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Give and Take With a Scam Artist

If you receive a similar Nigerian "419" scam letter 
Do Not Answer It! Do not attempt to communicate with the criminals!
They are masters of the Confidence Game!
View the suggested options and alternatives at the bottom of the page.

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© Copyright, 2003 The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without explicit written permission.
Note: Reproduction of any kind, including cutting and pasting, is strictly prohibited. 

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Forward a copy of a 419 letter to The Freeman Institute. We just might list it here in attempt to warn others. Tell us your story.

Courtesy of The Freeman Institute

This is the unsolicited letter that got it all started.

My Dear Friend & Partner,
Thank you very much for your response to my letter of mutually benefitting business proposal. It is pertinent at this stage to assure you that this project will be carried out strictly and religiously within all laid down procedures and the eventual transfer will also pass through all local and international monetary transfer laws and regulations.

 To start with I got your email address through the internet and you are not the only person I sent this
 proposal to. I also sent this proposal to one Dr. Jack Robert Lee ( in Europe, though Jack replied me first but I could'nt go ahead with him because he was being too greedy for my liking and as such I could'nt trust him. He agreed to assist me only on one condition that I give him 50% out of the total fund. I offered him 25% still he insisted that he needed 50% so I made up my mind not to proceed with him as I am not sure if my own share of the fund will be safe in his care.

 Frankly speaking I don't know you and I don't know if I can trust you but before I sent out the two  proposals I prayed and fasted that God should send someone truthful to me. Who knows you might be the right person I am looking for. Moreover this life is all about chances. Meanwhile I am 60 years of age,  married to my beautiful wife Agnes and we are blessed with five children so at my age I would'nt want to  indulge in anything that will not be of beneficial to me considering my statue in the society. Find below the full detail of the entire transaction: Upon receipt of your company/personal profile, we shall immediately commence the registration of you/your company as a category "A" contractor with the Federal Ministry Of Works & Housing (FMW&H), this is so because without registering you first with FMW&H, there is no way we can assume you to have done contract with them and upon completion of the registration exercise, a copy of the certificate of registration will be forwarded to you for your perusal. We shall ensure that all other equity requirements for the operation of a foreign company in Nigeria as spelt out by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are met.



Immediately these pre-application requirements are met,the CRP of which I am the chairman will validate  the claim and the application for payment proper will be made to the accounts/audit division of the  FMW&H for the approval of the sub-contract of the entitlements to your company. All these are directly  under our supervision. Immediately the approval is given by the FMW&H, you/your company becomes a  legal creditor/beneficiary to the FMW&H to the tune of the contract amount (US$17M) and your payment file is moved to the Federal Ministry of Finance(FMF) for the Foreign Exchange Approval Order to be issued by the Exchange Control Division of the FMF. This is necessary since the payment is not in our local  currency (Naira) but in a foreign currency (US Dollars). From the Exchange Control Division the payment file is moved to the International Remmittance Office(IRO) of the FMF for final payment processing.

This is the endorsement (signing) of the fund release documents i.e 
(1) The Foreign Payment Order 
(11)  International Payment Receipt 
(111) International Payment Voucher. 

At this point, you are expected to come personally to Lagos to endorse the final fund release documents, witness the telegraphic transfer of the funds to your account and reconfirm your account particulars or collect your solar bank draft/certified cheque, as the case may be.If for reasons of tight business schedule you can not come to Lagos, you have a choice to retain the services of a local Attorney accredited by the FMF to perform the endorsement on your behalf or you deal with the finance Ministry yourself which I prefer. Also in privileged circumstances, your fund release documents can be endorsed in any of the Debt Reconciliation Committee(DRC) offices in Europe, America, Asia. For any option chosen, 48-72 hours after endorsement the funds will hit your account by swift telegraphic transfer, or you can receive a solar bank draft drawable in any Federal Government of Nigeria correspondent bank worldwide, or make application for cash payment in Lagos or any of the DRC offices. Let me know the option most suitable for you.

The above is the breakdown of our master plan for success, 100% risk and hitch free and everything will be done legally and perfectly. Note that to safeguard our common interest, a legally binding agreement will be entered into between us showing that the funds moving to your account are contractual sums and also a vetting approval will be issued by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation vetting the funds against drug or laundering sources. With your unwavering assistance and co-operation and following our instructions religiously This transaction will be concluded within 10-14 days.

