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 The  Freeman  Institute Media

Dr. Freeman being interviewed on Canadian TV (2007)


Got a few minutes -- and a cup of coffee?

A little background regarding the video clips you are about to view:

Dr. Joel Freeman got all dressed up and had someplace to go. He was the keynote speaker at a conference in Orlando, Florida with over 150 folks from the Federal Judiciary in attendance. Six hours of raw video footage were edited down to the short representative streaming video clip you'll be seeing in a few moments. 

Go ahead, torture yourself -- view, or listen to, this video-magazine segment with the understanding that there are many more seminar programs offered by The Freeman Institute which can be customized especially for your organization. Please select the video version below and then feel free to contact us to discuss the specific needs of your next event. Freeman promises to try to be on his best behavior. Really.

Email your request for a "digital propaganda letter" and / or call Dr. Freeman's private line  (410) 729.4011. You can read the Open Letter for a verbal snapshot of the bigger picture. The "YouTube" or Vimeo video clips present on this page are real easy to use. Point on the center of the screen and click.

A 30-sec. TV ad-- an example of
one of Dr. Freeman's
seminars (Sri Lanka).


~ Some of the YouTube Video Clips Below for Your Viewing Pleasure ~

  • Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!

  • Freeman Institute Black History documents featured at United Nations Exhibit

  • You Can Launch an Entrepreneur Seminar in Your Community

  • Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

  • A White Man's Journey Into Black History

  • IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your Entrepreneurial Passion!

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: If Nobody Loves You Create The Demand!

  • Film (30 min) about the history & legacy of NBA great, Manute Bol

Feel free to view the 4-minute film clip of the film, Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man. It's near the bottom of this page. Check out the "RTG Special Offer" before you leave.

Also, there is a 7-minute video sample of Dr.  Freeman's entrepreneur seminar events, "IGNITE Your Entrepreneurial Passion!". This particular event was held at Hampton University's Convocation Center (Hampton, VA). Freeman's presentation was informed by a book and workbook he wrote on the topic.


"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"

Seminars   and    Open Letter


"It was my distinct pleasure listening to Dr. Freeman. It was as fine a presentation as I have
heard in my eighteen years as a judge..."              -- Honorable John R. Maher


Fox News Channel segment about the Freeman Institute
Black History Collection showcased at United Nations
"Transatlantic Slave Trade" exhibit (NY)



20 documents and artifacts from Dr. Freeman's Black History Collection were
showcased at the United Nations Transatlantic Slave Trade Exhibit (2011 & 2012)
Over 500,000 people reviewed the exhibition at the United Nations.

If you are interested in learning more about the
Black History Gallery Project, here is a presentation
Dr. Joel Freeman made to a group interested in establishing a
Black History gallery in their community. Before this video is over, you
will have captured a glimpse into Joel Freeman's heart and vision for
helping to establish Black History galleries in communities
across America and also in selected cities internationally.

 Dr. Freeman speaking on the topic, "Hurricane Bigotry" at Defense Security Systems (Quantico, VA)

The Rosetta Stone: Replicating a Mystery
(short film)

Rosetta Stone Celebrity Impersonator ROCK STAR -- "The Rosetta Clone"

Dr. Freeman giving a bit historical background on the
significance of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone


Return To Glory
The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

ORDER: Return To Glory DVD

 "IGNITE Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"
footage from seminar event in Hampton, VA

( 7 min -- clip shot/edited by FireWorksTV )

ORDER: "If Nobody Loves You Create The Demand


Click disc to order "RTG Special Offer"

Return To Glory:
The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man


Dr. Freeman being interviewed on Canadian TV about
The Freeman Institute Black History collection & the Gallery Project

1st part of TV interview -- 10:25 min.

2nd part of TV interview --  10:09 min.

ORDER THE WHITE MAN'S JOURNEY DVD -- 2 hour presentation

A White Man's Journey
Into Black History


EMAIL -- Contact Dr. Freeman if you want to host a region-wide entrepreneur seminar in your community




Dr. Freeman being interviewed on Canadian TV about
Entrepreneurship: If Nobody Loves You Create the Demand!


1st part of TV interview -- 10:39 min.

2nd part of TV interview --  10:07 min.


Earth At Night -- Spectacular View from Space



Film About Manute Bol from Spanish TV
(Informe Robinson: "La historia de Manute Bol," 30 minutes -- Interviews in English)

I was chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 19 years ('79-'98).
Manute started playing for the Bullets in 1985. I was honored to be included in this wonderful
tribute to Manute Bol. I hope that you learn a bit more about this gentle giant...Joel

Manute Bol ~ Part One: 10:58
Manute Bol ~ Part Two: 10:01
Manute Bol ~ Part Three: 10:31



1. All-Day "Diversity Seminar" Program -- Click Here
2. "Diversity Day" Presentation or Keynote Address -- Click Here
3. "Black History Month" Presentation -- Click Here
4. Dr. Freeman's African American History Collection -- Click Here
5. Preview Online Diversity Course -- Click Here

Flash Player needed to Preview Courses -- Download Flash

6. Critical Incident Debriefing -- Click Here
7. Symbols that Address Cultural Awareness -- Click Here


Inspirational Videos

Paul sings "Nessum Dorma"

Stephen "The Human Camera"


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" ...Inventive. Intelligent. Smart. Brilliant. Creative Genius. Eerily Einsteinish..." -- Anonymous



"Dealing  With  People  Who  Drive  You  Crazy!"®
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