Jean Kolonoga Letter
Fake Chairman of the Allocation Board Committee

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From: Mr Jean Kolonoga
Tel: 225-07-86-09-88

Attn: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir,
INTRODUCTION: My name is Mr Jean Kolonoga the Director of Allocation board committee (ABC) in Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire. I got your contact in my bid for a foreign partner. I am connecting you on a business of mutual interest with hope to invest in a profitable business using your assistance and guidance in
 your country.

 SUBJECT: There is floating amount to the tune of USD$48Million, Which have been approved for payment by the Government only waiting for the beneficiary to come for claims.

 SOURCE OF FUND:  The fund is organised from a contract awarded to a foreign firm "GLYNCO
 ENGINEERING INC" CANADA. For the construction of network pipeline,  rehabilitation and maintenance of the international airport. The original  contract sun was purposely over invoiced by us. The allocation board committee to the tune of USD$48MILLOIN, but before we could use the umbrella of the
 original contractor to claim the fund the election started and there was too many political problems in my country Cote d'Ivoire which cost our former military head of state General Robert Guie to flee the country on 25th OCT. 2000 and our newly elected president Monsieur LAURENT GBAGBO was sworn in
 immediately on 26th of OCT.2000 as the new Democratic head of state.  Right now the contract have been completed, and for this fund to be claimed it  has to be with the help of a foreign firm or an individual who will act as the  beneficiary.

AIM: As the Director of the board, I know every thing about the contract, and the over inflated fund is yet to be claimed, but because of my position I don't want to be noticed, hence this proposal .And for us to realise our goal, We have to use the service of an attorney who will handle the registration of your company as a sister company of the original contractor and to reflect your name as the beneficiary of the fund to enable the board raise a draft on the USD$ 48 Million in your favour.

All modalities has been worked out and my colleagues in this deal has made a smooth take -off and successfully conclusion only waiting for your consent. If you are willing to go into a joint business relationship with us an agreeable percentage would be given to you for your assistance and co-operation. We will send to you all necessary documents to prove the genuiness of this contract fund, and also give you the name of the attorney who will help in the process for you to contact him directly. Our board is in charge of all contract verification, allocation and approval .That is why we complete confidence on the success of this transaction. I await your reply as soon as you receive this message.

 With best regards

Mr. Jean Kolonoga
(Chairman Allocation Board Committee)



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