May God bless you,
Kasah James

This is our response to that unsolicited scam letter

Dear Kasah, or whatever your real name is:

I hope that this response doesn't come to you as a  surprise. Perhaps you didn't know that I am an expert in 419 scams, and your letter is a  classic 419 scam. I can smell these things a mile away.

I love Africa and Africans. Please stop harming your economy by causing any more people to distrust Africans. There would be businesses willing to invest, but they are turned off by illegal schemes like yours. I know that this is the way you can make some excellent money off the gullibility, neediness and outright greed of Americans, but the long-term effects to the African economy are terrible.

I am not against you. If we met in person, we probably would have a wonderful conversation. I really do hope that you turn from your illegal ways. Please use  your obvious talents and creativity for things that really count.

Check out --  -- Please tell everyone else in your 419 network to stop sending me scam emails.


Kasah's response wrote:

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,
How are you to day, your work, family and everything in general hope cool. I recieved your mail and I was quite impress by your write up. Mmy good friend, I must tell you that i am a God fearing man, who have served with the federal minisry for the past 25 years and would not want to dent my image as one of the dirctors.

This transaction I am asuring you that is 100% scam free and it is with ultmost good faith.which will be
benefitial to you and I. It is unfortunate that in my country, civil servants are not allowed to own foreign account that is actually why this assistance is required from you. So if you are interested I will appreciate it, otherwise no problem.

 God speed
Kasah James

Our 2nd response to Kasah

Hello Kasah:

Perhaps you did not read the extensive information we have compiled exposing 419 scams like this. Please take the time to read everything thoroughly --

Several associates of mine have actually traveled to some of the main scam centers in London, Spain, Amsterdam, Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Nigeria, Togo and Ghana. Together we have smoked out every trick in the 419 scam book, including the sending of real bank drafts stolen from real accounts.

The main thing that has been astonishing to me is the bold-faced lying and the way folks use the name of the Lord to promote the confidence game. Plus, it has always been strange the way it always comes down to sending money to 419 scammers to pay for this or that. it's always about the money to be sent to you. Both you and I know this is true.

If I were to be just another gullible or needy American, you or another partner in crime posing as a broker or something else, would ultimately explain to me that there have been some extenuating circumstances that require me to send you some money for a "special" unforeseen certificate, a 1% fee for a brokerage house or something else. That is the bottom line.

In fact, here is a challenge -- I can arrange to have a special bank account, with no money in it, set up especially for this experiment. Let's see how long it takes before the "ask" part of the 419 game is
implemented. Plus I guarantee that there will be no actual money transferred. You do not have $17 Million. Nor have you ever had $17 Million. Most everyone I have met in Nigeria (most of whom are absolutely wonderful) make about $25-$30 a month.

We love Nigeria and Nigerians. We have traveled to Nigeria and actually have worked with many government officials regarding leadership training. We mean no harm to you. In fact, we would probably have a wonderful conversation if we met.

You can be honest with me about this scam. I will not reject you.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Kasah says that we wouldn't have to pay anything, except $200 wrote:

My dear friend,

  The content of you mail is quite understood. I would if you are interested in this transaction prove you wrong, that it is not a scam. I am not disputing the fact that so many miscrants in my society do not engage in this nefarious and illegal activities and have succeeded in spoiling the name of our great nation. My good friend, I still must let you know that this is a scam free transaction.

Like you made mention of in your latter, you could open an account for this transaction. If you are interested all you need to do is to send down the following: your full names company name and addres telephone/fax number

So that these will be used to register you as a contractor who has actually executed this contract in the past and was not paid. And has finally come back for payment.

My good friend I must tell you honestly speaking that the only finanacial obligation you have to meet if the payment of about $200 for courier service charges, which will be used to send you the finnal fund release document so that you can fill and return back.

If you are honestly interested then you can reply to let me know. Or you could give me a call on my direct number a better explanation. I will be expecting your positive responed.

  God speed.

Our 3rd Response

Hello Kasah:

Thank you for your email. Here are some points in response to your statements:

1. The money you are offering is clearly tainted and if one does enter into an agreement with you, it is with the knowledge that this is illegal money -- not yours to give.

