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Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.

...the resume'/obituary-type stuff...

If you are looking for Joel's general-market bio, click here

Accomplished author | Internationally sought-after conference speaker and workshop facilitator | Professional counselor | Success coach to executives | Behavioral analyst | Organizational culture change specialist | Magazine publisher | Philanthropist | Corporate trainer | Motivational consultant and mentor to pro athletes | Multiculturally astute, with travels to 55+ countries | Critical Incident Debriefing coach | Photographer | Award-winning film maker | Recognized globally as a specialist in helping corporations unlock the potential of their human capital | A solutionist | Passionate about dynamic, fun-filled excellence | A sucker for live music and street performers | Devoted husband and father | Off-key singer and extremely bad dancer | A life motivated by curiosity | No Bull. No Hype.

   A seasoned pastor (18 years, launched Calvary Chapel in Baltimore) who has pioneered three churches in the USA and helped establish mission works in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He is virtually unshockable about the ups and downs...behind the scenes in church life or in the business world.

   In 1993 he  took his pastor's heart into the business world. About 90%-95% of Freeman's work is in the general marketplace. About 5% is with faith-based organizations. This is by design. The ChurchCrazy.com website was developed to provide a web portal for faith-based organizations to be able to check out his services...available when his schedule permits. (Check the FAQ for more detailed info)

   Born in Maine (1954) and raised at Prairie Bible Institute (PBI) in the small town of Three Hills in Alberta, Canada, Freeman was kicked out his senior year (1971). As a long-haired hippie he hitchhiked thousands of miles around North America. A conversion experience some 18-20 months later gave him a great love for Jesus, a passion for "rightly dividing" the Scriptures, a love for people, an eternal purpose, and a respect for the church (God's perfect plan, made up of imperfect people). He signed up for Bible School the very next day.

Dr. Joel A. Freeman
at En Gedi, Israel

   Joel A. Freeman brings a rich reservoir of personal experience blended with contagious enthusiasm, clarity and down to earth humor to empower people from diverse walks of life with improved communication skills and maximized productivity. He has a special love for professed agnostics, atheists, cynics and skeptics.

   Joel has a great interest in Black History and owns a large collection (oldest piece dates 1553). His biblical approach to ancient African History has been well-received around the country. Check out: ReturnToGlory.org , WhiteMansStory.com , TruthCentrism.com and BlackChurchMissions.org

   He also leads trips to Israel and also to Greece every year. Interested? -- FreemanInstituteTours.com

 "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"® is not only the brand for his company, but also is the title of the most requested seminar experience... with a book in the works.

Dr. Freeman at Nuclear Regulatory Commission

   Joel's seven bestselling books are currently in 28 foreign translation editions endorsed by Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard, Cathy Hughes, Ben Carson, Billy Graham and Julius "Dr. J" Erving.

   For 20 wonderful seasons Freeman served as veteran mentor/chaplain for NBA’s Washington Bullets / Wizards.  Quite a number of pro athletes from basketball and hockey to football and baseball have consulted with him on a variety of personal and professional matters. He has served as mentor to Sports World ('98-'04), an organization with retired pro athletes who speak to close to a million young people every year. Freeman is a Diplomate member of the National Institute of Sports Professionals (NISP).

   In 1980, Dr. Freeman initiated the core business concept for The Shepherd’s Guide, a comprehensive directory of values-centered businesses in Baltimore. Today, under the guidance of Tim Lambert, 3.5 million copies of The Shepherd’s Guide are distributed annually. With more than 30,000 advertisers represented, the directories are now available for free in 125 different cities across the U.S.A., Canada and Puerto Rico. For a number of years Dr. Freeman served as business mentor and chaplain to the franchisees of The Shepherd’s Guide.

  Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World, Dr. Freeman holds a master of science degree in the field of counseling from Loyola College (Baltimore) and also a Ph.D. in the same discipline. A number of his Ancient Egyptian photographs have been published by McGraw-Hill, Teaching and Learning, Rosh Gadol (Israeli science magazine for kids), the Pharaoh's Curse video game and utilized in countless educational settings.

   A seasoned, well-traveled veteran (55+ countries), Joel has an impressive list of satisfied clients ranging from the Prime Minister of Grenada and senior officials of Barbados to E! Entertainment Television, White House Communications staff (WHCA), US Secret Service, Blacks In Government (BIG), NASA, Verizon, FBI, GE, EMI Music Group, US Supreme Court, Ikea, NASA, YPO, National Security Agency, NIH, Association of International Schools of Africa (AISA), US Sentencing Commission, Billboard Music Group, Black Public Relations Society, European Council of International Schools (ECIS), many pro athletes and executives around the globe.

   Freeman has been quoted or written about in many articles and periodicals including: Washington Times, Maryland Gazette, Loyola Magazine, Diversity, Inc., JobWeek, Atlanta Constitution-Journal, New York Times, York Daily Record, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, The Guardian (Lagos, Nigeria), The Guardian (Nassau), The Tribune (Nassau), NBA News  and many other media outlets (e.g. Fox News Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS...)

   A student of human behavior, Joel gets great delight out of watching "the lights go on" as people of all shapes, sizes, and colors increase the quality of their understanding about themselves and others. 


Dr. Freeman's
latest book.
Endorsed by Steve Forbes,
Ken Blanchard, Les Brown,
Brian Tracy, Ben Carson...


A Thinking Person's Approach to Christianity
It's Fun to Judge: Discernment vs. Judgment
God's Military Strategy: Leveraging Weakness
  Anatomy of a
Wounded Spirit
The Insanity of Suffering
When Emotional Intelligence, Blind Spots and Diversity Collide
  When God Is Not Fair
Life in the Afterlife
  The Doctrine of Fools
  Dangerous Grace
King David: Warts and All
  And many, many more topics...

