Find out what happened in Black History today! Find out what famous Black people were born on your birthday! Help you research papers and articles! Help educate yourself and your children on Black History! 
  Minority Golf Association of America
The David Brothers, John & Paul founded the Minority Golf Association of America in 1991 on Long Island New York. The organization, a not for profit 501(c)(3), has an active Board from a mixture of business and community leaders from across the nation. The MGAA is the first national organization to promote opportunities for minorities in golf and is recognized as a leading authority on inner-city junior golf programs with the theme "Golf Is For Everyone". 
  Martin Luther King Jr. Resources
Stanford University site dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  Middle Passages
The name Middle passages is in remembrance of the journey from freedom to slavery and the millions of people lost in the process. The new Middle Passage is the journey from the industrial age to the information age and the freedom that It promises. "Our goal is to ease this transition in the belief that if this is not done, we will again lose millions of our people." 
  National Civil Rights Museum
The National Civil Rights Museum is the first and only comprehensive overview of the civil rights movement in exhibit form. It is an educational institution whose purpose is to inspire people to learn the lessons of the civil rights movement and its impact on human rights movements worldwide. The museum provides unique educational experiences through its collections, research, and public learning programs. 
  The Schomburg Collection
The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is a national research library devoted to collecting, preserving and providing access to resources documenting the experiences of peoples of African descent throughout the world. The Center provides access to and professional reference assistance in the use of its collections to the scholarly community and the general public through five research divisions, each managing materials in specific formats but with broad subject focus. The Center's collections include art objects, audio and video tapes, books, manuscripts, motion picture films, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, prints, recorded music discs and sheet music.
  Center for African American Studies at the University of Michigan
The Center for African American Studies was established in 1970 in response to African American students who wanted to bring a richer representation of the Black experience to the University of Michigan’s curricular offerings. The Center’s multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental programs utilize historical, sociological, psychological, cultural, economic, and political approaches to the comparative study of people of African descent living in Africa and the Americas. 
  Afro Cuba Web
The focus of this site is to educate and to inform the Internet community about Cuba’s African Ancestry. Some of the areas discussed are: music; authors and teachers on AfroCuban culture; organizations that teach courses and workshops, or are involved in the promotion of the African cultures of Cuba; featured major artists and authors; schedules for music groups, especially those performing in the US; a Newsletter to alert you to new developments; and a Discussion Group so people can ask questions and make their own contributions. 
  Black History Timeline and other Links

A comprehensive source and gateway to African and African American history, culture and society. 
World African Network
"World African Network web site primary focus is to reflect the very essence of who we (African and African Americans) are, where we come from, and what aspire to be." This feat is accomplished by looking at every aspect of our life: news and information, sports, lifestyle, our history, chat rooms to discuss all aspects of our life. 
  K-12 Electronic Guide for African resources on the Internet
This site contains a guide to assist K-12 teachers, librarians and students in locating on-line resources on Africa that can be used in the classroom, for research and studies. 

Drum and Spear, is a complete African-American bookstore on-line. They offer books, calendars, cards, bookmarks, on-line chats, author events, book clubs, crafts and cuisine reflective of our rich culture.
Eso Won Books, the largest African American book store in Los Angeles featuring major press and small press (African American) books, guest authors, and community information resources.
  New Beacon Books
A specialist in books about Black Britain and Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, African - America and Asia. New Beacon Books is located in England. Orders can be placed via phone, email, fax, or postal mail. 
This site contains books (all topics), videos, music and African fabrics, of and about Nigerians. Nigeria is the main focus of the information contained within this site. 

  Black Books Galore! 
Sells African American children's books and organizes children's book festivals, offering thousands of selections. The Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books, (John Wiley & Sons, Oct. 1998) was nominated for the 1999 NAACP Image Awards. A slide presentation, "celebrating African American children's books", is available."
  C&B Book Distribution 
Serving the African American Community since 1995.


  NY Guide to Black Business
New York’s comprehensive listing of Black-owned businesses. 
  Black Pages USA
The Black Pages features and highlights minority owned businesses. 
  Who's Who Among Prominent African-Americans
Bios and links to numerous African Americans.
  Career Mosaic
Worldwide employment search web page. One can receive help with resume writing, career fairs, and company profiles
  African American Employment Web
This is nice employment site bringing qualified African-Americans and employers together. The intention of Employus is to streamline the job and employee search process in an economical and efficient way via Internet.
THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online is the electronic version of the 29 year-old, national career opportunity magazine. In addition to the abundance of career planning/job search information, there is commentary by leading African-American writers, lifestyle/ entertainment features, general information on college life, and news of what's happening on college campuses today. 