2. If one does enter into an agreement with you and nothing happens after sending you $200, there is quite a strong moral high ground upon which you can stand. Most people get mad and then claim they are going to get you in trouble for scamming them out of $200. You can then counter with, "Go ahead and try to get me in trouble for scamming you out of your $200. I will show that you were fully knowledgeable about the illegal funds and still went forward with the transaction. If you press for legal action, I will fry you with your greed and complicity in this transaction." This usually causes the threats to subside and they go away. You are free to scam someone else.

3. $200 to you is a handsome sum for sending merely an unsolicited email claiming to have millions of dollars to give away. This scam only costs you the little amount it takes to go to the local Internet cafe and pay by the hour. And it's easy to send out many scam letters in an hour. It's like going fishing. Sometimes you get bites and sometimes you don't. But you have mastered the art of the confidence game. There are greedy and needy "fish" (suckers) out there all over the world, just waiting to be scammed!

No thanks. First of all, I would never send a you a penny for any reason and secondly I would never involve myself with illegal money. Furthermore, it is curious, at best, that you can't come up with the $200 to make this multi-million dollar transaction work on your end.

I am telling the truth and you know it. Come clean with me about this scam. I will not reject you. I am truly interested in hearing your story. The truth. Come out from behind your veil. You don't have to tell me your real name, just tell me the truth.


Kahash claims to be telling the truth and nothing but the truth... wrote:

  Dear friend,
  I thing I have actually tried enough to let you know what is invoved in thi transaction,it is the truth and   nothing but the truth.

  The issue of the $200 dollar is quite a small money which will not do any thing for director like me,
 moreso you are not paying it to me. So if you are interested just say it.

  God speed

Our 4th response...

Hello Kasah:

Thank you for your correspondence, but no thank you. Our ongoing research has always indicated that when certain elements are in place, it's a scam. Your proposal and subsequent correspondence fits the classic 419 profile. When you are ready to tell the truth, I am ready to listen. Your true anonymity will be retained.




Not much. We don't want to sound fatalistic, but the reality is that the scam artists hide behind untraceable email addresses, sending their scam letters from pay-by-the-hour Internet Cafes. The governments of Africa are generally in a survival mode, with little interest in dealing with some Internet scam artist in a local village. There are always bigger fish to fry. 

Plus we have actually talked with West African government and business officials about their perception of these 419 scams. They have expressed amazement that anyone could be fooled by the  empty promises contained in emails from a stranger in Africa. In their eyes, the culpability goes both ways. "Who could be such a fool to give money to someone they have never met?" This is a valid question for all of us to ponder...

What we have done at The Freeman Institute is to provide a free service to warn individuals who may be flirting with the idea of great wealth coming their way. Our motto is: Run, don't walk, away from these scams and then do what you can to warn people about this pervasive problem. Feel free to provide a link to -- so that more people can see the truth about these 419 scams.




You have received an example of the "Nigerian Fraud/419 scam" which is a common e-mail problem, especially in the US. Click on some of the sites below to get the bigger picture. -- A very funny site...

In the US, this matter should be also reported to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center , and to the Secret Service. There is also a need (since the USPS also investigates e-mail complaints, to report it to the United States Postal Inspection Service . It should also be reported to the sender's ISP abuse department, normally expressed as abuse@ [insert ISP sig here].

If you lost money as a result of this scheme, don't be embarrassed, and please report it to the Secret Service -- which has set up a special 419 task force. Send your documentation to the United States Secret Service, Financial Crimes Division, 1800 G Street NW, Room 942, Washington, D.C. 20223 or call (202) 435-5850. Secret Service --  (investigates currency issues such as forgery, credit card fraud, and other financial fraud) Financial Crimes Enforcement -- -- Money laundering and related activity, including offshore activity.

If you have received a letter, but not lost any money, send a fax of the letter to the Secret Service at (202) 435-5031.

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigative Division --

Securities & Exchange Commission -- -- Investigates securities fraud and related issues.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -- -- Jurisdiction over most consumer-oriented scams.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) --  -- Agency of the U.S. Department of Justice 

To understand a 419 scheme in either French or Portuguese, see


Forward a copy of a 419 letter to The Freeman Institute. Your letter just might get listed here in attempt to warn others. Tell us your story.


© Copyright, 2003 The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without explicit written permission.


For hard numbers, the Australian Institute of Criminology article and the US Dept. of State pub. 10465 will prepare you better than this site will. Really good backgrounders. From these you will get an idea of the scope of this scam. There are already inter-governmental relationships established over this issue.


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