Speaking at an event for entrepreneurs at McLean Bible Church, VA

On Fox News with Kelly Wright

Joel speaking at Defense Security Service (Quantico, VA)

Joel salmon fishing on Pacific coast of British Columbia

Dr. Freeman In Action
Check out Dr. Freeman's video clips

R A V E   R E V I E W S

Fox News Channel segment about the Freeman Institute
Black History Collection showcased at United Nations
"Transatlantic Slave Trade" exhibit (NY)


"...It  was  by  far  the  best  and  most  comprehensive  one-day  training   session  that  our church  has  ever experienced..."                           -- Rev. Lyle Dukes, Senior Pastor (Woodbridge, VA)

     "...participants commented that your seminar was the best management class that they had ever participated in – myself included..."                
                                       -- Rod Huff, HR Director, EMI Christian Music Group (Nashville, TN)

     "...I wanted to convey to you our deepest gratitude for the time and talents you shared with our leadership here at Moody Church..."           -- Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor (Moody Church, Chicago, IL)

"...Your insight and research have exposed issues which are needed to be revealed in order for reconciliation to occur in our world..."                          -- Claude Terry, Pro Basketball Fellowship

   I would highly recommend this course to any organization looking to improve their effectiveness..."                  
                                             -- Lorenzo McKinney, Senior Pastor (Washington, DC)

   "...Dr. Freeman's commitment to assisting organizations to reach their full potential is evident in his desire to identify the leader's desires for his team and to design training to accomplish those goals..."   
                                           -- John Jenkins,
Senior Pastor (First Baptist Church of Glenarden, MD)

 "...The combination of content, information, application, and heart that you presented was life-changing -- and I do not use that term lightly..."                  -- Erich Becker, Elder (Grace Fellowship Church)

"...I am still amazed that our seven hour investment of time and resources has continued to return such dividends..."                              -- Jeffrey Wright, President, (Urban Ministries, Chicago)

 "...As one who has worked as a consultant and participated in numerous facilitated meetings, you are definitely on the  'best ever list'..."                    -- Bill Roberts, Senior Pastor

 "...it was money and time well invested in our staff and that we will better able to work together as a team because of it..."                                 -- Brian Mentzer, Senior Pastor (Riverdale, MD)

“…Your workshop (both material as well as your personal delivery style) will enhance any staff, military or civilian. I highly recommend The Freeman Institute to any organization…”       
                                       -- John R. Blair, Chaplain, Colonel, USAF (Air Intelligence Agency)

“Thank you for your excellent training sessions with our sales and marketing department and our leadership team…Our staff, without exception, came away from the meeting empowered and better equipped to work with others and as a team…”
                                   -- David Ruleman, VP, WAVA Radio Station, DC (Salem Broadcasting)

“…One seasoned employee remarked that it was the best seminar he had ever been to…”
                                      -- Sam Sample, President (Sports World Ministries, Indianapolis, IN)

"...Dr Joel Freeman's entrepreneurial seminar "IGNITE Your Entrepreneurial Passion!" was one of the most empowering seminars held at our church. We received an overwhelming response from our congregation..." 
                    -- Dr. Kenneth Robinson, Restoring Life International Church, Sr. Pastor (Baltimore, MD)

C A N A D I A N   P E R S P E C T I V E S -----------------------------------------

   Joel Freeman has always had a heart for Christians in business.  As a young pastor he gave one of the young men in his congregation the concept that The Shepherd’s Guide sprang from.  He is himself an entrepreneur and loves to communicate, train and mentor others in business.  You will come away from your time with a wealth of information and ideas that will bring life into your business.  He has always operated with integrity and respect in all my interactions with him throughout my 22+ years that I have known him.
Terry MaGee, The Shepherds Guide, Canada


   “I consider Joel Freeman a true friend.  I have known him for longer than either of us would like to admit since, unbeknown to many, we both spent some years growing up in Three Hills, Alberta.  When one considers some of the wild and crazy times, the pranks, and the mischief we both got ourselves into in those days, it is truly a marvel to see the contribution Joel has gone on to make to the world of business, sports, and family. Joel Freeman’s expansive life experience and leadership skills have given him an insightful understanding of our culture. His sense of humor, humble character, and ability to communicate make him not only a critical resource but also a delight to listen to.”
Paul Chamberlain Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion.
                                                                         Trinity Western University (ACTS division)


   Dr. Joel Freeman is a creative force, and always a welcome guest on 100 Huntley Street.  His personal adventure of faith, his enthusiasm, and practical wisdom make for great reading and television!  I have been profoundly impacted by Joel’s insights into Black History, and thrill to anticipate how his seminars will stir hearts and enlarge people’s thinking!
Moira Brown, Co-Host, 100 Huntley Street

   I have known Joel Freeman since both of us were knee high to grasshoppers. We lived across from each other in Three Hills, Alberta. In fact, I credit Joel for teaching me how to light firecrackers and exactly what you can accomplish with cherry bombs! In those early years his brainstorms were nothing more than slight drizzles. But over the years he has written popular books, has traveled much of the world and has inspired millions with a transforming message of hope. And he does this with ample humor! He's my kind of guy.
   Joel and I seldom use cherry bombs now, and though he has defected to the U.S., he's secretly a Canadian. And better yet, he's my lifelong friend. If one of his seminar events comes within a hundred miles of you, drop everything and go. Or read one of his books. Either way, you will be rewarded with practical wisdom and lasting life change that your friends and family will applaud.

                                         -- Phil Callaway, speaker and author of Making Life Rich Without Any Money


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