  African-American Woman's Web Guide
“A powerful and comprehensive cultural, computing and Christian resource guide for the African-American Woman on the Internet!” There are broad topics that cover women, culture, computing, and Christianity.
  Today's Black Woman
This is The Today's Black Woman Radio Show On-line Web Site, the premiere site for today's black woman! It is Jennifer Keitt’s desire to encourage, empower, inform and equip you during your visit with at this site. 
  Black Womens Health.Com
David Pryor, M.D., (an Oakland California based Internist) has launched a new web site entitled Black Women’s Health. This site is dedicated to the health and wellness of today's African American Woman. This site provides the facts women need to become savvy medical consumers, as well as practical tools to help them take better care of themselves through healthier eating, regular exercise and a positive outlook. 
  African Women Global Network
African Women Global Network (AWOGNet) is a global organization that networks all men and women, organizations, institutions and indigenous national organizations within Africa, whose activities are targeted towards the improvement of the living conditions of women and children in Africa. 

An introduction to the African-American celebration Juneteenth, celebrated on or near June 19, annually to commemorate the day African Americans discovered that they had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, issued by President Abraham Lincoln.
This site is one a few sites on the seven-day African American holiday Kwanzaa created in 1966, however, it’s the only site approved by Dr. Maulana Karenga, the creator of the holiday. 
  Gullah Connections
As a part of the Guggenheim's Africa Citywide Celebration, the Afrikan Kultural Arts Network(AKAN) hosted "The Gullah Connection: Scenes of the Sea Islands" in conjunction with RiddimAthon!®, Inc. This series of lectures, workshops, and performances explores the language, history, traditions, and distinct culture of the Gullahs and Geechees of the United States Sea Islands. 
  Black Jesus
  Soul Food Online
Online directory of Southern "Soul Food Restaurants, Recipes, and Lifestyles.". 
  Vibe Magazine
Vibe Magazine’s web page. Topics include news, artist features, music reviews, reggae corner, sports, and community. This is a cool site for information about black entertainers. It even has a section where you can hear music samples before they are released. 
  Urban Sports Network
Created in 1997 by Andre Taylor, the objective of Urban Sports Network is to provide a diverse audience with sports content that has the energy and excitement of this era, without the taking the easy way out—and without undue focus on the sensational and negative. Programming includes Up Front, Urban Beat, Iswire, What’s Up, The Mix. .
  Bill McCreary Online
This site belongs to EMMY Award Winner, Bill McCreary whose show can be seen every Friday morning on New York television station WNYW-Fox 5 "Good Day WakeUp. 
  Black Teach Guide
THE CONDUIT, a technology Web site and newsletter written from an African-American perspective, is a pipeline straight into technologies, breaking them down in a quick read format that keeps you in the know. Imhotech - integrating technology with urban culture and the entertainment industry produces the Conduit. 
 Black Literary
Mosaic Literary Magazine, created December 1997, is a quarterly publication dedicated to covering all aspects of African American and Hispanic literature. Each issue features reviews of the latest books, interviews with some of today's top authors, previews of adult and children's books, technology that makes the writers life easier, profiles of people in the publishing industry, crossword puzzle, a look at a writer from our past, original fiction & poetry and much more. 
  Ailvin Ailey American Dance Theater
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) operates under the auspices of the Dance Theater Foundation, Inc., which also supports the activities of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, the official school of the AAADT, and the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble, the school's company-in-residence. Together, these three components constitute a unique dance institution committed to quality repertory performances, arts-in-education activities and the finest professional dance training for all people, regardless of race, background or economic status.
  Reggae Archives (Music)
Excellent site with categories on Reggae that include: FAQ, patois, catalogs, schedules, lyrics, discographies, articles, mail-order, misc., periodicals, monikers, radio shows, pictures, shops, clubs, books, album covers, artists, interviews, video list, video clips, charts, and reviews.
Poetry, education, storyteller, storytelling, African American poet, African American poetry, African American women, African American children's books, Black poet, Black poetry, Black children's books, teacher, educator
  Billie Holiday 
An independent non-profit theater specializing in African American dramatic arts, located in Brooklyn and celebrating its 30th anniversary season in 2001 - 2002.
  Restoration Arts 
We are a 360 degree arts organization, covering all the disciplines and necessities from training to presenting to publishing. Located in Brooklyn's dynamic and historic Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, RCAC is entering its fifth decade in service to the surrounding community. The Skylight Gallery is a main component of the center and is dedicated to showcasing the work of artists from throughout the African Diaspora.
  Rahanna Music 
Publisher and repository of the compositions of internationally known classical jazz pianist, composer and professor, Sir Roland Hanna. It is a storehouse of his many contributions to America's classical music, jazz, in all its varied forms, subtleties and instrumentation.
  Cafe Iimani's
A poetry, jazz lounge in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.
  Denise Lewis Parks 
The official home page of Denise Lewis Patrick, author of award winning children's books and young adult novels.

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