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Attn,The President/CEO.



First I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction,this is by virtue of itís being utterly confidential and top secret as you were introduced to us in confidence through the Nigerian chamber of commerce, foreign trade division We are top officials of the petroleum (special) trust fund (PTF), Federal Ministry of Finance and the Presidency, making up the Contract Review Panel (CRP) set up by the federal government 
of Nigeria to review contracts awards payment approvals in the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).

In the course of our work on the Contract Review Panel (CRP), we discovered this fund which resulted from grossly over-invoiced contracts which were executed for the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) during the last administration. The companies that executed the contracts have been duly paid and the contracts commissioned leaving the sum of US$27.8m(Twenty-seven Million, Eight Hundred Thousand US Dollars) floating in the escrow account of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ready for payment.

I was therefore mandated as a matter of trust by my colleagues in the panel to look for oversea partner to whom we could transfer the sum of US$27.8m legally subcontracting the entitlement to your company. This
is bearing in mind that our service code of conduct forbids us from owning foreign company or running foreign account while in government service hence the need for an overseas partner.

We have agreed that the fund will be shared thus after it has been paid into your account.
1. 20% of the money will go to you for acting as the beneficiary of the fund 
2. 10% has been set aside as an abstract projection for reimbursement to both parties for incidental expenses that may occur in the course of this transaction. 
3. 70% to us the government officials (with which we wish to commence an importation business in conjunction with you.

To enable us get this fund paid into your account we have to present an international business outfit and consequent upon your agreement with us we will send to you the breakdown of this transaction for more clarification and we shall put an application for the approval of the fund to appropriate ministries and departments in favour of the beneficiary (you or your company) thereafter the beneficiary would be
officially regarded as having executed the contract for the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) which payment is being made. This is a lifetime opportunity we cannot miss, This transaction is very much free from all sort of risk. We have done our homework properly.

You may be required to sign the fund release authority in our national bank. Three officials will come to your country to arrange for our share. All these will only take us 10-14 working days to transfer this fund into your nominated bank account right from the day we receive the requirements.

Note: your discussions regarding this transaction should be limited because we are still in government service. We intend to retire peacefully at the end of this transaction.

Let honesty and trust be our watchword throughout this transaction and your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Best regard

Dr. James Egwu.