Michael Ndidi Kabila
Bogus Cousin of Late President of Congo

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ATTN: M.D./C.E.O. 
This is to acknowledge that I got your details from a good contact we made in canada from the Chamber
of Commerce. I am Mr. Kabango Kabila Jr, cousin to the late president of the Democratic Republic of 
Congo (DRC) formerly known as Zaire. 

Due to the war presently raging in our Republic, the late President, Laurent Kabila was using me,through
diplomatic means, to send money out of the Republic because of the fear that a coup de tat may take place
at any time. I did this on two consecutive occasions, on the third trip, myself and some aides decided to
divert the delivery, which amounted to US$30Million (Thirty Million United states Dollars). We are
presently in self-imposed exile here in canada. It is here in South Africa that I heard the news of my
cousin’s death, just exactly what he was fearing happened to him. May his soul rest in peace.I have
since deposited the money into a Security Company. The real content of the box containing this fund was not disclosed to them for Security reason. 

Due to shortcomings and restrictions prevailing in Canada regarding refugee policy, we came up with the idea of foreign investment for the fund, with the possibility of a joint stock venture with a foreign partner, outside the continent of Africa. 

My main aim and objective of contacting you is to ask for your assistance in transferring this fund into
your private or company’s account in your country. 

There is no risk involved as this is confidential. We have decided to let you have 25% of the total amount
of the fund, 5% is for expenses that will be incured during the transaction, and the remaining 70% 
of the fund is for myself and my colleagues, which we would like to invest in your country. 

If you are interested, please contact me on the above e-mail as soon as possible. On the receipt of your
acceptance, I shall give you more clarification on the modalities needed for the successful completion of
this transaction. 

Best regards, 



Courtesy of The Freeman Institute

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